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Tuesday TNT: Dynamite headlines

By Zach Arnold | May 28, 2007

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If you are wondering about the TBS TV advertising in Japan for the K-1 Dynamite show, the network is still advertising Brock Lesnar vs. Choi Hong-Man and Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie. On the K-1-produced Sakuraba web site, the latest entry shows Sakuraba at the Chute Boxe USA academy training. Furthermore, K-1 (on their HERO’s web site) is running fan polls (created on Monday) asking who will win in the Lesnar/Hong-Man and Sakuraba/Royce fights. So far in those polls, the Japanese fans favor Hong-Man over Lesnar (54% – 46%) and Sakuraba over Royce (67% – 33%).

More casual fan reaction to UFC and UFC 71

This morning on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike morning show, Mike Golic absolutely raved about the UFC 71 show. He said that unlike boxing where you don’t care about the undercard, the full package of fights that UFC presented was exciting even if you didn’t know the name of the fighters. Golic said that the reason he isn’t complaining about the short time length of the Rampage-Liddell fight is because you got four other exciting fights (unlike boxing undercard fights on big PPVs). It was clear that this UFC show was the first one that Golic had watched and he thought it was a good show. His co-host, self-professed metrosexual Mike Greenberg, had no interest in UFC. Later in the show, Steve Phillips and Mike Golic got into an argument about UFC. Phillips said that he saw the Outside the Lines dogfighting segment juxtaposed with the Rampage/Liddell highlights and that he thought both activities were too violent. The audio of two of the segments will be available later today on ESPN Insider and here are the expected links to download the segments (link one and link two).

A couple of posts ago, I went through Technorati and added some links to various sports blogs discussing UFC 71. It drew some traffic, so we’re doing it again. And we’ll include a few MySpace blog entries. Have fun or frustration.

  1. Dirk Landers (Murda Mook): Don’t believe UFC’s propaganda machine (parts one and two)
  2. The Big Lead: Chuck Liddell, at this moment, remains dazed and confused
  3. Jung Texican: MMA or Boxing? Splat! (he says UFC 71 didn’t deliver the goods)
  4. Eastland’s World: UFC 71 and other stuff that may only matter to me
  5. Dan’s Take: UFC hardly a hit (‘The truth is boxing should be ashamed of itself for even being compared to a sport filled with guys who would be working for Vince McMahon if their acting wasn’t as embarrassing as their defense.’)
  6. Strange Angel Fish: Watch the UFC 71 for the clues that it was fake
  7. Ron Merrill: MMA Mainstream Acceptance? Not so fast
  8. Less For More: I wanted to watch it, but I blinked and it was over
  9. Dungy Had the Under: Chuck got knocked the F out
  10. Hagel’s Blog: What is a Chuck Liddell? (the author says he doesn’t know UFC will compete with disc golf)
  11. The Porch: Time to make room for another sport

Gryphon noticed the report about PRIDE talent going to UFC rather than PRIDE being recreated as a major-league player in the fight industry. The most ironic thing about his posting is the picture he used — which is the photograph of an 11-year old hunting down ‘the new Hogzilla.’

Does anyone know the direct video link for the trailer on the UFC 72 site? The embedded video isn’t loading 100% of the sound for me.

The next Tuff-N-Uff event on June 22nd in Las Vegas at South Point Hotel and Casino will feature Brad Imes vs. Vince Lucero and Frank Mir vs. Renato Babalu in a submission grappling contest.

One unlucky UFC fan got an unexpected surprise.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Radio (Eddie Goldman): Interview with John Perretti on Rampage-Liddell 2 and UFC
  2. UFC Junkie: Interview with Houston Alexander
  3. My Fox Memphis: UFC champion Rampage plans to give back to Memphis
  4. The Canadian Press: UFC not sweating the upsets
  5. The West Central Tribune (Minnesota): City Council sends ordinance banning Ultimate Fighting back to committee for clarification
  6. The Philadelphia Daily News: After taking a beating, Liddell wants rematch
  7. UFC HP: Urijah Faber calm in the eye of the hurricane
  8. PhilBoxing: Unity in boxing – a legitimate boxing governing body needs to be established
  9. Pro Wrestling Blog V2.0: The Next Big Thing in MMA?
  10. Quibbles and Bits: MMA Upset Trend (the author argues that MMA fighters need sports psychologists, just like other athletes already have)
  11. John Griffin: Rampage hits the big time
  12. MMA Weekly: Dana White – ‘We’re going to have them all’
  13. Divine Satirist: MMA vs. Boxing – it’s no contest (boxing takes a beating here)

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11 Responses to “Tuesday TNT: Dynamite headlines”

  1. Jonathan says:

    What is K-1 going to do with their Japanese fan base when the Hong/Lesnar fight is simply not going to happen? Something is going to have to give or break sometime.

  2. Hey guys, just listened to last week’s Fight Opinion radio show and a big thanks to you guys talking about my article on the Ultimate Fighter suggestions. Since people seemed to like it I’ve written up a follow up article on how The Ultimate Fighter is worse than America’s Next Top Model and how they can fix things. Seriously.

  3. Zack says:

    ESPN story here:

    Feel free to delete this post if you want to add it to your links.

    The reporter isn’t wrong when he explains short main events can be anticlimactic for casuals.

  4. Mr. Roadblock says:

    Tyson/Spinks was more hyped than this fight and was 30 seconds shorter. On top of that Spinks quit and took a dive to avoid taking more of a beating. Nobody got this mad about that fight.

    That an MMA fight can end in a flash because one guy makes a mistake and the fighters are wearing 5 oz gloves is part of the sport’s appeal.

  5. Yeah, it’s a fact that fights can end quickly, but it’s also a fact that people prefer a war with a brutal end than a quick knockout. The punch that took Liddell out was like the first punch Rampage landed, wasn’t it? MMA fans say ‘Ah well, that’s life’. Mr McWhineyPants the average mainstream moron says “What a ripoff!”

  6. Zack says:

    Almost everyone who purchased the Tyson/Spinks fight knew who Spinks was. What percentage of people watching Liddell/Rampage knew who Rampage was?

    I watched the event at a local bar that was at capacity by 7:30 with a line outside. I’d say most fans only knew of Liddell.

    When they showed his face on the screen, everyone popped and when they showed Rampage, people were pretty apathetic. I think Rampage is going to be a breakout star though. He has a great personality to take things to the next level.

  7. DarthMolen says:

    The canadian press article goes to a hockey article.. (go figure) even though the title on the page is right… the article is wrong 😀

  8. David says:

    This whole Dynamite debaucle is shadier than a Baghdad sunset

  9. DarthMolen says:

    I got it on the third time around….

  10. grafdog says:

    Why all the staph infections?

    This is a disturbing new trend…

  11. chairibofjustice says:

    Has Sakuraba been cleared to fight yet?


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