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UFC 67 – Analysis

By Stephan | January 31, 2007

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By Stephan Marceau

This card is called All or Nothing, well this could be the shortest main card for the UFC in awhile (in terms of fight time). Its a good thing GSP got injured or the PPV could have been mostly 1 rounders! People are looking for upsets here, but I dont think so. Nevertheless I am really looking forward to this card, really to see Mirko coming into the UFC, I believe he will leave an even bigger mark than Anderson Silva has. Then add to this that the UFC is also introducing Rampage to the UFC mix, and this is a fun card to watch. So here is my “fan” analysis (take with a grain of salt) of the main card:

Patrick Cote vs Scott Smith

Patrick is one of those guys that always win his middle of the road fights, but never comes through on the bigger ones. Scott is definitely a middle of the road fighter. Scott “desperation punch” Smith, had that great fight at TUF4 against Pete Sell, you can not doubt his heart. But frankly, I have a hard time getting excited about this matchup, PPV should not be for TUF washups, they should be in the undercard. So, I will go with Patrick by decision here.

John Halverson vs Roger Huerta

There is debate whether this fight should be on the main card or the undercard. The other fight that could have been here is Hoger vs Machida (which I would have preferred), but I understand, that both Hoger and Machida have had boring fights in the past. Talking about undercard, did you notice that the best paid fighter last week on UFN 8 was an undercard? Yes, Nathan Marquardt funny!! Anyways, back to this fight, John Halverson is making his UFC debut with a 13 and 4 record, and seems very versatile. He has won just as many by submission as by KO (or TKO). “El Matador” Huerta, has had one appearance in the UFC (won by decision against Jason Dent), has a similar profile to Halverson in terms of stats. This is a pickem fight; I kind of see it going to a decision, maybe to the UFC veteran (in this case) Huerta

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Marvin Eastman

A match made to make sure Rampage makes a good initial impressions to UFC fans. The only thing here interesting is that Marvin’s claim to fame is that he actually did beat Rampage way back almost 7 years ago. Marvin “The Beastman” has appeared in the UFC and lost against Victor Belfort close to 4 years ago. The Rampage of 3 years ago would have no trouble disposing of Eastman, but his last few fights have been somewhat less than impressive. His last losses, one coming from “Shogun” Rua (Rua would dispose of anyone in the UFC) and Wanderlei Silva (Silva needed like 45 knees to make Jackson finally buckle) are not a sign of big losses, rather of facing really better opponents. Marvin does not have close to these credentials. I am hoping we are getting the old Rampage back here. If thats the case, Rampage will finally be a serious opponent for Chuck in the 205 class (I could write on how Rampage would win this too – but thats for later). Rampage did beat Chuck soundly in Pride (3 years ago – as all of Chucks’ fan point out). I, for one, am very excited to see Quinton in the UFC (I said the same of Heath Herring in the heavyweight last week, didnt I?). The UFC must think the same though, to acquire the WFA to get his contract. Rampage has the potential to be a star on and off the stage. I’d love to see Rampage’s slamming in the UFC. The guy has a solid chin, great standup, fantastic stamina and super strength. I’m picking Rampage by KO (from a slam, that would be so much fun!!).

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs Eddie Sanchez

Eddie Sanchez may have the biggest “cajones” right now in MMA, to go in your second UFC fight against Mirko, I say Wow is not for Windows Vista but for Eddie! Regardless of his wanting to beat Mirko, I dont think he will last long, Mirko is just in such a different league, just look at the fighters he has faced in both K1 and Pride, it looks like an MMA hall of fame: Wanderlei Silva, Fedor, Barnett, Coleman, Noguiera, Hunt. Totally different class. The other question will be whether the fence plays a role in Mirko’s game more than what his opponent can do. I still think its a non-issue, I’m looking for Crocop to make a big splash for his UFC debut by KO in the first round.

Anderson Silva vs Travis Lutter

The UFC fans were shocked and blown away at Anderson’s mastery of Muay Thai (specially in the clinch). What most dont know, and Anderson is not hyping it up, is that Silva has some fantastic Jiu-Jitsu. He’s a black belt under the Nogueira brothers. And I have seen him use it in Pride, he is very active on the ground and very versatile. Its funny how he even said, when interviewed at a UFN (I think it was) about facing Luther “I’ll have to learn some JiuJitsu”…I pretty much spilled my drink. Why do you think he’s called the Spider? For his standup? LOL Anyways, Luther does not have much standing up, his only chance is taking Silva to the ground, and I dont think he’s even got much a chance there either. I’d love to see Silva submit Lutter, he would show how well rounded he is, but I think he’ll prefer to knock him out quick. Besides the illegal kick to Okami, Anderson has not lost in a long time. I pick Silva by TKO, 1st round.

Regardless of how long the matches last (the last 3 specially), this is an exciting card to watch for the fact that the UFC is now coming of age, with finally legit world class fighters. In a couple months from now we could be looking at a much more international champions than ever before: Gomi (Japan – yes dreaming, but I did dream of Mirko too!), GSP (Canada), Anderson Silva (Brazil), Rampage (US), Crocop (Croatia).

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14 Responses to “UFC 67 – Analysis”

  1. The Gaijin says:

    To be totally fair – the 2nd time he fought Silva it took about 3 knees to result in one of the most brutal looking KO aftermath’s in recent memory in major MMA.

    A lot of people have said that fight affected the way Rampage has fought ever since. I think it’s merely the fact that the clinch (in all 3 fights) has shown to be his kryptonite.

    I’m jacked to see him debut in the big leagues again – I think he’s going to be a superstar. And it’s finally going to be someone that will be able to capably stand with Liddell, for me it will be the first time Liddell’s had a compelling match-up (fighting wise) since Couture.

  2. The MMA Critic says:

    “With finally legit world class fighters.”

    I will pretend I didn’t read that comment….. **COUGH** Hughes, GSP, Liddell, Ortiz, Babalu, Couture, Silva, Franklin, Marquardt, Penn, Sherk **COUGH**

    All joking aside, I agree with the predictions here. I actually wish Tyson Griffin was on the main card instead of Huerta. Either way, I think we will be seeing 7 fights anyways, so no big deal. The only fight i am dreading is Smith vs. Cote. I really could care less about this fight.

    It should be exciting to see Cro Cop and Rampage in there. And I think the Silva/Lutter fight will either be a quick KO, or a long, very boring fight on the ground. I hope I am wrong about the later of the 2.

  3. MMA T-Shirts says:

    I would imagine Silva is called the Spider because he has long gangly limbs, much like Kendal Grove.

    He is a good fighter but he’s been elevated to rediculously high standards because two opponents in a row came in with the worst possible gameplan. Silva will probably win but people are getting really carried away with his actual skill levels.

  4. The Gaijin says:

    MMA Critic:

    I refuse to recognize Tito Ortiz as a world class fighter until you give me one good reason to think otherwise.

    He cannot beat “world class fighters” thus he is not world class…getting destroyed by actual world class talents, beating up a severely outgunned 40+yr old and barely beating guys that rank b/w 15-20 in the world rankings doesn’t make you a world class fighter. The guy sells lots of PPV’s and is a great self promoter but he’s done nothing in the last 5 years to justify world class status.

    Otherwise, I whole heartedly agree that it is ridiculous to say that there wasn’t world class fighters in the UFC before.

  5. Kevin says:

    Speaking of whether UFC Is world class or not, it’s rather telling that during UFC 67 Countdown, Rogan and White were saying the UFC, in the context of Cro Cop and Rampage, will be the place where the top fighters will come to–let me emphasize their usage of the future tense. Seems to me (in their PR-friendly, saying-it-but-not-saying-it way) that they recognized the UFC is not the top promotion in the world right now.

  6. Zach Arnold says:

    UFC can afford to say what they want to now that they are the top promotion. đŸ™‚

  7. The MMA Critic says:

    Tito Ortiz beat Wanderlei Silva

    Game. Set. Match.

    As for World Class fighters, the UFC gets a bum wrap with not having enough. The difference is that Pride doesn’t have their top fighters compete against each other enough, so some fans think they are all world class.

    Here is an example……Silva, Rua, Arona, & Nogueira. All 4 are considered “World Class”. Yet none of these fighters competed against each other in 2006. They should have. If they did, you would have seen 1 fighter rise to the top, and people would be questioning the rest of them, just like they question Ortiz & Babalu now.

    It’s easy to have a lot of “Top Fighters” when you refuse to put them against each other. The UFC does this, and we find out on a more regular basis who is champion, and who is not. They should not be looked down upon because of this. I would rather rank the Pride fighters lower because they continue to fight inferior competition.

    Why should Silva be ranked higher for not defending his title against a legit contender since 12/31/05? Or why should Arona be ranked lower because Pride refuses to give him a 3rd fight with Silva. Or why should Noguiera be ranked higher then Babalu when Nogueira still hasn’t had the big win, yet Babalu is sitting pretty on a win over Mauricio Rua.

    The Pride bias is unbelievable.

  8. Zack says:

    Ortiz beat Silva a lifetime ago. If that fight happened today, it would’ve gotten stood up a million times. If you have to look back that far for a Tito accomplishment, then you might as well have Frank Shamrock in the top 10.

  9. Mr. Roadblock says:

    MMA Critic in October or whenever Liddell/Rampage II goes down. Please remind us of your Ortiz/Silva opinion. I’m also not certain you actually saw that fight because Tito was less than impressive. I for one am not a fan of fighter math. Because the same night QJ beat Liddell he got pummelled by Silva. Liddell has looked a lot better since then though that could be because Couture has gotten worse. Couture is the only above average fighter Liddell has faced since Jackson. I’m sure you will be trumpetting the Liddell had a torn quadriceps in the first fight line.

    There isn’t a huge Pride bias as much as you are biased toward UFC. As a guy who likes both promotions equally they are both guilty of protecting their top guys. UFC 67 is less competitive than Pride’s October show and you were all over that one.

  10. The Gaijin says:

    “Tito Ortiz beat Silva.

    Game. Set. Match”

    THAT’S your BRILLIANT reply?!?!?!?! HAHAHA….wow you’re far less intelligent than I once gave you credit for, you’re supposed to be a valuable poster here.

    What a load of horrific dogshit…so a win from SEVEN years ago is your logic for why today he’s considered a “world class” fighter?? By that logic Artur Mariano is a world class fighter, there was ABSOLUTELY no reason for Liddell – Horn II and Rampage Jackson is actually the UFC’s #1 LHW and Champion.

    If Silva – Ortiz II happened today he’d get DEMOLISHED like he did against Liddell. Ortiz’s takedown game is diminished, he’s completely frightened to stand and trade and Silva has shown the ability (Arona II and Fujita) in the near past to have good takedown defense (Arona’s tds >>>>Ortiz), excellent ground defense and the ability to get back to his feet from the bottom. The fight today would be stood up so many times anyways b/c of Ortiz’s complete lack of activity and L’n’P that he implemented before in the snoozefest. If Ortiz brings the kind of takedowns he did against Griffin & Liddell, which he most likely would, with Silva – they’ll be retrieving his watermelon of a head from the nosebleeds.

    Pull your UFC loving head out of your ass…I’m not saying that Liddell’s bad or there’s no world class fighters in the UFC, but the simple fact is that Tito Ortiz IS NOT.

    IMO his last actual good win was almost 7 years ago against Wandy, under the old style of rules where they’d never stand up for in-action. He literally LAYED on him the entire 5 rounds…

    Since then he’s beaten up a severely AGE Shamrock THREE TIMES – after the first was a total blow out. The rest have been great “draws” but were absolutely unnecessary (just like the first). Then he beats a guy who had 5 fights at the time and couldnt even win TUF @ 185 (Cote). He gets two GIFT SD’s (Vitor and Griffin) b/c UFC was aching to get another marquee match with Chuck.

    Then when he actually faces the top flight guys – he not only loses but gets TOTALLY DOMINATED.

    So outside of the fact that he got F***ING OWNED by Couture and Liddell he’s done absolutely nothing in the last 5 years to warrant the status that he’s been given. If he fought Silva again I GUARANTEE it would end like the Liddell fights b/c Tito’s game has not evolved one iota in the last 7 years and we all saw how great his TD’s were against Forrest and Vitor.

    Bottom line is that Tito is in the rankings b/c he once was a champion, who was so protected it wasn’t funny; he’s a good draw for ppv’s b/c he acts like a pro wrestler and HE got his ass kicked by good fighter?!?



  11. sebastian says:

    I don’t know if most people saw Huerta’s first UFC fight. You should, ’cause it was really great and I’d prefer Huerta-Halverson on the broadcast rather then Machida-Hoger. Machida is in a position where he has to prove himself after the Vernom White fight and I’d rather not see Hoger at all, actually.
    Tyson Griffin should open instead of Smith-Cote though.

  12. Diamond Dave Williams says:

    Zach Arnold Says:

    January 31st, 2007 at 6:56 pm
    UFC can afford to say what they want to now that they are the top promotion.

    Zach, the UFC may have the dollars to be the top organization, however they still do not have the talent depth to contend with Pride FC on a card by card basis. When the UFC starts to consistantly hold stong cards from top to bottom, then and only then will they be able to lay claim to the top promotion.
    Dana please start utilizing your top talent, if you keep having two or three stong fights supporting a King of The Cage card, other MMA organizations will surpass the UFC.

  13. the wrestler says:

    If Machida continues to fight like crap, there’s no reason Hoger couldn’t give him a run for his money. The last time we saw Hoger, he fought Rashad pretty well.

  14. mmaguru says:

    mma critic is $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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