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French middleweight Jonstomp attacked

By Mark Pickering | July 14, 2007

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By Mark Pickering

French middleweight Boris Jonstomp is expected to recover his full vision but will have titanium plates inserted into his face after being attacked with a firearm in his native Paris earlier this week.

The CageWarriors veteran was set on by a highly intoxicated group of males wearing balaclavas who shot him in the face at close range with a flash-ball, a French hunting firearm, and pepper spray while he was working his ‘day job’ as a bouncer at a night club in Cergy, a suburb of Paris.

Jonstomp, who handed now Cage Gladiators and House of Pain British Welterweight Champion Jim Wallhead his first career loss in 2005, is a stable mate to the latest prospect from the coveted French assembly line, fellow 185-pounder Karl Amoussou, who visited his compatriot in hospital on Wednesday.

Early reports suggested he may lose his vision in his left eye which was swollen to the size of a tennis ball. Those reports proved premature as Jonstomp is now expected to recover his full vision.

Despite the extent of his injuries and the nature of the incident Boris was said to be in good spirits and is determined to fight again.

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3 Responses to “French middleweight Jonstomp attacked”

  1. David says:

    That is depressing. Why would anybody want to take away someone’s favorite thing. They can’t take his spirit. I hope Jonstomp recovers better than ever.

  2. GassedOut says:

    Cowards in masks with weapons. I guess they hunt in packs because they can’t stand alone.

  3. Ian Dean says:

    Jonstomp (despite his record) was a very game and skilful fighter.

    This would be a tragic end to his career


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