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Sunday news snips: Hong-Man back on winning track

By Zach Arnold | August 5, 2007

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K-1 8/5 Hong Kong event results. Mike Coughlin has filed a report.

I saw a post over at NHB News (Japanese) that took quotes from former MMA agent Miro Mijatovic about MMA’s drug culture in Japan and attributed those quotes to the Wrestling Observer. Those quotes made by Mijatovic were made to me and the staff at CBS Sportsline for our MMA drug culture article series. Here is the CBS Sportsline article link. I know that there are Japanese writers like Game and MMA that read this site, so if someone could post a correction to the NHB News post in Japanese I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

Bas Boon announced today that Sergey Kharitonov is joining Golden Glory Russia, reuniting with old friend and promoter George Kobyliansky. Kharitonov is also bringing along other RTT (Russian Top Team) members including Ilioukhine Mikhail. Kharitonov and Mikhail will be training in Holland soon with Cor Hemmers.

If you haven’t listened to this week’s radio show with Josh Barnett, go listen now. Well worth taking 90 minutes out of your day to check it out.

The fine folks at The Fightworks Podcast have a new radio show, talking with coach Bob Anderson about nutrition for grapplers. Plus, a new radio show by Sam Caplan & Matt Cava.

Erik Morales lost on Saturday night. Boxing Scene has it covered.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Cinematical: The first photo from David Mamet’s ‘Redbelt’
  2. MMA on Tap: WEC 29 weigh-ins
  3. Fightlinker: Bodog’s going down the toilet (plus, a storyline only Calvin Ayre would like)
  4. The Long Beach Press-Telegram: Mixed fighting gains appeal
  5. The Newark Star-Ledger (NJ): WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit to make first title defense
  6. The Boston Herald: Getting to know Gabriel Gonzaga
  7. The Charleston Post and Courier (SC): Mike Mooneyham talks about the death of Karl Gotch
  8. The Shreveport Times (LA): ‘Natural Born Killer’ Carlos Condit set for WEC title defense
  9. Sprawl ‘n Brawl: Midget cage fights – why?!
  10. Fight Report: Boxing – second half of ’07 loaded with great fights!
  11. Bloody Elbow: Dean Lister trains with Mirko Cro Cop
  12. The Eagle Tribune: Addition of Jens Pulver shows WEC is growing
  13. The Shreveport Times: Local card takes shape for 8/11 at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium (Rob McCullough will give a seminar before the event)
  14. The Daily Breeze (CA): South Bay family fathered ultimate fighting style
  15. The Honolulu Advertiser: Niko Vitale wins by KO following near brawl
  16. The Long Beach Press-Telegram: Two WEC titles on the line tonight
  17. The Anchorage Daily News (AK): Submission accomplished – Leituala forces opponent to tap out with guillotine hold
  18. The Sarasota Herald Tribune (FL): Crazy Wolves howl at packed Robarts Arena fights (they drew 3,800 paid for an independent show)
  19. Sportsnet (Canada): GSP weighs in on steroid issue

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6 Responses to “Sunday news snips: Hong-Man back on winning track”

  1. liger05 says:

    i’m glad morales has retired. his only 30 but the guy aged so fast due to the wars he had. The 1st barerra fight was a classic. the 5th round being one of the all time great rounds. unlike barerra who modified his style to prolong his career morales kept fighting the same way and that takes it toll. Thanks 4 the memories eric.

    next 6 months looks real good 4 boxing!!!

  2. Ivan Trembow says:

    Also, Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez was a strong Fight of the Year candidate on Saturday night. The referee (Laurence Cole) completetely lost control of the first fight on the Showtime broadcast, but the main event was a classic.

  3. Jordan Breen says:

    Laurence Cole is maybe the worst ref going right now. Between the Marquez-Jaca fight and that debacle last night, he needs to have his license pulled. If Lacierva won after that debacle, I’d have died.

  4. Ivan Trembow says:

    Jordan— You are forgetting about Dr. James Jen Kin, a California-based ref who is actually less assertive than Cole. But the two of them seem to be in a class of their own, much like Abe Belardo, Dalby Shirley, and Glenn Trowbridge with MMA judging.

  5. Jordan Breen says:

    Ivan, Dalby Shirley really is in a class of suckitude all by himself just by virtue of his lengthy and outstanding history.

  6. JThue says:

    Just watched the Fuji TV-K-1 broadcast. That was a debacle completely worthy of K-1’s nationalistic record. They were just dead set on getting Musashi to Seoul, and when that failed, they turned to Fujimoto and got their wish. Horrah. Fortunately he stands no chance of getting anywhere near a bs judges decision in the World GP Final. Hopefully he’ll be out before they even get to Tokyo Dome.

    Hell of a show though. Choi looked very solid again. If he’s picking up ground work as well as he’s picked up stand-up, he can cause some trouble in MMA.

    Nice KO’s, heat, great crowd, arena looked good on TV, and controversy = cash. Fun, fun, fun!


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