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Quotes of the year – Rampage & Henderson

By Zach Arnold | August 22, 2007

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From the Orange County Register… let the media firestorm begin.

I asked Juanito about the recent additions of Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to the UFC. Silva beat Rampage twice and Rua also holds a victory over him. Those fights were held in the PRIDE ring in Japan. Juanito said he believes Silva and Rua had “extra help” when they fought Rampage. He didn’t spell out exactly what that extra help was. But our conversation quickly turned to the fact there was no athletic commission or steroid testing when they fought in Japan. Juanito said the outcome will be much different when they meet in the U.S.

Juanito said he won’t allow any of his fighters to use supplements, creatine or any other concoctions even if they are sold over the counter. He wants his fighters to be clean. If anybody brings any strange supplements into his camp, he said he will kick them off the mountain. He even monitors everything they eat.

Huh. Wonder if anyone will ask Dana White about this? Naturally, the Sherdoggers are on the side of the Chute Boxe fighters.

This is a stressful time for the Henderson family. Henderson’s wife, Alison, is pregnant with their third child. She is due to have a c-section next week, then Henderson will leave for England a day later on Sept. 3. The Henderson’s moved Alison’s c-section up a week, so Dan could be there for his wife.

Henderson said he had asked for the fight to be held in November or even the Sept. 22 date at the Honda Center, but he said UFC president Dana White insisted the fight would have to be on Sept. 8.

I can only imagine the comments that Dana has for Henderson’s soon-to-be third child right about now.

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55 Responses to “Quotes of the year – Rampage & Henderson”

  1. The Gaijin says:

    I find it quite cute the fact that I get two criticisms from 45 and white ninja:

    1.) I don’t know anything about the steroid use and/or physiological effects that it would have on an athlete (i.e. injuries to Couture); and

    2.) Go to law school

    1.) I majored in exercise physiology at the #1 school in Canada for Kinesiology (McMaster University)
    – I know all about the effects of steroids and much much more, but thanks for your half hearted attempt to gloss something over by again pretending to be the expert on the subject in an attempt to shoot down an argument.
    – you do know the great effects that steroids has on recover from injury etc. don’t you? and that a great deal of injuries are from long term and continuted (ab)use of steroids over a long period of time in a person’s career life?

    2.) I attended one of Canada’s top law schools (Osgoode Hall) and am an articling lawyer at one of the top 3 firms on Bay St.

    So nice attempts to hack at my credibility and statements by trying to make yourselves out to be experts and me to be a know nothing….better luck next time 😉

  2. Torgo says:

    “Feel free to not read the site. In fact, let me know what I can do to assist you in this.”

    Haha, you’d like to have one less person around to call you on it when you say some crazy BS, wouldn’t you

    On a positive note, thanks for keeping a top-notch information source running, even if there’s the occasional wacky editorial commentary.

    News is like that sometimes. You can either weed out and ignore the crazy stuff or you can speak up about it

  3. white ninja says:


    with your level of legal knowledge – you are malpractice suit waiting to happen. i pity your clients, particularly if they are actually paying for your sevices

    why dont you approach Wandy and Chute Boxe with an offer to sue everybody for defamation? drum up some business for you. Just make sure that you get paid on a hourly basis, not on success – because you will have none

  4. The Gaijin says:

    You’re too fun my friend.

    A) I never claimed to be an expert on tort law – I practice Securities and Corporate Law

    B) In Canada – if anyone publicly accused “wandy and chute boxe” of using steroids without any evidence and only malicious bias, they could rightly be sued and would lose. Hell if you said it in a group of 2+ persons, you could still be sued and would lose.

    Again it is a very low threshold – “lowers the person’s reputation or standing in the minds of ‘right-minded persons'”. Freedom of speech does not protect you from making false accusations at your whim and fancy.

    I can say this much of US law, that while Sullivan protects your constitutional right to freedom of speech, but not malicious speech which amounts to knowledge that your statements are false or reckless as to whether the statements are false. Barry Bonds had he chosen could have sued (and won) the reporters writing claims that he was abusing steroids, had it not been true. I’m sure if the Chute Boxe fighters cared what Juanito said about them and were in the US, they might very well sue – if it is true then I guess they wouldnt. It’s pretty easy to shoot from the peanut gallery about people half way across the world that don’t speak the language.

    C) I’m really glad you’ve managed to wow us all by adding ZERO of your legal analysis and just attack me and “what a bad lawyer I am”. Do you actually even know anything? Or most likely are you just some 14 year old troll??? Most likely the later, thanks again for managing to add nothing to the thread than insults.

  5. I usually don\’t post comments to blogs like this, but – Your Global Connection to the Fight Industry. caught my attention while searching for Pregnancy stage image.


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