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Pancrase 12/22 Differ Ariake card

By Zach Arnold | December 17, 2007

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The line-up:

  1. Featherweights: Tatsuya So vs. Hayato Shimizu
  2. Lightweights: Takumi Yano vs. Yuichi Ikari
  3. Featherweights: Miki Shida vs. Jameel “The Sargeant” Massouh
  4. Middleweights: Masahiro Toryu vs. Gadzhiev Alavutdin (Russia)
  5. Lightweights: Kenji Arai vs. Kaku Sajin
  6. Catch Wrestling: Hikaru Sato vs. Josh Barnett
  7. Lightweights: Takafumi Ito vs. Shoji
  8. Light Heavyweights: Ryo Kawamura vs. Kei’ichiro Yamamiya

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