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Jordan Breen’s DREAM 4 preview

By Zach Arnold | June 14, 2008

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Mr. Breen talks here. His predictions for Sunday’s Yokohama Arena event:

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4 Responses to “Jordan Breen’s DREAM 4 preview”

  1. iain says:

    jordan breen IS the man, he truly is the mastermind.

  2. Big Bill Bob says:

    Why does he have someone like Jacare over Mayhem considering the gap of competition both have fought. I dont see this as any type of breakout performance at all. I see Jason outclassing him on the feet after stuffing lethargic takedowns, and jacare attempting to pull guard with alot of butt scoot. Ground and pound stoppage late first.

  3. The Gaijin says:

    Jacare is actually a bjj guy that’s not plagued by piss poor takedowns. He’s an animal on the ground and while his stand-up isn’t going to keep his opponents up at night I really don’t see Mayhem suddenly becoming Anderson Silva against him either.

    Plus Miller hasn’t exactly been “lighting it up” in the face of the less than spectacular opponents he’s been facing lately.

  4. The Gaijin says:

    Leave it to that hack Iole to write an article on the upcoming Affliction card and somehow manage to mention UFC and Dana White repeatedly and include several direct quotes from Dana in which he runs down the credibility of Affliction as well.

    This dude is such a Zuffa sycophant.


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