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Friday news flash

By Zach Arnold | January 26, 2007

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Sumo match-fixing allegations, Rashad Evans blows away fans, Dana (McMahon) White finds new ways to make friends, Sean Salmon speaks, an accused child molestor and a criminal on the run, and criticism on how UFC handled the Sean Salmon KO.

  1. The Telegraph (UK): Sumo’s probe into match fixing (hat tip: mikeinformer)
  2. Nokaut (Cro Cop forum): Fortunal (top poster there) denies the contents in the Gong Kakutougi interview (about Mirko wanting to go back to PRIDE), raising suspicion as to who would make the comments (some guy with the initials KI?)
  3. MMA Fever: IFL weigh-in fiasco video
  4. Pramit Mohapatra: UFC Fight Night 8 recap
  5. UFC Mania: Jeff Monson vs. Emelianenko Alexander booked for BodogFight on 4/7 in Russia (plus he has a live report about the Rashad Evans/Sean Salmon post-fight scene
  6. Ivan Trembow: UFC handles brutal knockout poorly
  7. UFC Junkie: Sean Salmon comments on his fight with Rashad Evans
  8. The Los Angeles Times: Scary ending to UFC main event (Dana White wants to book Rashad Evans vs. Keith Jardine despite the objections of Evans)
  9. The Florida Sun-Sentinel: Rashad Evans’ roundhouse kick drops Sean Salmon
  10. The Houston Chronicle: Rashad Evans stays unbeaten with sensational KO
  11. Sherdog: Hermes Franca vs. Sean Sherk set for July
  12. The Times & Star (UK): Pele Landi to hold a two-day training seminar in Workington
  13. The Union of Grass Valley: Cage fighting event canceled for now
  14. The Detroit Free Press: MMA fighters prepare for matches tonight in Detroit
  15. The Knoxville News Sentinel: Newspaper lumps MMA with Toughman
  16. Court TV news: How MMA caught a dangerous fugitive
  17. The Lincoln News Messenger: Under Pressure – documentary follows diary of a cage fighter’s wife
  18. The Lantern (OSU): Columbus digs MMA
  19. Canadian Press (via Rashad Evans scores stunning win on UFC Ultimate Fight Night
  20. The Half Moon Bay-Review: Accused child molester waives hearing
  21. Fight Report: Rashad Evans obliterates Sean Salmon
  22. MMA HQ: Diego Sanchez vs. Josh Koscheck at UFC 69
  23. The Houston Chronicle: UFC Ultimate Fight Night 8

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5 Responses to “Friday news flash”

  1. CapnHulk says:

    Is there any hard evidence at all for Asashoryu fixing matches? Or is this just because he’s from Mongolia?

  2. The MMA Critic says:

    There is no comments section for the podcast, but I thought one thing needed talking about.

    The first half the show felt like one big advertisement for the IFL. Between their own discussion and then Quadros, it was too lopsided. For a podcast that has been ultra critical of Pride, and at times critical of Zuffa, they basically fluffed over many of the current issues with the IFL. I think everybody agrees that the IFL is doing everything on paper correctly. However, any of the following things could have been mentioned:

    – They have yet to turn a profit.
    – They have put on exactly one fight that has mattered in the world rankings. That was Lindland vs. Horn.
    – Their horrible paid attendance numbers in Oakland, and them canceling the show in Lakeland, FL.

    There are more, but those are the biggest 3. Next time, I would at least like to see one host play devil’s advocate to flesh out both sides of the story.

    As for Quadros, I like the guy, but I hardly find him credible when he talks about how many great fights are coming up for the IFL, and then downplays any good fights coming up for the UFC or Pride. This is the same guy who gets his living from the IFL. And the same guy who was let go by Pride. And the same guy who lost his job at the WEC once Zuffa bought it over. Once again, I like Quadros, but he was a little too biased, and not one of the hosts called him on it.

    This is probably the first episode where I was shaking my head during too much of it. I expect that from Beatdown and Josh Gross. I typically don’t expect that from the Fight Opinion Crew.

    I hope this post didn’t come off disrespectfully. I usually love the show. Obviously, hardcore fans aren’t always going to agree. I just thought the last episode was more of a miss then a hit. Hopefully the next one will be back on track.

  3. Zach Arnold says:

    Luke is the biggest critic of the IFL. Unfortunately he wasn’t around for all of the show segments, or you might have heard more devil’s advocate being played.

    At the same token, I can’t sit here and criticize others for not being smart businessmen and then not praise the IFL for doing what they have done on paper so far. It is remarkable on paper what they have set up in such a short amount of time.

  4. Jeff says:

    Luke is skeptical about the IFL (our devil’s advocate so to speak), but he was unable to be with us for anything other than the Quadros segment.

    Remember, Zuffa got credit for using its influence to get MMA legalized in Nevada, returned to cable PPV and landed its first T.V. deal – all while losing tremendous amounts of money. Equally, I give credit to the IFL for its business acumen and creativity. Even if the team concept is unproven, the IFL will air on a free television network that reaches 96% of U.S. homes, has signed major deals with Fox and Time Warner and raised $24 million on the securities market.

    But if you think the show was a miss, I blame the beer. Next time I’ll let someone else do the drinking. 🙂

  5. The MMA Critic says:

    Blaming the beer is a sure sign of being an alcoholic….

    **** Drinks another beer to stop the shaking…..*****


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