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Thursday trash talk: Is Mayweather the king of PPV?

By Zach Arnold | November 28, 2007

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News of the day is Kid Yamamoto vs. Rani Yahya apparently being booked for K-1’s 12/31 Osaka Dome event.

The London Free Press has a feature article on Shawn Tompkins. Just who is calling Chris Horodecki the Sidney Crosby of fighting (other than the writer of the linked column)?

Bad news on the Canadian front – Roger Hollett is going to need reconstructive knee surgery, this according to a report in The Chronicle Herald. Hollett has a torn ACL and MCL.

Tim Leidecker talks about the politics of MMA in Japan.

Golden Boy Promotions thinks that Mayweather Jr. vs. Hatton will draw 1.5 million PPV buys on 12/8.

How Dana White blew it in 2007.

Dan Barrera vs. Ben Saunders is booked for the TUF 6 finale show. Speaking of Saunders, Steve Cofield recently interviewed him.

Analyzing the rise of MMA in America.

MMA Analyst takes a look at Sengoku.

Sam Caplan has an interview with Turi Altavilla.

VBS.TV has video clips of segments they taped with office employee Thomas Morton and amateur MMA fighter Matthew Ruskin. The segments cover six weeks of training between the two men, as Matt prepared for a cage match in Georgia.

According to the CSAC, Ruben “Warpath” Villareal tested positive for 4-Hydroxytestosterone.

Someone went to their first-ever Muay Thai class at Fairtex in San Francisco.

Sokoudjou is talking up a storm about Ryoto Machida.

Has 2007 been a tough year for MMA promoters?

Randy Couture’s new PR strategy.

An interview with Drew McFedries.

Joe Calzaghe’s gloves are sparking a legal battle.

The IFL has released new and restated financial figures.

Evan Tanner’s new ideas for fighter sponsorships.

Salt Lake City Weekly has an article about MMA in the area.

Sanshou is coming to Trinidad & Tobago.

An interview with Bas Rutten.

I cannot stress enough just how irritating the ‘new’ Windows Live Hotmail is now. From the layers of filters to the dreaded default rich text editor for each mail (which I can’t figure how to turn off permanently), Microsoft has turned Hotmail into hideous rubbish.

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19 Responses to “Thursday trash talk: Is Mayweather the king of PPV?”

  1. JP says:


  2. liger05 says:

    I hope PBF v Hatton can draw 1.5 mil buys. This fight should be great. Hatton has the style to really trouble PBF. I pick mayweather to win but as as happened many times before boxers can get dragged into a brawl and if so Mayweather could lose. Hatton has lethal bodyshots and does not stop moving forward. Really excited for this fight!!

  3. The restated IFL quarterlies for 2006 don’t affect their full year net loss, so on first glance, it looks like they either reclassed expenses or they had some things move from one quarter to another (which isn’t important in any particular way, you’re not required to file audited quarterlies).

  4. They did something wierd to gmail as well … you can turn it off, but it turns itself on after about an hour again. Not as brutal, but I’m not happy. CHANGE = SCARY.

  5. Just use Outlook and hook in the accounts to it. No more hassle.

  6. liger05 says:

    I tried using that outlook connector to sync my hotmail with outlook 07 but it never pulls in my emails. Is it cos I got cracked office 2007?

  7. Apple Mail + Gmail works fine. I hate Gmail’s clogged-ass interface.

    Mayweather/Hatton might draw 800k. Floyd and Oscar drew because of Oscar, like Dana said.

  8. By the way, where’s the army of comments? I use FightOpinion to fire me up and give me juices to blog with, but everyone’s been silent as of late. Are you all feeling stuck in a rut too?

  9. karat3 says:

    Tbh I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Mayweather-Hatton draws over 1million ppv’s. My resoning is this.

    Considering mayweather has never been a big draw before his fight with DLH I think the viewers have embraced the 24/7 buildup format. Basicly what the viewer gets for his 54.99$ (or whatever the ppv price is) is now 2hours of great buildup in form of one of the best sports documentaries I have seen. I belive the fact that you get 2hours of high quality “storylines” from the 24/7 show makes the price of the ppv alot more acceptable. Basicly you get 24/7 + the fight for the same price you usually get just the fight (+ maby a 30minute hypeshow). The people want storylines and that can’t be denied.

  10. Fightlinker,

    Hell, don’t blame me. I just don’t have much to say about fights in Japan or Korea or wherever. I get no kick from endless Fedor soap opera shit, he’s just another useless has been who has no desire to fight competitive matches (speeches to the press aside, he hasn’t fought a competitive match in years).

    And yeah, I can read and understand financials, but let’s be clear on this, nothing much changes from month to month in the IFL or Pro Elite. IFL’s been on death watch for a year, and Pro Elite’s a few bad quarters from being there as well. Unless one of them actually turns in good results, you’d better just enjoy the cards while you’ve got them on television.

    I’m just trying to stay upbeat and positive, or at least on topic đŸ˜€

    Perhaps there’s some jungle fight that I could be watching on bootleg video from a server in Zagreb or something. Maybe that would stoke my generative fires. I kind of doubt it though.

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    According to Sherdog, Zuffa loaned out Yahya for this fight. So i guess Zuffa CAN work well with others… As long as they have nothing to lose and it deals with their smaller organization and smaller weight classes.

  12. Andrej says:

    As long as they have nothing to lose and it deals with their smaller organization and smaller weight classes.

    K-1 is a smaller organization? are you daft. By the way you said it not me.

  13. el feo says:

    hotmail’s still around?

    this month we’ve got UFN, WEC, the epic UFC 79 and Mayweather-Hatton, plus Fedor-Butterbean or whoever he fights, which should give us plenty to talk about.

  14. Romdawg88 says:

    Andrej, I think 45 was meant the WEC when he said their smaller organization.

  15. Unforuntely, Fedor-Butterbean sounds eerily possible.

  16. Andrej says:

    WEC is a promotion under the ZUFFA organization right? ZUFFA own’s both the UFC and WEC promotion’s. So again I ask what 45 meant by his coment? I was curious that’s all.

  17. JThue says:

    “As long as they have nothing to lose and it deals with ****their**** smaller organization and smaller weight classes.”

    What is there not to understand? 45 makes a perfectly sound statement – Zuffa is loaning out a fighter from a “non-mainstream” weight class in a low profile org. On top of that, this fighter was slaughtered by the WEC champion. So Zuffa have nothing to lose and it deals with their smaller organization and smaller weight classes.

  18. Andrej says:

    Oh well, I guess you clarified it, and I didn’t understant shit. my bad.

  19. The real question you should be asking is who they could be getting back from this trade?


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