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Tuesday media talk: Reaction to Shamrock in UFC

By Zach Arnold | June 18, 2007

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The California State Athletic Commission further elaborates on Royce Gracie’s failed drug test.

Lines from the oddsmakers on this weekend’s UFC event.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. The Boston Globe: Fighting in the open – a legendary brawler (Kimbo Slice) comes out of the shadows
  2. TC Palm (Florida): ‘Ultimate fighting’ takes the nation by storm
  3. The Long Beach Press-Telegram: ‘El Matador’ Roger Huerta is one mean hombre
  4. The Winnipeg Sun (Canada): UFC champion Randy Couture on tap for Natural Invasion
  5. The LA Times: David Mamet helps Hollywood discover ultimate fighting
  6. Sports Illustrated (Todd Martin): Who is the ultimate fighter? Gamburyan-Diaz preview
  7. The Southern Illinois Daily Egyptian: ‘Power Ranger’ Jason David Frank to fight in cage Saturday
  8. KGMB 9 (Hawaii): Robbie Lawler fight postponed
  9. The Honolulu Advertiser: Injury postpones MMA’s Icon June 30th bout at Blaisdell Center
  10. The Marshall Independent (MN): City relaxes hold on ultimate fighting
  11. The Fanhouse (AOL Sports Blog): Bad idea – Ken Shamrock wants to fight again
  12. Sprawl ‘n Brawl: Who’s gettin’ buzzed? (article detailing research online about MMA trends)
  13. UFC HP: Diaz doing the family name proud
  14. CBS Sportsline: Interview with Manny Gamburyan
  15. CBS Sportsline: Interview with Phil Baroni
  16. CMT: Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge brings stars to Nashville (including UFC fighter Josh Haynes)
  17. UFC Junkie: UFC Fight Night 10 fighter salaries

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12 Responses to “Tuesday media talk: Reaction to Shamrock in UFC”

  1. muhr says:

    The comments from the CSAC lead me to wonder just what their threshold is for a positive nandrolone test. The IOC considers a value above 2 ng/ml of 19-NA a positive result for males. And yet the CSAC is saying that an athlete who has just exercised can be as high as 6 ng/ml.

    Perhaps more research needs to be done to determine an appropriate threshold but exercising shouldn’t elevate an athlete to 6 ng/ml on a routine basis. I read a study not too long ago on 300+ soccer players who were tested for 19-NA following exercise and not a single one exceeded 2 ng/ml. In fact, only a few exceeded 1 ng/ml.

    If values above 2 ng/ml were common more athletes would be testing positive.

    However, if they want to improve their accuracy they should employ isotope ratio tests, like are now being used to determine whether athletes have used synthetic testosterone. I think that would only be necessary if the positive result was around the threshold mark though.

  2. CapnHulk says:

    Is calling your Dragon Zord sanctioned in Illinois?

    I still have fond memories of that flute.

  3. Ivan Trembow says:

    Here’s another news item. Zuffa is finally making their actual intentions a little bit more obvious as far as what they want to do with Pride… this is from the Houston Chronicle:

    “Two of the owners of Zuffa, the company that runs the Ultimate Fighting Championship, purchased the Japan-based promotion and closed the deal in late May. UFC president Dana White is charged with sorting out the next steps. One scenario that has yet to be ruled out is dissolving Pride and moving many of its fighters into the UFC.

    “It’s a possibility,” White said. “There’s a lot of different things we could do right now. That is definitely one of the possibilities.””

  4. DarthMolen says:

    It’s a possibility? No, it’s reality. Nobody is talking about PRIDE anymore in the media anywhere and that is a deathknell for any MMA organization.

    Also, look at the names that the UFC has cherry-picked so far…

    Ninja, Big Nog, Wanderlei Silva (in the works), Cro-Cop, Dan Henderson, ….

    Need I say more? Who is left to carry on the PRIDE banner?

    Ricardo Arona, Soukoudjou, Gomi, Sakurai, Little Nog, did I miss anybody?

    No, PRIDE was finished when they sent the ufc-appointed president scurrying back to america (not that it wasn’t foolish to send him over in the first place…)

    All IMHO.

  5. […] of gloves:  This entry is filed under PRIDE, Dana White. You can follow any responses to this entry […]

  6. DarthMolen says:

    Concerning Ken,

    *sigh* When do they say enough is enough? The man is a legend and a dominant athlete. I highly respect the guy.

    He is coming off shoulder replacement and three consecutive losses.

    He is stating that his shoulder is just fine and that Tito just had his number.

    I go back and forth in my mind about this topic. All sports have this problem. High-end Type “A” sports personalities have a hard time saying when it is enough.

    I think he has 1 more fight in him. If he loses, he is done as a fighter, if he wins, then maybe he has 2 more in him.

    Only time will tell.

  7. Grape Knee High says:

    Regardless of whether the PRIDE name lives on, PRIDE as it used to be is clearly dead. At best, it will be similar to PRIDE Bushido with mostly Japanese fighters at lower weight classes; at worst, it will be dead. At this point, it’s looking rather dead.

    Ken Shamrock…what can you say? When’s the last time anyone realistically considered him an elite fighter? 11, 12 years ago? He’s been done for a while. But I can’t blame Zuffa for booking him again (if it happens); they’re just giving the (casual) fans what they want.

  8. KennyP says:

    Ken is done as a fighter. And he should pack it in for his health and his remaining credibility. But the money that he can make is so good that i don’t blame him for wanting to cash what would likely be his 2nd largest payday of his career (after Ortiz II). The rising tide of MMA money has made marketable (declining) fighters more financially valuable than when they were at their peak. And a defeated Ken was a big part in making Rich Franklin and Tito Ortiz (twice) into PPV draws.

    Look at the fighters who are making far more money than at any other time in their careers, even though they are either done or declining: Shamrock, Gracie, Ortiz (declining), Couture (slight decline). It doesn’t matter that their skills or reflexes have exceeded their “sell-by” date.
    Most of the $$$ bitterness that drove Penn/Ortiz/Pulver/FShamrock away from UFC was erased when UFC was able and willing to pay more (as a base) than the fighters were seeking (at the top end). (And, despite the personal animosity, even Frank is making more now from Coker/Shaw than he would have expected from Dana in the past.)

  9. Jonathan says:

    CSAC said that the results of Gracie’s steroid test were “off the scale” lead me to believe that maybe their test messed up. If I got a concrete number…say 8mg or whatever, I would be more inclined to believe that then taking the phrase “off the charts” at face value. They need to come up with a means of testing that will give recordable and reliable, numerical results.

  10. Ivan Trembow says:

    You’ve quoted the work of Darren Rovell on CNBC in the past, and here’s something he wrote about WWE’s current “faking Vince McMahon’s death while making fun of all previous dead wrestlers” storyline:

    “But I still think there’s a possibility the organization could be sued by a shareholder. By announcing that [Vince McMahon] is “presumed dead” on their official Web site, [WWE] could be charged with misleading stockholders. “

  11. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    If it does emerge that UFC dissolves Pride, I don’t think that that fact is enough evidence to prove that they intended to do that all along.

    The purchase dragged out for quite a long time, and meanwhile, Pride wasn’t running events, fighters were signing with other promotions (and UFC started bidding as well to prevent them all getting out of their control), and the publicity just got worse and worse.

    It’s entirely possible that the brand became worthless on it’s own, rather than by intentional actions by UFC.

  12. Jonathan says:

    What about the new story on the main page that there is a show in August?


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