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Matt Serra starting to gain some more media traction

By Zach Arnold | April 14, 2008

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We have a lot to get to today, so let’s waste no time.

  1. Marketwire: Aussie Soles signs a deal with Matt Serra
  2. The Canadian Press: Mark Bocek used to school UFC owners
  3. The Rochester Post-Bulletin (MN): It was a big night for Travis Wiuff in Atlantic City
  4. Jake Rossen: YAMMA Pit Fighting — the latest in a long line of not-for-profit MMA charities
  5. Five Ounces of Pain: Photos from YAMMA Pit Fighting debut event
  6. Fightlinker: Preliminary research suggests that YAMMA might, in fact, suck
  7. MMA Opinion: I survived YAMMA!
  8. Fightmetric: What did the YAMMA really mean?
  9. The Columbus Dispatch (OH): It’s all about a whuppin’ — hundreds of Ohioans mix it up in the cage, pursuing the ultimate fight
  10. The Dayton Daily News (OH): Ohioan Matt Brown a surprise winner on ‘TUF’
  11. The Winnipeg Sun: ‘El Dirte’ Joe Doerksen dishes dirt
  12. The Record-Journal (CT): MMA team member Parker Porter is on brink of big time
  13. AOL Fanhouse: Analysis of Liddell-Jardine raises question of favoritism toward Liddell
  14. Steve Sievert: Strikeforce on NBC – much ado about not much
  15. Bloody Elbow: Video of Strikeforce on NBC
  16. UFC HP: New blood for the heavies – Cain Velasquez makes his UFC debut
  17. MMA Weekly: Travis Lutter’s game plan is simple for Rich Franklin
  18. MMA Payout: Anatomy of the Affliction ban
  19. F4W Online: Frank Trigg was fantastic at last night’s TNA PPV
  20. Charles Jay: Nick Diaz creates his own bad ‘pot’ luck

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2 Responses to “Matt Serra starting to gain some more media traction”

  1. Chuck says:

    I saw TNA Lockdown last night, and it was a good ppv. The Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match was very excellent, and they are the right guys to do a worked MMA match. And yes Frank Trigg was awesome on commentary. He was super insightful on everything that was going on (he only did the Joe-Angle match) and he even did something of a heel shtick along with it. He was fantastic. I pray TO GOD that TNA keeps him around. Maybe they should even get rid of Don “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING MMMEEEEEEEEE” West.

  2. David says:

    YAMMA was less than decent but seeing another MMArtist beat Butterbean was a sight to see! 🙂


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