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Friday fight notes: Fedor turns 31

By Zach Arnold | September 28, 2007

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Today is Fedor’s 31st birthday.

If you haven’t already listened to this week’s edition of Fight Opinion Radio, go listen now.

Quietly, K-1 is preparing for their World GP event in Seoul, South Korea this weekend.

The latest on Kazuhiro Nakamura:

Though he resisted, Nakamura was taken to a hospital for precautionary measures after complaining of a headache in his locker room following the three-round bout, according to CSAC Director Armando Garcia. That night, an initial assessment was made that Nakamura had suffered a subdoral hematoma, an accumulation of blood on the brain. Nakamura was admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit that night. CSAC-appointed physician Paul Wallace joined the facility’s neuro surgery staff the next morning to review Nakamura’s scans.

“They made a determination that it was not a bleed,” says Garcia. The Japanese fighter was notified of the final assessment through a translator.

“We placed him on suspension, gave him some medical requirements prior to be reinstated, and as he said ‘Thank you, I’m going to Disneyland.’”

In its release, J-ROCK requested the CSAC perform a second drug test to confirm the results.

“We’ve tested the sample four times already,” said Garcia. Garcia says neither Nakamura nor any representative have contacted the CSAC’s office since the announcement.

The IFL filed an 8k report regarding Jay Larkin become the new President of the company. Details: He will be paid $275,000 USD pro-rated for the first six months (meaning $137,500), then paid $325,000/yr. pro-rated the rest of his tenure per-year. It’s an incentive-laden contract with bonuses for reaching certain targets. Also included in the deal is 500,000 shares of IFL common stock (options), with it spreading out over 10 years. Plus, 250,000 stock options in January of 2008.

Wonderful – Yahoo Sports wants your questions for an interview with Bob Arum on Tuesday.

The new Yahoo MMA Top 10 list.

Din Thomas will be out of action for four months.

There will be an Eddie Bravo seminar this Saturday at Colorado Springs BJJ Academy at 1045B Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs, CO. The fee is $100. For more information, call 719-439-5776.

Mike Coughlin on the PRIDE vs. UFC war.

Jordan Breen’s latest news & notes.

Did I miss something or did someone announce already that the Liddell/Jardine UFC 76 PPV generated $25 million USD in revenue?

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. MMA Weekly: IFL making moves to improve in 2008
  2. Adam Morgan: Interview with Houston Alexander
  3. Fox Sports: Keith Jardine’s win throws wrench in UFC’s plans
  4. Irish Whip Fighting: Interview with Marcus Davis
  5. Steve Sievert: Drew Fickett to fight on HDNet Fights card
  6. Crave Online: Pound for Pound – Chuck Liddell
  7. MSNBC: Verdict is in – lightweights more thrilling

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21 Responses to “Friday fight notes: Fedor turns 31”

  1. AS says:

    $26 million would work out to an estimate of 625,000 buys. Seems a little high to me, but I did think the show gained a lot of momentum late.

  2. Well, the UFC was lucky it got a pretty good show in UFC75 on spike … people who watch that probably saw the promos for chuck and decided to buy the card.

  3. Iain Liddle says:

    …and in buying UFC 76 they saw another great show. Nice one for Zuffa.

    Sorry for the double post, but I also find it pretty amazing that JZ isn’t in anyone’s Top 10 p4p list at this point in time. Then again it is Kevin Iole so…

  4. The Gaijin says:

    Coughlin’s article should be “must read” for any and every pompous ignoramous that wants to start debating the PRIDE vs. UFC any longer. Basically hits the nail on the head and I completely agree.

  5. Funny that someon wrote about the lightweights being basically awesome, I did the very same thing in my mag this month

  6. LR says:

    Kevin Iole probably doesn’t even know who that is.

  7. Zurich says:

    From the article re: HFC 76’s $25 mil in PPV buys

    “At 43 years old, Couture was the underdog, fighting a man 15 years younger and 11 inches taller than him… the defending champion Silvia, at 6′ 9″ tall…”

    Since when was Couture 5’10”??

  8. cyphron says:

    Has there been alot of Pride fighter VS UFC fighter arguments around here? I thought we were talking about UFC VS Pride as an organization VS organization debate.

    Pride was more about myth building, creating bigger-than-life figures, and following a pro wrestling model. Freakshow fights such as Zulu VS Fedor and Open weight Grand Prix, which was entertaining but makes no sense if you think about it. And what about the finals where a fighter had to fight two matches, determinig the winner more by luck than skill (the guy who doesn’t get injured or had an easier bracket (CroCop anyone?)). There was and continue to be no steroid testing, vale tudo rules with stomps and kicks (debable, I know), and refs who blatantly favor Japanese fighters.

    I was a Pride faithful who has finally come to the full reality of what that organization was. UFC VS Pride was never about fighter VS fighter. It was more about myth VS reality.

  9. The Gaijin says:

    And Lord knows there’s never been bias in UFC decisions, matching up fighters to protect champions or build-up fighters, shun #1 contenders who “weren’t good-looking and marketable” or set up boxing matches b/w promoter vs. former LHW champions….

    Get off your high horse son.

  10. The Gaijin says:

    There HAS been a lot of talk of “Fighter A from here beat Fighter B from here – therefore the ‘myth’ is exposed”…so I’m not sure what your rambling idiocy is all about.

  11. grafdog says:

    I’ve said it before, some of the active ingredients in “pot” are proven nueral protectives. That is to say they protect the cells of the brain during swelling and blood flow problems from trauma or a stroke. In short canibanoids prevent brain damage if in the system during onset of stroke or blunt trauma to the head.
    This has been proven scientifically in several studies around the world.

    The correct thing to do would be to isolate these particular nueroprotective cannibanoids from the psycho-active ingredients in pot and produce it in a pill form, allowing fighters to injest it a day before bouts.
    Pot also is the most effective anti-seizure med around.

    Look at and listen to some of the fighters who have been around a while, they have some brain damage.

    Focusing on the benefits of pot and using it can only help current fighters maintain the quality of their brain.

    Preventing this are the large pharma companies who have paid influence with politicians who continually rail against anything that may cut out their cut.

  12. GassedOut says:

    Since when was Couture 5?10???

    He sure isn’t. I’ve met him. He’s an absolute bear of a man. I think he’s around 6’1″ or so.

  13. cyphron says:


    Why is Pride such a touchy subject with you? You get so defensive with it and seems to lash out at anyone being critical with it.

    I admit it, UFC has problems as well. But I can admit it because the UFC isn’t this thing I place high on a pedestal. As I’ve said, I was a Pride fan well before I was even a fan of the UFC. However, I can detach myself as a fan from the object that I admire. Attacking the faults of the UFC doesn’t negate the faults of Pride.

    I think we can all admit the shortcomings of Pride now since it is by and large a dead organization. By coming to terms with it, we are not diminishing the memory or glory of Pride in its heydays. If you don’t like my rambling idiocy, you can just not read it. You shouldn’t let my critique of it bother you so much.

  14. Ivan Trembow says:

    Interesting quote from Keith Jardine’s manager in the FoxSports article:

    “Fourteen-thousand is what he got,” said manager John Madrid. “If he’s bonused, that’s up to Dana White. We don’t expect it. If he would have lost, he really would have made only $7,000. He signed a four-year deal. Even if it was only a handshake deal, he would have accepted it because that’s the type of person he is.”

    also, lol at the FoxSports article ignoring the fact that Liddell vs. Houston Alexander could have been booked for 9/22 instead of Liddell vs. Jardine

  15. 45 Huddle says:

    Jon Heder… The guy who played Napoleon Dynamite… Only got $1,000 for his role. The movie ended up grossing $40 Million in the theaters, not to mention DVD sales.

    Was Heder extremely underpaid? Absolutely. Did it allow him to now get big rolls in movies with big movie stars and make a lot of money now? You better believe it.

    Same rules apply to Keith Jardine. That next contract he gets. Say hello to $50,000 to $100,000 per fight minimum, if not more.

  16. Jordan Breen says:

    The world had such a deep guffaw at me when I championed Gilbert Melendez as such a high pound for pound talent. Good job on getting the memo, Yahoo!.

    Also, who the fuck wants IFL shares as part of their package? That’s w. sauce.

  17. The Gaijin says:


    I only “lash out” at moronic, biased idiots like you – it’s a weakness really, since you’re a worthless troll. But we all have our vices, yours would be lack of intelligence 😉

  18. 45 Huddle says:

    The Gaijin Fears Dana

    MMAJunkie has 5 linked up through Yahoo Sports from previous Strikeforce cards.

    I am watching the Eugene Jackson fight right now. One thing I have been unimpressed with is the camera work. They are doing a very bad job following the action. The obvious issue is that there is no platform around the pentagon cage. Which means no cameramen stationed a set spots to get the best angles. not very good.

  19. cyphron says:


    Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Anything one who disagrees with you is a worthless moronic biased idiot. It saves me the trouble of arguing with closed-minded individuals like yourself. I gotta give it to you though, you are the number #1 Pride fanboy. You should be proud of attaining that designation. *golf clap*

  20. Jardine will not make 100k on his next paycheck. Liddell makes money because he’s a huge draw. No one wants to watch Jardine, ever.

  21. zenki says:

    cyphron Says

    And what about the finals where a fighter had to fight two matches, determinig the winner more by luck than skill (the guy who doesn’t get injured or had an easier bracket (CroCop anyone?)).

    Yeah because Wandy is just a walk in the park for anyone huh… Myth vs. Reality my ass.. Ufc is the king of the cage in the mma world and Pride was the king of the ring in the mma world.. I personally get tired of hearing about who’s better and so on.. Its 2 totally different worlds.. I personally like the “freak show” bouts.. I think it tests ones abilities even more while adding a against the grain type twist on its mma show. Sorry I guess it would have been alot more sucessful to the rest of the bar room heros if it would have had a reality show for the couch fighters to follow..


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