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UFC 86 media heat-up

By Zach Arnold | July 4, 2008

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The headline of the day is K-1 announcing Semmy Schilt vs. Peter Aerts for their 9/27 Seoul, South Korea World GP 2008 event.

The flood of media coverage for UFC 86 is starting today…

  1. Fight Metric on AOL Fanhouse: UFC 86 — what you need to know to fight Rampage Jackson
  2. UFC HP: Rampage-Forrest — the breakdown
  3. MMA Madness: Rampage Jackson video interview & Forrest Griffin video interview
  4. NBC Sports: The importance of Forrest Griffin to the UFC can not be understated
  5. The Canadian Press: Rampage Jackson’s trainer, Juanito Ibarra, promises to retire if champion loses at UFC 86
  6. The Canadian Press: Patrick Cote riding high in UFC
  7. The Las Vegas Review-Journal: Forrest Griffin on his fight with Rampage — ‘It’s the biggest thing in my life’
  8. The Los Angeles Times: Forrest Griffin keeps a low profile
  9. Josh Gross (SI): Living luxuriously, Quinton Jackson still eyes original goal
  10. The Long Beach Press-Telegram: UFC counting on a Randy Couture comeback
  11. The Shreveport Times (LA): Melvin Guillard puts life, career back together
  12. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Brazilians see opportunity in ultimate fighting, South Florida
  13. The Sun (UK): Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill at 205 pounds at UFC 88
  14. The Sun (UK): David Haye eyes switch to MMA
  15. The Boston Herald: There’s hope for a UFC Hub fight night soon
  16. The New Hampshire Business Review: Can New Hampshire cash in on the MMA phenomenon?

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