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Art of War 12/23/07 Beijing card

By Zach Arnold | December 17, 2007

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Press Release

Art of War® Fighting Championship X
Sunday, December 23, 2007

#1 Anding Road, Anwai Xiao Guan
National Olympic Sports Center
Training Gymnasium
Chaoyang District, 100029
Beijing, China

Doors Open: 01:30 PM
Event Starts: 03:00 PM

Ticket Hotline: +8610-5129-5028
In English: +86-1381-027-2467
In Chinese: +86-1591-076-6724

Prices: 200 RMB regular ticket; 400 RMB VIP ticket


Internet LIVE broadcast courtesy of SOHU.COM.
Sunday, December 23, 2007. 03:00 PM [GMT +08:00]

Catch AOW10 on the following TV networks:

1. Hebei Provincial TV
2. Shaanxi Provincial TV
3. Guangxi Provincial TV
4. Xinjiang Provincial TV
5. Shenzhen TV
6. Wuhan TV

Log onto for complete broadcasting times.


Dear Art of War friends and fans,

We are pleased to announce the 10th installment of Art of War FC, FINAL CONFLICT, in Beijing on December 23, 2007. Also billed as “China versus the World,” this stellar event will feature our biggest international lineup yet and will have fighters from: China, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, India, Korea, Uzbekistan and South Africa. We have scheduled 12 fights and each match up will feature a top Chinese athlete against a foreign fighter!

On the fight card will be 2 former Olympians, Li Zhi Feng of Chinese Taiwan, an Olympic Judo player from the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Korean athlete, Kim Nam, an Olympic boxing standout from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Returning to the Art of War ring will be IKF World Champion and China King of Sanda, Bao Li Gao. Also on this fight card will be 2x China national Sanda champion, Aotegen Bateer.

In the main event, undefeated Art of War veteran, Zhang Tie Quan of China, takes on Scandinavian Shooto Champion, Malik Arash Malawyi of Sweden. In the last AOW event, Malawyi was supposed to face Zhang Tie Quan in the main event.

Due to a injury while training, Malik wasn’t able to fight Zhang Tie Quan. This time, no injuries and no excuses! The fight is on!!! Malawyi is a jiu-jitsu and muay thai specialist but will have his hands full as he takes on the durable and ready, Zhang Tie Quan. This fight will be one of the best MMA fights of 2007. Don’t miss it!


1. Filippo Cinti (Italy) versus Fan Zhong Jie (60 kg)
2. Kim Nam (Korea) versus Wang Guan (72 kg)
3. Darren Daniel (South Africa) versus Liu Jing Wen (84 kg)
4. Vaughn Anderson (Canada) versus Zhou Xiao Tong (78 kg)
5. Alan Harvey (Canada) versus Dai Shuang Hai (72 kg)
6. Yakub Ahrorkhodja (Uzbekistan) versus Li Ji Xiang (96 kg)


7. Egon Racz (Slovakia) versus Yang Jian Ping (66 kg)
8. Hur Sun Jin (Korea) versus Jiang Ji Ming (90 kg)
9. Gulamov Bohodir (Uzbekistan) versus Bateer (78 kg)
10. Vishal Balkawde (India) versus Bao Li Gao (84 kg)
11. Kelvin Fitial (United States) versus Li Zhi Feng (96+ kg)
12. Malik Mawlayi (Sweden) versus Zhang Tie Quan (72 kg)


Warm thanks to our sponsors and supporters:

Largest natural gas provider in the Middle East

Multi-billion dollar real estate developer based in Dubai, UAE

Watch Art of War FC on YouTube!

No. 1 An Ding Road
National Olympic Sports Center
Training Gymnasium, 3/F, Suite #308
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100028
People’s Republic of China

Mobile: +86-1380-137-8214
Office: +8610-5129-5028
Fax: +8610-8437-5538
Skype: andy.pi

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4 Responses to “Art of War 12/23/07 Beijing card”

  1. Zurich says:

    Is this Guy Mezger’s Art of War promotion based out of Texas, or is this yet another Chinese knock off? (they’re already calling it ‘Final Conflict’…)

  2. JThue says:

    This promotion startet long before the Texas one, I believe.

  3. Al Yu says:

    “Zurich Says:

    Is this Guy Mezger’s Art of War promotion based out of Texas, or is this yet another Chinese knock off? (they’re already calling it ‘Final Conflict’…)”

    Art of War FC started long before the other promotion.

    Art of War FC is the actual name of the organization, not to be confused Undisputed Arena Fighting Championships (UAFC) who puts on shows entitled “Art of War”.

    AoW FC is the only major MMA organization in China and they put on great shows. They also use Pride rules.

  4. hanhan says:

    Anybody know the background of
    Malik Mawlayi (Sweden) ?


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