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HERO’s 10/28 Seoul results

By Zach Arnold | October 28, 2007

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Card line-up here. Live results (in Japanese) here.

  1. Shungo Oyama defeated Carlos Newton in R3 in 2’40 by tap-out.
  2. Marcelo Garcia lost to Kim Dae Won in R2 in 20 seconds by TKO (doctor stoppage).
  3. Katsuyori Shibata lost to Heo Min-Seok in R2 in 1’31 by KO.
  4. Poai Suganuma defeated Bernard Ackah in R1 in 3’05 by submission.
  5. Lee Tae Hyun defeated Yoshihisa Yamamoto in R1 in 1’03 by TKO.
  6. Kim Min-Soo defeated Minowaman in R1 in 3’46 by TKO (referee stoppage). Min-Soo fought Brock Lesnar at the LA Coliseum in a heavyweight match, while Minowaman normally fights at Middleweight.
  7. Zelg Galesic defeated Kin Tai Ei in R1 in 36 seconds by TKO (doctor stoppage).
  8. Yoon Dong-Sik defeated Fabio Silva in R1 in 6’12 by submission.
  9. Yoshihiro Akiyama defeated Denis Kang in R1 in 4’45 by KO.

Bonus results — notes from the ShootBoxing event today in Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan:

  1. Takeshi Ishikawa defeated Takehiro Murahama after 3R by a 3-0 judges’ decision (30-28 all three scores).
  2. Tomohiro Oikawa defeated Hiroyuki Abe in R3 in 1’06 by TKO.
  3. Gilbert Yvel defeated Yuji Sakuragi in R1 in 1’48 by KO.
  4. Hayato “Mach” Sakurai defeated Jani Lax after three rounds by a 3-0 judges’ decision (30-27 all three scores).
  5. Brian Lo-a-Njoe defeated Ken’ichi Ogata after R2 in 44 seconds by KO.
  6. Andy Souwer defeated Andy Ologun after three rounds by a 3-0 judges’ decision (28-26 all three scores).

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36 Responses to “HERO’s 10/28 Seoul results”

  1. MoreThanUFC says:

    Zach, can you get the rest of the updates for Heroes posted. The Sherdog forums are just not reliable.

  2. Pizzachef says:

    Did Yoshihiro Akiyama fought with a loaded glove again?

  3. YEO Jong-Hoon says:

    Opening fight :
    Cho Young(Ryo)(Korean-Japanese) beat Tonooka Masanori in R1 by KO.
    Magomed beat Lee Eun-Soo(Korean)in in R1 by KO.

    I enjoyed the show overall. I give thumbs slight up for tonight show.
    There was bad fight and great fight. But it was great for Korean.

    – We didn’t expect Kim Dae-won easly beat “Grappling master” Marcelo Garcia. It seems garcia was scared of striking.

    – As Pro-wrestling fan, I was very disappointed in Katsuyori Shibata. Shibata didn’t show anything.

    – People was disappointed in Zelg Galesic/Kim Tae Young(Kin Tai Ei) match. Kim Tae Young is Korean-Japanese.
    So We very expected this match. But this match stopped in only 10 seconds because of Kim’s deep cutting.

    – “The Arm-Bar” Yoon Dong-Sik did it again! Yoon is awesome! Silva did nothing.

    watch this :

    – Choo Sung-Hoon(Yoshihiro Akiyama – Korean-Japanese) beat Denis Kang (Canadian-Korean).
    Many people thought Denis would win. But Choo upseted them.

    watch this:

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    I would say that win puts Akiyama into the Top 10 at Middleweight. It likely knocks Denis Kang out of the Top 10….

  5. Andrej says:

    Marcelo Garcia Suck’s. No way he beat’s any top middleweight’s unless they can only grapple.

  6. Jim Allcorn says:


    Well, so much for that small, but very vocal contingent of Kang fans who spent much of last week proclaiming on various sites that he would KO Anderson Silva were they to meet. Right …

  7. Preach says:

    Damn it, can’t Kin Tai Ei just go by his korean name? Everytime he fights i’m reading Kai En Tai, and am disappointed that there has been no run-in by Dick Togo, TAKA Michinoku or Mens Teioh…

    Great to see Akiyama come back in impressive fashion, after all the brouhaha and his suspension following the Sakuraba-fight. Was that Kang’s mouthpiece taking a flight? Damn, Denis was out cold…

    And just like Jim, i can’t help but “feel” for those poor Kang-Nuthuggers over at SD…

  8. Zeppelin says:

    Is it my imagination or did Akiyama punch Kang so hard that it knocked Kang’s mouthguard out the side of his mouth?

  9. I’d say this would do nothing for either Akiyam’s or Kang’s standing.

  10. Tanner says:

    Zeppelin i think i saw that too…

  11. The Gaijin says:

    Akiyama looks pretty juiced up these days.

    And if you watch really closely Akiyama pops out Kang’s mouthpiece with the uppercut and hits it mid-air with his left hand trying to punch him – and that’s how we get the sweet visual of his mouthpiece flying out to the side like that.

  12. Nipponjin says:

    Kang was not bad, giving Akiyama pressure through the 1st round, but got just one sharp uppercut…

  13. 45 Huddle says:

    I agree with The Gaijin…. I doubt Akiyama could pass a piss test in Nevada….

  14. ilostmydog says:

    Let’s find some way to bash Dana White. I’m personally taking the position that Kang would never have gotten KTFO if the UFC had signed him. You bastard Dana! You’re evil! LOL.

    Great fight by Akiyama.

  15. David says:

    First of all… Heros is one of my favorite events dude, seriously!

    Second of all, “Just Do It” Akiyama is the new Korean super star, for the moment at least, since Kang is no longer FEG’s Korean push. That is from a marketing perspective. Great great event thank you so much FEG. Bring back Marcelinho and pay him more money, he didn’t look motivated!?

  16. ttt says:

    sorry if this is a n00b question, is the ShootBoxing (despite’s its name) MMA or just kickboxing?

    would have been fun to see Yvel, Sakurai and Souwer … didn’t even know about this event

  17. The Gaijin says:

    It’s kickboxing with takedowns/throws and standing submissions.

  18. 45 Huddle says:

    The graphic in the left hand corner during the Akiyama/Kang fight had the word “Pride” in it. An educated guess would have me thinking that this fight was played off as a K-1 vs. Pride fight. So for the fans complaining about the UFC doing this, obviously K-1 is no different.

    Also, we learned a lot about Denis Kang during this fight. There are certain fighters who when they get hit, they fight to a higher level. Guys like Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, & Wanderlei Silva are examples of this. Except for the very last upper cut, Kang did not get hit with any huge power shots, but seemed to not handle the solid punches very well. As soon as he got hit flush, he wasn’t the same fighter. I’m not sure if this is just because Akiyama hits harder then it appears… Or if Kang really can’t fight when he isn’t the one dishing out the pain.

    My Middleweight Top 10 would look something like this now:

    1. Anderson Silva
    2. Paulo Filho
    3. Matt Lindland
    4. Rich Franklin
    5. Yoshihiro Akiyama
    6. Yushin Okami
    7. Nathan Marquardt
    8. Denis Kang
    9. Robbie Lawler
    9. Frank Trigg

    Please note that Dan Henderson is not ranked. This is because his last Middleweight fight was in August 2006, and I think if a fighter has not competed in a division for a year, he should not be ranked. Trigg is really in there by default, as there isn’t anybody else to rank at #10. And Robbie Lawler has looked very impressive lately, but needs to beat top level talent to move up higher in the rankings.

  19. Jordan Breen says:

    “sorry if this is a n00b question, is the ShootBoxing (despite’s its name) MMA or just kickboxing?”

    Standing vale tudo. Think muay thai with even more of an emphasis on throws, and standing submissions.

  20. Fujin says:

    Re: Andrej.

    No shit Marcello couldn’t beat many of the top 10 middleweights. He probably weighs in at about 70kg at max, aka 155ish.

    And I guess you didn’t actually watch the fight before deciding to comment on it. He was dominating the first round, got caught with a good knee that cut him open in the second. Mind you, the knee didn’t put him out, he continued the takedown. He obviously needs to work on his striking but he has a chin. Give him fights with guys his size and some time.

  21. MoreThanUFC says:

    Listen to Fujin.

  22. ilostmydog says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand why they don’t just have Garcia competing at LW, especially now that they boosted the limit up to 160 lbs. Having him fight at 180+ lbs (I’m pretty sure the weight limit was somewhere in there for the fight) is silly.

  23. The Gaijin says:

    “I’m not sure if this is just because Akiyama hits harder then it appears… Or if Kang really can’t fight when he isn’t the one dishing out the pain.”

    Kang fought the MWGP Finals with a separated shoulder…I don’t think there’s any reason to think he’s a shrinking violet.

    As for Akiyama – I think his striking ability is vastly underrated. He looks to me like he’s got pretty heavy hands and seems to be pretty confident in his stand-up. And we’ve seen that he can step it up when he’s in there with higher level competition (he was fighting some pretty big cans at the start of his career).

  24. Sheldon says:

    It always makes me sad when I see that Carlos Newton has lost again. One of my alltime favorites, I think its time for him to retire, Dragonball Z jujitsu just doesn’t do it anymore.

  25. The Gaijin says:

    I think the fact that he’s “the Ronin” of mma doesn’t help him in this day and age. He needs to be training with top level teams and good training partners, you can’t be training by yourself and be successful like you could back in the day.

  26. Andrej says:

    My bad, sorry

  27. Sheldon says:

    Newton is only 31 but I think time has past him by. It would be cool to see him hook up with a great team, and see if he can improve.
    He’s had some great fights, and I’d love to see him make a comeback. But he has been fighting for ten years, and has quite a bit of mileage on him, it may be too late.

  28. Preach says:

    By the way, tonights episode of “SHARK” (CBS) centers around MMA.
    The champion of the Ultimate Fighting League (great name, huh?) has been found dead. Cagefighting, metal, steroids – there’s no cliché they didn’t tap. They even have their own Dana White (only this one’s black).
    Sorry, no real fighters in it…

  29. m.d. says:

    “Newton is only 31 but I think time has past him by”

    Wasn’t this evident when he got embarrassed by Charuto 3 years ago?

    Also, cheer up Marcelo Garcia. It could be worse today. You could be Joe Gibbs.

  30. The Gaijin says:

    ^ Charuto “embarrassed” Matt Hughes too, I don’t think anyone was saying he should retire.

    Just saw the Minowaman fight…that guy’s got heart but he needs to fight smarter. When he’s starting to get rocked standing maybe he should shoot for the TD a bit more (I guess the Vera-esque knee to the dome didn’t help). For all the far too late stoppages in K-1/Pride in the last year or so, I thought this might have been stopped a little early (I felt most of the flurry after the knee and left hook missed or was hitting his arm) but all in all he wasn’t really offering anything in the way of opposition and I really didn’t want another Frye/Yoshida-Thompson/Saku-Smirnovas.

  31. The Gaijin says:

    He also needs to start fighting guys his own size. We don’t need another Sakuraba Ali of mma.

  32. StreitigKaiser says:

    On Newton, he needs to heed Rampage’s words and go find himself a solid training camp.

    Shibata is still a pro-wrestler.

    I guess Dana White was right about Denis Kang after all.

  33. JThue says:

    No one else SHOCKED to se a ref in K-1 actually step in and TKO a pro-wrestler while he was still breathing? That Minowa-stoppage was excellent. Of course then the same ref had to go ruin it by letting Shibata get killed for at least five mins more than necessary, but all in all this event left a better impression of their referees.

    Good show.

  34. Minowa was overpowered easily. It seemed like his shots were just deflecting off the bull in Min Soo Kim. He was fairly larger and pushing Minowa around like a ragdoll.

  35. Jonathan says:

    Minowman does not fight to win. He fights his fight to his style for the enjoyment of himself and his fans.

    Akiyama has been my favorite fighter for a long time, but he really surprised me by this KO. If you guys want to his other striking prowness, check out his spinning back kick KO of Nagata. It was insane and rough.


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