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Wednesday world news

By Zach Arnold | January 30, 2007

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Sean Salmon reportedly made $3,000 USD in his fight versus Rashad Evans on UFC’s UFN 8 show last week. I think his hospital bill had a higher price tag. 🙁

  1. First Coast News: Ultimate Warriors coming to Florida (Chuck Liddell will host the event)
  2. The Florida Times-Union: The ways of a warrior
  3. The latest on the Sumo vs. Shukan Gendai blow-up: The Guardian, The Daily Yomiuri, and Sofia Echo
  4. MMA Weekly: Kevin Randleman out of the hospital
  5. The Fight Network: Upcoming BodogFIGHT matches
  6. The Princeton Daily Clarion: Former Tiger Turner is HOOK ‘n SHOOT challenge champion
  7. CBS Sportsline: The Fringe – Herring stumbles, but two more stars debut Saturday
  8. Radio: MMA Smackdown #8
  9. The Wall Street Journal (behind a subscription firewall): Mixed martial arts (someone please pick the article up and give a review of it)
  10. The Maneater: Fighting for a better life
  11. The Columbian: Randy Couture to open local gym
  12. WBAN: Why women’s boxing is dying, but women’s MMA is picking up
  13. The Stuttgart Daily Leader: Dr. Seth Kleinbeck set to fight in Southaven
  14. MMA California: Ken Shamrock to produce MMA show on 3/3 at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, California
  15. UFC Mania: UFN 8 fighter salaries (Heath Herring was paid $6,000 USD?!)

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17 Responses to “Wednesday world news”

  1. Jordan Breen says:

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if Salmon was compensated nicely for having his brains splattered, like Sobral was after the second Liddell fight.

    I can’t imagine Fukuda not beating Kleinbeck up. Kleinbeck ain’t too special, and Fukuda’s only real problem is that he’s to reckless. Dude ran face first into a massive punch from Urita last year, and Fukuda was taken out on a stretcher. In subsequent fights, he went back to more earnest ground and pound. Plus, Fukuda has been working with AKA, which I think could only help him.

  2. CapnHulk says:

    The TUF guys make a fair bit more than the other fighters it would seem. Clay Guida only got five thousand, the same as Ross Pointon who is what, 4-8? Wasn’t it you guys on an episode of FOR that asked Heath if his UFC contract was better than what the WFA had offered? Didn’t he reply a bit tentatively?

  3. ukiro says:

    The word firewall doesn’t mean what you imply that it means (judging by the context above).

    Regarding Heath Herring, his awful performance will probably only send him further down the pay scale from here on. I predict he’ll get another UFC fight which he’ll lose, and then the UFC will just sit his contract out and let him fade away.

  4. Zeppelin says:

    I’m still wondering about the fallout from Jens Pulver’s loss in his debut. The only thing I’ve heard about him is that he’ll be in the new TUF as a coach. Maybe that’s the same fate that they’ll stick Herring with?

  5. ukiro says:

    They should have given Herring to Couture instead, to give Randy a sweet first win in his come-back. Having Herring as a TUF coach would probably be an insult to his trainees. I think he could still have some value as a stepping stone for some fresh newcomer, but after his performance on UFN8, even the most dominant victory over Herring wouldn’t say much.

  6. Will Ziacoma says:

    I’m sure UFC paid the hospital bills. I thought we put to rest the arguments about the UFC pay scale. Especially after the October Pride event where we were able to compare the two companies’ pay scales for once. $3,000 for a first appearance in the UFC is the norm and he would have made double if he’d won. Same goes for Herring. Heath should have won that fight and doubled up as well.

  7. Mr. Roadblock says:

    UFC pays fight related hospital bills.

  8. Croatian Strength says:

    IFL makes the “mainstream”:
    (NSFW video)
    Not sure if it’s good publicity though.

  9. Ivan Trembow says:

    “I’m still wondering about the fallout from Jens Pulver’s loss in his debut. The only thing I’ve heard about him is that he’ll be in the new TUF as a coach. Maybe that’s the same fate that they’ll stick Herring with?”

    According to the MMAWeekly Rumors section, the winner of Penn vs. Pulver on the TUF 5 season finale is scheduled to get a shot at the UFC Lightweight Title later in 2007.

  10. Preach says:

    Yeah, Perez Hilton and “mainstream” is really far fetched. The guy is a bottom feeder, plain and simple…

  11. mwilk says:

    Here is the Wall Street Journal article:

    — THE PROJECT: A new kind of fighting called “mixed martial arts” — which combines elements of boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, jujitsu and sumo — is coming to broadcast television for the first time this spring. Produced by International Fight League Inc., of New York, the two-hour prime-time shows will air once a week on News Corp.’s MyNetwork TV and will include interviews with the fighters and a behind-the-scenes look at the fights. News Corp.’s 18 regional sports cable networks also will air a one-hour show from the fight league on Fridays at 11 p.m.

    — THE BUZZ: This will be the first time professional mixed martial arts will appear on broadcast TV. Previously, the sport had been relegated to pay-per-view and cable television because of its reputation. But International Fight League said it offers a less bloody version of the sport, because it bans elbow strikes to the head, which are allowed by Zuffa LLC’s Ultimate Fighting Championship. Zuffa’s mixed-martial-arts matches air on Spike TV. Both Zuffa and International Fight League ban head butting, eye gouging and strikes to the spine and throat.

    — THE OUTLOOK: This will be a test case not only for the public’s acceptance of mixed martial arts, but also for the future of MyNetwork TV. News Corp. launched MyNetwork TV this past fall with a prime-time lineup of Spanish telenovelas, which are translated and then filmed in English. The low-budget productions, however, have failed to catch on with viewers or advertisers, and now the network is searching for a new format. The decision to air the fight league is a clue the network could be changing direction.

  12. Zach Arnold says:

    Shogun vs. Overeem is the second most interesting match on the card now (behind Diaz vs. Gomi), but I don’t know if it will mean much in America.

  13. Tim Lee says:

    UFC does pay fighter’s more than what’s being reported to the athletic comission.

    Fight Of The Night (Winner AND Loser get’s a bonus). KO of the Night (Winner get’s a bonus). Sub Of The Night (Winner get’s a bonus).

    UFC also compensates for fighter’s who have a hard time finding a “ZUFFA APPROVED” sponsers…

  14. The Gaijin says:

    “Shogun vs. Overeem is the second most interesting match on the card now (behind Diaz vs. Gomi), but I don’t know if it will mean much in America.” (Anyone know how to ’embed quotes’, instead of cutting and pasting them?? I’d appreciate if someone could help me out)

    For sure…its a shame that not many people know about these two b/c its going to be a hell of a fight. It’ll be nice to see if Overeem can get over his ability to dominate the first 3-5min of a fight and the TOTALLY crap out and wilt under the pressure. The last fight he was actually taking it to Shogun at the start but Rua kept the pedal to the medal and he completely tanked.

    I think Shogun continues his roll from the last two years and creates a difficult situation for PRIDE. What the ‘eff do you do with the Chute Box tandem at 205?? The best part is I think it forces there hand to start putting on: Silva vs. Lil Nog, Arona, Overeem; so that he either loses and Shogun avenges the loss and allows Silva to go to HW or UFC as a PRIDE/Chute Box rep OR Silva runs the gauntlet and maybe Shogun goes overseas to the UFC as a PRIDE/Chute Box rep.

    I wonder if the end run would result in Shogun vs. Wandy…that would be electric.

    Quite frankly its too bad PRIDE cannot get a partnership or something in America to start really promoting some US shows and/or bankroll them to keep their deep roster; because they do(did until recently) have the ability to put on shows that would gain fans by putting on awesome fights, if only they could just get people to tune in. (NOT YOU Vince McMahon)

  15. cjfighter says:

    Just for the record, Salmon said that they (UFC) paid his hospital bills.


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