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Friday fight notes: Who will sign Denis Kang?

By Zach Arnold | July 13, 2007

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Bad luck for the IFL – Chris Horodecki has a broken hand and won’t fight Bart Palaszewski on August 2nd in New Jersey.

BodogFight tapings are coming to Vancouver soon.

John Griffin says that the UFC 73 On Demand service was a horrible experience.

The new UFC video game.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Game Critic: Zuffa Myth debunked
  2. Sam Caplan: won’t post UFC e-mails
  3. The Shreveport Times: MMA fighters set to battle at Louisiana Downs
  4. The Missoulian (MT): Mike Gates bound for Vegas to train with UFC champion Randy Couture
  5. The Missoulian (MT): Thicker than water – ‘Bloodbath’ Brian McGrath prepares to fight before family and friends at Missoula Mayhem
  6. The Journal-Review (IN): Crawfordsville duel set for Conseco Fieldhouse on August 11th
  7. The Idaho Statesman: MMA event features lots of fights, sumo match in Boise on Saturday
  8. UFC HP: Liddell-Silva scrapped… again
  9. UFC Junkie: Transcript of online chat with Forrest Griffin
  10. CBS Sportsline: Interview with Denis Kang
  11. Luke Thomas: How to fix the Silva vs. Liddell debacle
  12. The Associated Press: Cage or ring? Amateur boxers ponder future
  13. The Saipan Tribune: Frank Camacho stakes unbeaten record vs. UFC veteran Luigi Fioravanti
  14. The Naples News (FL): Of blood and dreams: MMA fighting more complex than you think
  15. MSNBC: American Idol-style show in works for MMA (this is about Kimo’s new deal)
  16. The Tampa Tribune: Fighting is a basic instinct for some MMA athletes
  17. Associated Content: An interview with Urijah Faber
  18. The Orange County-Register: Shogun will face Ryoto Machida at UFC 76
  19. The Baltimore Sun: Binky Jones looks forward to fight against Nick Agallar
  20. The Amherst Daily (Canada): Skidmore, Bourgeois hope to be King of the Cage in Halifax
  21. TMZ: Tito has Jenna in the Palm of his hand – literally
  22. The Fresno Bee: Ex-wrestling champ Angelo Antuna ‘steps up’ at Palace
  23. The Halifax Daily News (Canada): TJ Grant looking for a new streak – Cole Harbour fighter wants to start winning again for the home crowd
  24. The Visalia Times-Delta (CA): Back in the cage – Marc De La Cruz wants to bounce back from loss at King of the Cage

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36 Responses to “Friday fight notes: Who will sign Denis Kang?”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    It would be nice to see the UFC get him. He would be a good title challenger in 2008 for them.

  2. D.Capitated says:

    Kang will likely end up in Bodog just because they’ll let him fight in Korea and Japan and pay him far more than the UFC will.

    The other item listed about amateur boxers not wanting to fight in MMA is an obvious point. Midlevel boxers are still getting paid a lot more than midlevel MMA fighter are right now. Mike Wilson likely won’t make huge waves as a professional, but he can still make significantly more money coming out of the Olympics (should he and not Michael Hunter be the US representative) with signing bonuses and repeated tuneup bouts. Furthermore, take a guy like Rau’shee Warren. Warren would have to eat a ton of food to walk around at 145. He has no place in the current MMA landscape. What purpose would it serve him to move over to the sport?

  3. Mateo says:

    Who coined the term ‘Zuffa myth’?

  4. Zach Arnold says:

    Who coined the term ‘Zuffa myth’?

    Some guy named Jeff Thaler, with my posting as an impetus.

  5. Only in Idaho could MMA and Sumo be co-promoted.

  6. CapnHulk says:

    The trailer for the new video game was pretty amazing, pre-rendered or not. I especially liked the distant voice of the trainer yelling for Jackson to, “get his arms up.”

    Here’s a link to a higher quality video along with an interview with Quinton Jackson.

  7. MMA Game says:

    I’m bummed that the video game won’t be on PC 🙁

  8. nick says:

    yeah that Jeff Thaler is a smart cookie 😉

  9. JOSH says:

    IO know not alot of people here are IFL fans BUT Im kinda bummed that Horodecki cant fight in the semis…Palasweski/Horodecki II would have been a barn burner.

  10. Zack says:

    I thought Bart should’ve gotten the nod in the first fight…bummer there won’t be a rematch.

    Dennis Kang would be a great addition to the UFC, especially since that is their weakest division. If Anderson beats Rich again, and there’s no swing fight to market, it will be interesting who they build as the next challenger. It’s a shame that Filho is in the WEC, because I think he’s probably the best 185er in the world.

  11. AJAX says:

    I wonder if the UFC game will get the “unified” rules treatment. Looks badass though.

  12. Weird. There’s the Arona/Rampage slam, the first Chuck/Tito TKO, the second Chuck/Tito TKO, and a couple other of finishes in that fight, only they’re all rendered between Chuck and Rampage. Fucked up.

  13. Also, in the legal notice, I thought I read that the word “Submission” was a Zuffa copyright. That’d be hilarious.

  14. Jonathan says:

    TBH, I have never thought that Chris Horodecki was that great of a fighter in terms of skill set. His striking never seemed technical, but you can’t argue with the results. He is an exciting fighter, but never really impressed me…not like a Tyson Griffin.

    The UFC video game looks awesome and I to am bummed that it will not be on the PC, since that means that I cannot pirate it *_*

    The MMA card with a sumo match on it makes sense in my bizzarro mind. I guess it fits with the whole “mixed martial arts” theme that this sport revolves around…or used to anyway.

    And I to think that Kang will end up in Bodog because of the ability to be able to fight elsewhere in the world and not focus on the the UFC’s exclusivity contracts. However, the UFC would be dumb to let this happen, ans Kang is as exciting and technically skilled fighter as one can find as well as a huge potential draw and lady’s man.

    Those things are important to the UFC.

  15. chairibofjustice says:

    What’s a Chi Kong Lui?

  16. MMA Fan says:

    Anyone else think the emails from make members of “UFC Staff” look childish? Is it possible some form of pay off was given to keep them offline? Is it possible TV personas carried over into day to day business? what usually happens when people belive their own self created press?

  17. Grape Knee High says:


    More like Dana saying, “Cesar, if you continue to publish the emails, none of your fighters will ever fight in the UFC ever again.”

    At this moment in time, Cesar’s guys want to fight in the UFC way more than the UFC necessarily needs them to continue making money.

  18. Ultimo Santa says:

    I still don’t understand the whole deal with UFC copywriting the word ‘submission’.

    So next time we see a non-UFC promoted show, the commentators will be like: “He’s got him locked in a give-up hold! I think he’s going to uncle him!”

  19. The Gaijin says:

    You cannot copyright a word that has been in common use far before you even became a company.

  20. cyphron says:

    I just read on MMAWeekly that Silva was given two options: fight in September or November. He picked November. He never turned down the fight. Dana White is such a sheister. Very good marketer, but a real shady character.

  21. Grape Knee High says:

    The UFC didn’t copyright the word “submission”, they trademarked it. And the USTPO most likely only approved the trademark application because they have no idea what the word even means within the context of fighting or MMA.

    It’s nothing to worry about. The UFC will never be successful if they try to enforce this trademark in court.

  22. JOSH says:

    Wiord is now from ufcjunkjkie that it will be Jardine/Liddell….oh well….

  23. JThue says:

    Today’s uptade from Meltzer, where he notes Sokodjou’s negotiations with EXC broke down and he’s Hero’s bound. Hero’s look like they’re at least trying to pick up the ball over there, which is great. Japanese big time MMA dying with PRIDE would just be too sad.

    Also Fight Network reported yesterday that Gilbert Melendez is free and negotiating. Between Gomi, GM, Sokou, Kang and Barnett, these are some exciting free agent times.

  24. 45 Huddle says:

    Elite XC losing Sokoudjou is a big loss for Elite XC. Hopefully K-1 Hero’s can pick up some decent Light Heavyweights, as the UFC basically has all the top guys right now. Elite XC is being rumored to have picked up Takanori Gomi as well. Their Lightweight Division is just as good as the UFC’s. We will see about the rest of their divisions in the next few months. Heck, they don’t even officially have a weight class for Sokoudjou yet.

    As for Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine…. I think we can all admit that this isn’t the greatest main event ever. However, I am still ordering the PPV. They also have Rua/Machida, Fitch/Sanchez, & Gouveia/Lambert. Three very solid uncard fights. Plus, the return of Evan Tanner. So while the Main Event is honestly lacking…. At least the overall card is good.

    With that said, it is still a semi-interesting fight. We get to see if Liddell has gotten old or not. If he loses to Jardine, we will know that father time has caught up with him. If he wins without getting hurt, it sounds like we get a showdown between him and Silva in November or December. It would make sense to put Hughes/Serra on in November in NJ (near NYC), and then have Liddell/Silva in Vegas close to New Years. That would make the most logical sense.

  25. I for one think Houston sending Jardine to fucking Titan was good for Jardine’s career. Should put the fear of god back in him.

  26. And I LOLed at the prospect of Mauro screaming “HE’S ALMOST UNCLED HIM!!11”

  27. Zack says:

    “Elite XC is being rumored to have picked up Takanori Gomi as well. Their Lightweight Division is just as good as the UFC’s.”

    You mean Hero’s?

  28. 45 Huddle says:

    Sorry, meant Hero’s.

  29. Dave says:

    If EXC picked up Gomi that’d be sick. I LOVE the IFL and I think any self-proclaimed MMA fan who dosen’t enjoy the IFL is a pussy.

  30. Preach says:

    “The Man whose arms exploded” – A TLC documentary about steroid abuse. Fits in with all the steroid talk of the last few weeks…

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    Part 5:

  31. Body_Shots says:

    Spike TV Set to Wrestle UFC Deal
    Spike TV is on the verge of pinning down a multiyear, multimillion-dollar renewal of its Ultimate Fighting Championship distribution deal, according to sources close to the network.

    The new deal, which is expected to cost Spike in excess of $100 million, will allow the men’s-targeted network to keep its popular Ultimate Fighter reality series. The pact will also give Spike more live UFC events than the previous agreement, which expired at the end of last year.

    Executives from Spike would not comment, and UFC executives could not be reached for comment at press time.

  32. 45 Huddle says:

    That is a very important element for the UFC. The last two deals weren’t huge. This one is.

  33. Ivan Trembow says:

    It’s hard to claim poverty in contract negotiations when you have a huge TV deal that is publicly reported on (in this case potentially a $100 million deal). Just ask WWE.

  34. Zack says:

    Ehhh, $100,000,000. I think I spent half that on lunch.

  35. Adam Morgan says:

    So is tonight’s Bodog event not on PPV? It actually looks like a pretty good card and I’d like to see it.

  36. JThue says:

    Adam: It’ll air in some form on Ion… sometime, probably after the current season ends.


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