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Wednesday’s chalkboard (4/9/08)

By Zach Arnold | April 9, 2008

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  1. The Baltimore Sun: Growing MMA from the Ground up in Baltimore with John Rallo and Binky Jones
  2. The Orlando Sentinel: Fight ’til you scream for ultimate ‘guy TV’
  3. Bloody Elbow: Zuffa’s dangerous summer
  4. Sportsnet (Canada): Following Fedor
  5. Sherdog: Fedor confirms fight with Tim Sylvia
  6. Javno: Fedor would quickly deal with Mirko Cro Cop
  7. The Sun (UK): Chuck Liddell eyes coaching role
  8. MMA Junkie: Rashad Evans readies for the ‘Iceman’ — interview
  9. Sports Illustrated: Q & A with David Mamet
  10. The Manitowoc Herald-Times Reporter (WI): Pankration World Cup coming up this Saturday
  11. Press Release: GSP will have The Ultimate Fightbook party
  12. Press Release: Everlast signs deal with Randy Couture
  13. The Sun (UK): Michael Bisping – McCarthy’s a fat BJJ player

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8 Responses to “Wednesday’s chalkboard (4/9/08)”

  1. doem says:

    wonder how much Sylvia gets for this fight. Wonder if the hype machine is gonna be more effective with Sylvia as opposed to Linland. I wonder if they are gonna make any money off of it. Questions, Questions, Questions.

  2. Jeremy says:

    One thing that the Bloody Elbow article was wrong about: Sylvia/Fedor is not a ppv, it will be on HDNet.

    Unless Cuban is paying millions, I can’t see this show making money.

  3. sebastian says:

    The last I saw on that was from Caplan: “Sources also indicate that while HDNet could be involved, the initial airing of the event would most likely take place on pay-per-view.”

    Any other reports or developments I\’ve missed?

  4. Chuck says:

    “Any other reports or developments I\’ve missed?”

    Yup, it’s allegedly happening in Dallas, Texas. I read that somewhere. I’ll believe it until I see it…

  5. herb says:

    I really enjoyed the David Mamet interview. Thanks for posting the link, Zach. Looking forward to watching the movie!

  6. Jeremy says:

    Sherdog was saying their sources were saying it would air on HDNet.

    Caplan is the only one I have seen that has mentioned ppv.

  7. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    The HDNet events are simultaneous or delayed PPV (I’ve seen that the previous big event is available on demand for like, ten bucks, which is ridiculous because they reair it pretty much every week).

    Remember that Cuban is a little weird in his distribution habits. The indie film thing that he has will do a preview airing of the film before the premiere on HDNet, then they have the theater premiere, and you can buy the DVD on your way out of the theater.

  8. cyph says:

    Fedor and his managers are spinning the MMA press in circles. They’ve been getting free publicity without having fought a round.

    I predict this deal will fall through, and lo’ and behold, Fedor signs another deal! With so many fans who would support him to the end, I’m beginning to think that Fedor don’t have fans but religious worshippers. He’s not a man, but a god.


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