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Thursday trash talk: Dynamite dud or surprise?

By Zach Arnold | May 31, 2007

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K-1 has come up with an ingenious idea to promote star power at their upcoming Dynamite show at the LA Coliseum this weekend – give a media push to Dennis Rodman. Sports Navigator reports that they would like to see Rodman compete in MMA, as early as late June in Holland. Yes, the Japanese report alluded to the fact that Rodman wrestled in WCW in 1997.

Just how bad was the IFL stock plunge on Wednesday? It’s a story in The Los Angeles Times newspaper today. reports that the reason Gabe Ruediger will not fight on the K-1 Dynamite show is because he was declared ‘mentally unfit to fight.’ Does Ruediger have a legal leg to stand on if he wants to file a lawsuit against the commission? Sam Caplan comments and also has an update on the story.

WordPress fans: Any suggestions on spam filters that I can use that will allow normal commenters to post comments freely but also keep out spam? Spam Karma 2 catches both real and fake comments, Bad Behavior may have compatibility issues with WP 2.2, etc. So I’m looking for intermediate solutions.

This is a war declaration.

Wild Ass Circus is not happy about people lumping UFC in the same breath as the dogfighting allegations against Michael Vick. We will be spending plenty of time on this week’s edition of Fight Opinion Radio covering this topic.

If you can read Japanese, All About has an interesting article about what the landscape of the Japanese fight business is with UFC in control and PRIDE basically vanishing.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Fox Sports: Are short main events bad for MMA?
  2. On the Mat: JZ Calvan interview
  3. Bloody Elbow: To the mainstream press, re: MMA
  4. The Fightworks Podcast: Jeremy Williams benefit grappling seminar in Irvine on Saturday
  5. Five Ounces of Pain: Another fighter off Dynamite USA card
  6. Radio (Komikazee): MMA Smackdown #25 w/ Charlie Valencia
  7. MMA California: Gladiator Challenge July 27th in San Francisco
  8. The Baltimore Sun: In the unpredictable UFC, picking the underdogs is a worthwhile gamble
  9. MMA Weekly: IFL renewed on TV, pleased with progress
  10. UFC Junkie: WEC to make televised debut on Versus this weekend
  11. The Edmond Sun (Oklahoma): Former wrestler Johny Hendricks switches sports
  12. The Yuma Sun (Arizona): Local cage fighter Chance Farrar in WEC showdown
  13. Yahoo Sports: Marins to MMA
  14. CBS Sportsline: UFC Light Heavyweight crystal ball
  15. MMA HQ: One year since the death of Ryan Bennett
  16. The LA Times: Chuck Liddell admits to after-hours rounds before bout with Jackson
  17. Sports Central: Liddell goes down, UFC with him?

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22 Responses to “Thursday trash talk: Dynamite dud or surprise?”

  1. Liger05 says:

    Rodzilla? Nothing like building someone up with WCW Nito footage hey.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Antonio Silva is off the Showtime card now.

    And I would say Dynamite is a complete dud. The card is horrible. Beyond watching a 2 minute Lesnar fight the day after on You Tube, i have no interest in this card.

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    This link tells you everything you need to know about the card….

    Ruedigar off… Silva off…. Morton is 50/50 on being off. Gina was off a few weeks ago. So is Choi. What a disaster.

  4. Grape Knee High says:

    Well, at least Sak/Gracie is still on. And I’m mildly interested to see how Manhoef/Yoon turns out.

    Anyone want to make a guess on how many paid tickets there will be? My guess is about…2000. Yeah, I’m feeling a little generous this morning.

  5. You know, I was really enjoying the whole incompetent promoter angle that was going on for the past two weeks, but now I’m starting to think it’s the CSAC that’s fucking with K1.

  6. With this latest wackiness i think it’s getting kinda obvious that the CSAC is messing around. Have we ever seen this kind of numbers of medical denials before? And this isn’t even the crazy korean guys, these are guys who have fought in sanctioned bouts before and should have no issue getting cleared.

  7. Zach Arnold says:

    Keep your eyes open on the IFL stock price today. If this thing goes below $1…

  8. I agree with ‘linker.

    Sure it’s stupid that FEG didn’t turn in proper paper work and they do need to be proper penalized, but when you’ve got this many guys held back by undisclosed medical reasons, a fighter being held back because “he might go mental” and a whole fight taken off for no reason whatsoever, you really got to wonder WTF is going on in C-SAC.

  9. Jonathan says:

    How can it be anything but a dud so far? And given previous “shakes ups” at events like Pride and the WFA, I think that this is going to turn out nasty. I hope that I am wrong though…I really do.

  10. theaxe says:

    saku vs royce 2 is a card within itself, don’t kid urself

    u may think mma has grown so much, becuz it has been brainwashed itno your minds but when it comes down to it, it’s coming full circle, saku vs royce is still what fans want to see, it will be epic jus tlike the last time.

  11. In WordPress you should have the Akismet Spam filter, you just need to get a security key for it to work. It’s totally built in and works wonders.

    If you need any help just hit me via the contact us page on our site. I’ve been running websites for quite some time now so I’m full of all kinds of useful and useless information. haha

  12. With Royce/Sakuraba cleared, things aren’t as bad as they once seemed to be. Losing Hong Man Choi was a bad blow, but with the CSAC denying fighters left right and center I think K1 now has the ability to save face on that issue. The stadium will still be nearly empty, but that’s not the big issue. It’s funny that K1 came to america to do a show for Asia, but that’s what’s happened. So long as the show doesn’t make waves with K1’s tv deals in Japan, Korea, etc, K1 can walk away from this limping but not dead.

  13. Zack says:

    I’m going to the event…I can’t wait. Seeing Sakuraba finally fight live, plus another one of my favs…Melvin Manhoef. I’m fired up.

  14. Matt Boone says:

    We have new interviews up at with Spencer Fisher, Joe Lauzon and Mike Swick for anyone interested.

  15. chairibofjustice says:

    I really cannot stand the CSAC and especially Armando Garcia, this man is really unqualified and unfit to be in charge of the commission. His suspension of Brian Ebersole was a joke. The man sees a Cartwheel guard pass for the first time in his life and decides to call it a work.

    Oh and then he suspends Nick Thompson because he didn’t like his t-shirt. And this whole mess about declaring Gabe mentally unfit because he watched a tv show?

  16. Zack says:

    ^^^ Josh Thompson

  17. chairibofjustice says:

    Whoops my bad, it is Josh Thompson. Good catch.

  18. 45 Huddle says:

    Why are people putting the blame on the CSAC? I’m not saying they are or not at fault. But look at the track record of MMA organizations in Japan. If anything, the blame should be placed on K-1, until proven otherwise.

  19. JThue says:

    “But look at the track record of MMA organizations in Japan. If anything, the blame should be placed on K-1, until proven otherwise.”

    – K-1 has no track record WHAT SO EVER in a situation like this. CSAC does. To FEG’s credit, they advertised Choi vs. Lesnar, Royce vs. X and Morton vs. X, and are coming as close to delivering 100% on that as any regular US-based MMA fed usually does. As for who’s to blame for the damaging(korean) pull-outs, well we just don’t know. K-1’s road to this show has been messy, but at the same time they’re not the first ones to have issues with a CA-show. And, by the way, the Pro Elite-portion has been just as, if not MORE messed up along the way than/as the FEG-portion of this show.

  20. Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but Akismet is AWESOME for spam. Also, in your wordpress admin section, you can have it set to allow people’s comments to go freely after you approve one (if it’s been held for any reason). If you need help, email me and I’ll help you out. I’ve worked with wordpress for a long time now. I got the API key needed for the Akismet too if you need it.

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