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Sunday news headlines

By Zach Arnold | January 28, 2007

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For those interested, make sure to add us as your new MySpace friend if you haven’t already done so. I try to send out news bulletins with this account that are site-related, so if you’re an avid MySpace user you’ll appreciate it.

Josh Koscheck says his fight with Diego Sanchez will be on the UFC 69 April PPV from Houston (so it will not be on Spike TV for free).

Onto today’s headlines, which includes news from Phil Baroni.

  1. New York Daily News: Thoughts on UFC/HBO deal (hat tip – mikeinformer)
  2. The Muskegon Chronicle: Columnist Cindy Fairfield calls MMA ‘street fighting’
  3. Mainichi Daily News: Asashoryu denies involvement in match fixing
  4. UFC Junkie: 3/3 Columbus, Ohio event sells out
  5. UFC Mania: Randy Couture training with giants
  6. F4W: Phil Baroni interview (he says PRIDE is advertising him for appearing on the 2/24 Las Vegas show, but he’s not fighting on it)
  7. Jordan Breen: Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto injured in Olympic wrestling bid
  8. The Muskegon Chronicle: Cage Fighting coming to LC Walker Arena
  9. Sports Illustrated: In Pros vs. Joes, athletes enjoy having the last laugh
  10. The Kansas City Star: All the rage (article on Miletich’s camp)
  11. The Southeast Missourian: Ste. Genevieve man takes to ‘Fight Night’ ring
  12. The Rome News-Tribune: Cage matches draw thousands to Forum
  13. The Quay County Sun: Extreme fighting returning to Tucumcari
  14. The Pacific Daily News (Guam): Saipan’s Aiken takes out ‘The Enforcer’
  15. The Knoxville Daily News: CAGE has plans for submission in state
  16. Notes: More comments from Sean Salmon

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5 Responses to “Sunday news headlines”

  1. The MMA Critic says:

    Rory Markam is getting eye surgery and is out of his next IFL fight. OUCH!!!

    This actually brings up a disadvantage to the IFL concept that I honestly never even thought of before. Let’s say on a Showtime MMA card that David Loiseau gets hurt. The promoter can bring in any other fighter they are able to sign to fill that void and still create a good fight.

    With a team like the Silverbacks, we will basically be seeing Markham’s back-up, which be default should be inferior to him in skill level. So a few injuries can quickly bring down the level of competition on a fight card. Small issues like this are something that are going to have to be ironed out during the upcoming season. I think with the number of teams, we are going to see more situations were this occurs.

    And I think it is impressive that UFC Ohio was a sellout. Going to the middle of the country was a slight gamble for the UFC. And their best seats were still $400. With over a month left to the show, it is a great sign for the strength of the UFC.

  2. Dedwyre says:

    I read the KC Star article and saw a glaring error. They still call MMA “No Holds Barred” and say that the only illegal moves are biting, hair pulling and shots to the groin or kidneys. No mention of shots to the spine, knees or kicks on the ground, or small joint manipulation. I suppose I should email the writer about that.

  3. Mike says:

    Boy is that Muskegon writer a piece of work. Compares MMA to witches being hanged. Writes what is supposed to be an unbiased piece about MMA coming to town, then writes her own opinion side by side saying it should be banned. I bet she wonders why she’s stuck in a small town, too.

  4. Royal B. says:

    Ms. Fairfield’s email:

    Be nice. Be kind.

    I already sent a letter.

  5. Nick from Muskegon says:

    Ok. I watched the fights. Pretty impressive for the most part , but its all amateurs. Cindy is a nice lady and shes concerned about us young guys beating the crap out of each other. Noone ever takes into consideration that organized fighting is not even close to barbaric as it was with chariots and swords. After the fight everyone shaked hands. Not even close to a street fight. Here in Muskegon we love nothing better than a beer tent and fighting. I believe it was a blockbuster for us. And hopefully many more to come. As for being a small town Mike, Id like to see you get dropped off on Wood st by yourself. Not gonna happen.


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