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Update on Ed Fishman lawsuit (4/26)

By Zach Arnold | April 26, 2007

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By Zach Arnold

Quick notes from the latest legal proceedings this week in the Fishman Companies vs. DSE Inc. lawsuit:

A meeting set last week (scheduled for Wednesday) was held in regards to the plantiff’s motion for a hearing on waiving compliance. In short, Fishman Companies attorney Lawrence Semenza III is arguing to the court that a resolution to the case needs to be done swiftly because the PRIDE asset sale transaction between DSE & Zuffa LLC is supposed to be executed on May 1st. The attorney for DSE Inc. is Patrick Reilly.

Here is what listed in the ‘minutes’ log from the Clark County court web site regarding the hearing that took place on Wednesday:

Argument by Mr. Reilly concerning personal jurisdiction issues and pre-judgment writ of attachment. COMMISSIONER RECOMMENDED, Pltf’s Motion for Hearing on Waiving Compliance is DENIED; counsel to HOLD an Early Case Conference WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK and FILE a Joint or Individual Case Conference report BY May 4, 2007. Mr. Semenza argued issues on money will not exist after the transfer occurs. Commissioner advised counsel to hold an Early Case Conference. Mr. Reilly to prepare the recommendation.

In short, Semenza is arguing to the court that once the PRIDE asset sale transaction happens between Zuffa LLC and DSE Inc., DSE Inc. will either immediately transfer the money out of their bank account or DSE Inc. itself could be liquidated.

The big war coming up between Fishman Companies and DSE Inc. is likely over witness deposition. Mainly, who gets called in as witnesses and what questions/counter-questions are asked.

One other sidenote: If Shukan Gendai’s magazine report a couple of weeks ago accurate, then their claim that the Kanagawa Police will be watching this financial transaction between DSE Inc. and Zuffa LLC certainly becomes an issue that many people will be interested in watching.

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3 Responses to “Update on Ed Fishman lawsuit (4/26)”

  1. Sounds to me like Fishman is scrambling to get what he can before DSE ceases to exist and his money is ‘disparu’

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    If he has a valid claim and he knows that Sakakibara has publicly stated the transaction will happen on May 1st, then he should absolutely try to fast-track the court case.

  3. Oh I completely agree. But looks to me like this is gonna be one of those cases where one party is left holding the bag :-/


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