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Tax day stack ‘o stuff (4/15/08)

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Eddie Goldman has a new radio show, reviewing the recent YAMMA Pit Fighting event. A preview: This show was well-received by the fans in attendance, who cheered the victors in the two Masters’ Superfights, Oleg Taktarov and Pat Smith, and the one-night, eight-man single elimination heavyweight tournament, Travis Wiuff. Onto today’s headlines.

Matt Serra starting to gain some more media traction

Monday, April 14th, 2008

We have a lot to get to today, so let’s waste no time. Marketwire: Aussie Soles signs a deal with Matt Serra The Canadian Press: Mark Bocek used to school UFC owners The Rochester Post-Bulletin (MN): It was a big night for Travis Wiuff in Atlantic City Jake Rossen: YAMMA Pit Fighting — the latest […]

Sunday news review (4/13/08)

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Just wanted to give my thanks to everyone for the amount of support we’ve received recently. This site is a full-time job whether we like it or not and I cannot strongly say ‘thank you’ enough to everyone for continuing to back us. It means a lot to me. I promise that I will get […]

Today’s chalkboard (4/12/08)

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Main matches from today’s IGF event at Osaka Prefectural Gym: Naoya Ogawa defeated Travis Tomko in 11’43 with a choke sleeper and Josh Barnett defeated The Predator in 11’01 with a cross heel-hold (photo here). Jan “The Giant” Nortje defeated Montanha Silva in 4’44 by disqualification. The Peterborough Examiner: UFC jitters take toll on first-time […]

TUF 8 tryouts take place in Boston

Friday, April 11th, 2008

The Boston Herald: Aspiring fighters chase UFC glory at TUF 8 tryouts Spiked Online (UK): A bloody exciting sport The Winnipeg Sun (Canada): Stay hungry, handlers say to Joe Doerksen Sportsnet (Canada): Jason MacDonald diary The Oregonian: Matt Serra overcomes obstacles The Edmonton Metro News (Canada): Bean there, done that for Butterbean The Fayetteville Observer […]