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Monday media notes: Fallout from Strikeforce event in San Jose

By Zach Arnold | November 19, 2007

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Mike Tyson sentenced to jail for 24 hours.

Joe Doerksen has a broken orbital bone.

MMA California has two articles (here and here) talking about last Friday’s StrikeForce event in San Jose. Dave Meltzer has an article about Cung Le’s win. Meltzer says the SF show drew 8,233 fans at the old San Jose Arena (HP Pavilion). According to the CSAC Monday morning, the attendance figures: 5,621 paid, 1,628 passes, and 2,203 papered tickets for a gate of $387,685 USD. Cung Le was paid $50,000 USD.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press has an article about Greg Nelson and the local MMA training scene in Minneapolis.

Taking a look at some of the good MMA fighters outside of UFC.

MMA Analyst looks at recent developments in UFC’s Middleweight scene.

A writer at Eastside Boxing says:

The quick brutality of MMA styles produces cheap thrills for those who just can’t wait. A recent MMA event which had a great deal of “ground game” (horizontal mambo) had the commentators wishing that the ref would get the “fighters/wrestlers” back on their feet as they were getting bored. They made the wimpy excuse that, “MMA is a work in progress.”

UFC’s home page reflects on the success of The Ultimate Fighter. Paul Balsom is not happy with with the way UFC 78 turned out.

It’s UFC vs. the IFL on the next season of The Apprentice, as both Tito Ortiz and Tiffany Fallon will appear on the show.

Corey Hill will return to action in UFC soon.

Sergey Kharitonov vs. Mighty Mo has been booked for K-1’s 12/31 Osaka Dome event.

Nick Thompson vs. Eddie Alvarez has been cancelled.

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14 Responses to “Monday media notes: Fallout from Strikeforce event in San Jose”

  1. Zack says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, here to explain how terrible the Strikeforce attendance numbers are to you, allow me to introduce Fight Opinion’s own male body expert, the one, the only: 45 Huddle…

  2. Pontus says:

    Does Strikeforce have any other major revenues of income or are they dependent on the gate?

  3. Dru Down says:

    Good call on the Strikeforce revenue.

    Did they get any money from Yahoo for the broadcast? I guess this would be in the form of a licensing fee, or possibly an ad revenue-sharing agreement based on the number of views.

  4. David says:

    Dru Down, nice name. I agree that they probably got some portion of ad-revenues, which would not be a large amount of money at all 🙁

  5. Jeremy Lynch says:

    While those numbers are better than those of Pro-Elite and the IFL, they are a little less than Strikeforce was hoping for.

    I had been told that they were hoping for 6,500 paid.

    Strikeforce almost certainly had sponsors, but the gate was the primary revenue. They almost certainly broke even and likely made a little money on the show, which is more than many companies can say.

  6. The Gaijin says:

    Maybe they’ve went to the well a few too many times with the HP Pavillion?

    The first time out with Shamrock vs. Gracie they pulled in just under 20,000 attendees didn’t they?

    I guess we’ll see how far Mighty Mo has progressed as an MMA fighter quite shortly.

  7. Tobin says:

    How many of the fighters were under contract with Bodog? Matt Linland recently stated that Bodog paid for 4 fighters on his Sportfight card, just because they were still under contract with Bodog fight. Wonder if Strike Force used that to their advantage?

  8. David says:

    I worry that Mighty Mo will end Kharitonov’s career. Mo hits so freakin hard and is really agile for his size. I am excited for this fight!

  9. D. Capitated says:

    Shamrock/Gracie are two monster names and two very well known guys in the area. Shamrock/Baroni did great in live ticket sales and the inevitable Baroni/Le and Le/Shamrock will be bonkers. The cult of Cung Le is strong in Cali.

    On Mighty Mo/Kharitonov, I would be shocked to see anything less than Kharitonov shooting immediately. Mighty Mo’s had his hands in too many different pots. There was the failed boxing attempt before he really concentrated on K-1 again and then moved into doing more grappling. Sergei’s been going nothing but MMA for about 6-7 years now.

  10. BigMike says:

    That Eastside Boxing article has exactly one intelligent comment following it.

  11. The Gaijin says:

    I’m inclined to agree with D. I really don’t see Mighty Mo being able to do a whole lot…Sergei was/is considered a top 5(potential)-10 HW and Mo has only been in the game for a little while. I’m not sure what level of mma concentration he’s doing right now, but I can’t see him being even on par with Hunt in terms of mma capacity right now.

    He has the puncher’s chance, but I don’t think Sergei will try to grow brass-balls and duke it out.

  12. The Gaijin says:

    I don’t know if anyone caught this, but Fightlinker is reporting that Fedor has an opponent for NYE in Japan…………………………………………………………….


    I’m sorry but that’s fuckin’ indefensible. What a crock of sh*t – at least fight Barnett or somebody who’s not a total freakshow.

    As FL put it, “It’s like a Japanese tradition to match Fedor up with the biggest, least qualified opponent they can find.”

    I give up….

  13. white ninja says:

    in japan – Fedor fighting has been rumoured, mainly due to various reports in the current issue of kami pro resu – what used to the in-house mma mag of DSE (formerly edited by yamaguchi, who now runs hustle)

    sakakibara’s hustle is doing an hustle event at saitama on 31 dec

    however, even though the rumours of fedor fighting have been picked up on the japanese boards and in japanese sports newpapers, nothing official about fedor’s fight or even that there will be a mma portion to the hustle event on nye has been announced anywhere – in fact, saeki has denied it will be happening

    some people believe the whole rumour is just a scam to get the poor old long suffering PRIDE fans to buy tickets to hustle in the hope of seeing fedor and a real fight – there are a lot of doubts that hustle can get enough people into Saitama on NYE

  14. sonzai says:

    Fedor vs Hong Man confirmed by Cox himself:

    This IS indefensible, especially with Barnett around. Why not wait until Feb and sign Josh? With Fedor’s hands and paper skin, I can’t see him fighting twice in basically 2 months.


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