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Tuesday (10/2) reading material

By Zach Arnold | October 1, 2007

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Kazuhiro Nakamura ended up being the only fighter (so far) from the UFC 76 show suspended for failing a drug test (marijuana). Anthony Johnson, Rich Clementi, Thiago Tavares, Tyson Griffin, and Ryoto Machida tested negative for anabolics, masking agents, diuretics, or drugs of abuse.

A third batch of testing results from fighters on the show is expected to released soon.

Adam Morgan at Sprawl ‘n Brawl needs some writers. E-mail him if you’re interested.

UFC has two new articles on their site about Wanderlei Silva (here and here).

Our good friend Denis Martins is now writing articles at Sherdog.

Sam Caplan has been hired by Pro Elite.

Is Tito Ortiz playing more games with UFC?

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. CBS Sportsline: Hollywood evening at Playboy Mansion quite a change for MMA
  2. Reuters: Shaquille O’Neal gets in shape through ‘ultimate fighting’
  3. The Daily O’Collegian (OK): Three former wrestlers have MMA debut (Johny Hendricks won his debut — podcast on this story)
  4. Fightlinker: The Low Blow – Episode 18 (radio)
  5. MMA California: Cage Combat – Undefeated set for 10/6 at San Mateo Fairgrounds in San Mateo, California
  6. MMA Madness: Abdul Mohamed to face David Baron at Ultimate Force 7
  7. 411 Mania: What the other MMA promotions outside of UFC need to do to succeed
  8. MMA Payout: UFC PPV forecast for 2007
  9. The Fight Network: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cheick Kongo at UFC 79
  10. NPR: Japan wrestles with Kyoto accord promises (Nobuhiko Takada makes an appearance)
  11. BBC Sports (UK): John Duddy mooted as Kelly Pavlik opponent
  12. Sky Sports (UK): Jon Thaxton ‘disrespected’ by Amir Khan
  13. MMA HQ: Evan Tanner’s struggles continue

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20 Responses to “Tuesday (10/2) reading material”

  1. ilostmydog says:

    OMG they referred to MMA as ‘ultimate fighting.’ Oh nooooo!!!!

  2. Nog vs Kongo for #1 contender = no Fedor for forseeable future?

  3. Boco_T says:

    I guess we know what “Shaq Fu” is now.

  4. Grape Knee High says:

    I imagine the winner of Nog/Congo would take a backseat if and when Fedor signs.

  5. Zack says:

    So who is Couture going to fight if Nog is fighting in Dec? Is he on the shelf til mid ’08?

  6. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    It’s not as if he’s in the deep freeze. Couture hasn’t fought more than a couple times in a year for a long long time.

  7. They keep talking about wanting couture on their superbowl show. That would mean early Feb.

  8. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    When is that Sambo tourney that Fedor wants to fight in?

    It’s got to be coming up soon, so unless he gets badly hurt, he might be signed and ready to fight in February.

    To answer my own question:

    October 7, 2007 in New Jersey of all places. So, if you want to see Fedor fight live, now you know where to be on Sunday.

    Bah, that’s the North American championships.

    I fail again.

    Ok, for reals, looks like November 7 through 11th in Prague:

  9. Rollo the Cat says:

    Nog v Kongo for the #1 contender? Shows what i have been saying all along. Joe Silva is an incompetent match maker. Maybe Carmello Marrero should get the shot.

  10. Tomer Chen says:

    Nog v Kongo for the #1 contender? Shows what i have been saying all along. Joe Silva is an incompetent match maker. Maybe Carmello Marrero should get the shot.

    Well, if the Nogueira/Kongo and Sylvia/Vera winners fought each other, one could make a good case that they’d be the #1 contender in the division. But yeah, Nog didn’t exactly crush Herring in his UFC debut and Kongo did have the bad Marrero loss recently (although he did beat Cro Cop afterwards) so the winner of that fight alone wouldn’t really warrant the shot (yet).

  11. I think the winner of Kong/Nog will get the next shot at the belt only if Fedor hasn’t signed w/ Zuffa. Dana won’t want to risk losing Couture vs Fedor for the belt.

  12. jim allcorn says:

    Well, with the Vera vs Sylvia & Nog vs Kongo match ups set to take place soon, at least there will be a couple of top fleight contenders set to contend for the belt once Randy’s hand is healthy and/or in the aftermath of Couture vs Fedor ( assuming he EVER signs with Zuffa …

    Should Fedor finally agree to come to the most logical place for him & his talents & fight Randy for the undistputed heavyweight title, then Dana & Joe Silva could make an elimination match for the #1 contender’s spot between the winners of Vera/Sylvia & Nog/Kongo for the undercard. Or, more likely, as a headliner for a seperate event a month or so later.

    Then, maybe in the meantime while all that’s going on, they could find a way to resurrect Cro Cop’s career & he could be waiting in the wings for whomever comes out on top with the belt around his waist.

  13. LR says:

    In all fairness, the consensus seems to be that Crocop’s performance was horrible in his last bout. Fact is, he wasn’t too bad in the 1st round of that matchup with Kongo, I believe most people had him winning the fight after the first round. Broken rib, hurt groin from the knees, who knows what happened. I believe the ribs were confirmed and the surgury of his nose is a big deal, Losing 50% of your breathing capacity is major. All of these MMA experts keep stating that it’s just excuses.

    Legitimately, having a busted rib stops most people. Bill Mahood gave up immediately during the Strikeforce card. Having a 50% reduction in cardio, I don’t know if that was a big factor considering he had a broken rib already in the 2nd round, but if it was, can you imagine how tired he probably was. I say his career could be resurrected. Fixed nose, fixed rib, and hopefully some tougher referees on the constant nut shots. Crocop could at least fight his last two fights and set himself up to sit in the middle of a possible shot at a contender again.

  14. Matthew Watt says:

    I cannot understand why people keep saying “Tito clearly won the bout against Rashad but got a decision-draw by holding onto the fence”. Tito did not win that bout, not from what I saw anyway. Yes, Tito did stuff 3 of Rashads takedowns, but only because he gripped the fence, not due to superior grappling ability. Rashad would go to lift Tito up, Tito would react by grabbing the fence, stuffing Rashad’s takedown. The rules state that grabbing the fence to gain a favorable position is illegal because it takes away from your opponents offence. So how can Tito clearly win a bout when his main defence was holding onto the fence? It does not make sense to me because it seems like Rashad had 3-4 good chances to take Tito down. If Tito hadn’t cheated, what is not to say that Rashad takes Ortiz down and wins the bout by executing top position throughout much of the match. And about Tito’s submission at the end of round 2, he used his leverage of holding on to the fence to gain a advantageous submission. That submission is null in my mind.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that Tito did not win the fight but settled for a draw. Tito cheated his way to a decision.

  15. LR says:

    Maybe you should watch the fight again. Tito won the first 2 rounds. He gassed in the third round and lost that round, but Rashad is the reason why Tito won that fight. Rashad did next to nothing for 2 rounds. Tito’s fence grab saved him from a takedown, but Rashad hadn’t done a thing before that attempt. Tito stuffed takedowns? The stuffs were against horrible takedown attempts by Rashad that probably didn’t even register as aggression points with the judges. Rashad shot directly into Tito’s underhooks a few times.

    Rashad lost that fight himself, whether or not you want to debate the fence grab or not. No aggression at all. Poor standup and never shot the hips with any authority.

  16. Rollo the Cat says:

    Regarding Tito v Rashad…let’s just call them both winners and drop the rematch.

  17. LR says:

    The problem with giving them different bouts is mainly on Tito’s end. He hasn’t beaten a top contender for about 2 years now. Rashad could easily fight someone else in the lower tier of fighters in the Light Heavyweight Division. Tito is a paradox in that moving him up to a fight with someone like Silva may be a dream for marketing, and Tito would most likely fire up Silva into talking the smack game with him to hype the fight, but if Tito signs a new contract, gets destroyed by Silva, where does that leave him? Another unconvincing fight that he didn’t produce well in. Sure, the UFC can probably continue with Wanderlei on the promotion trend, but if they do re-sign Tito, obviously it would be to sell tickets. He can’t sell what he has in the past sitting at the bottom of the division.

  18. Matthew Watt says:

    I did watch the fight about a month ago. Still had the same opinion from the night of 73 when I was smashed (drunk). Tito looked good in the first, but stopped some of Rashad’s offence in both rounds by illegally grabbing the fence. In the 3rd round, after Rashad got comfortable he takes the fight to Tito. I just don’t see Tito winning the fight, that is all. I see it as a draw.

    I will say this, if/when Rashad and Tito meet again, I do think Rashad will take it. The reason Rashad’s stand-up looked out of whack until round 3 was because of jitters. Rashad has always had that akward/athletic bobbing/weaving style, but in the Tito fight it looked especially bad. Rashad just wasn’t himself at the start because he was fighting a big name, on a big card, for the first time of his career. After Rashad got over those jitters, he took the fight to Tito in the 3rd round. In a rematch, Rashad won’t have those jitters anymore, will be more settled from the start, and take the fight to Tito earlier.

    I will agree with you on one thing LR, Rashad was not looking all too shit hot that nite.

  19. LR says:

    I will agree with you when I see Rashad come out a different fighter in the rematch. I think that’s why that battle will be somewhat interesting. They’ve seen each other, and it may be a somewhat different battle the second time around.

  20. PizzaChef says:

    Takada should summon his Generalissimo Takada powers and brainwash everyone to keep their Kyoto Accord promises!


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