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K-1 12/31 Osaka Dome Dynamite event

By Zach Arnold | December 31, 2006

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Main card results here. If you have more results links, video clip links, etc. anything related to this show, post contributions in the comments area.

Official show results can be seen in full-post view. The claimed attendance was 50,930 at the Osaka Dome. Genki Sudo indicated that he would retire after his fight with Jackson (Damacio) Page. The main reason stated is due to a herniated disc injury that will not heal and has required him to take pain killing injections to train.

  1. Andy Ologun defeated Ken Kaneko after 3R by a 3-0 judges’ decision.
  2. Katsuhiko Nagata defeated Shuichiro Katsumura in R1 in 4 minutes, 12 seconds by TKO (punch).
  3. Kin Tai Ei defeated Tokimitsu Ishizawa (Kendo Ka Shin) in R1 in 2 minutes, 48 seconds with a left high-kick for the KO.
  4. Hideo Tokoro defeated Royler Gracie after 3R by a 3-0 judges’ decision.
  5. Giant Silva defeated Akebono in R1 in 1 minute, 2 seconds with an arm-lock.
  6. Badr Hari defeated Nicolas Pettas in R2 in 1 minute, 28 seconds with a right knee for the TKO.
  7. Musashi defeated Randy Kim in R3 in 33 seconds with a straight right for the KO.
  8. Semmy Schilt defeated Peter Graham after 3R by a 3-0 judges’ decision.
  9. Genki Sudo defeated Jackson Page in R1 in 3 minutes, 5 seconds with a triangle lock.
  10. Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto defeated Istvan Majoros in R1 in 3 minutes, 46 seconds with a left knee strike for the KO.
  11. Choi Hong-Man defeated Bobby Ologun in R1 in 16 seconds by TKO (punch).
  12. Masato defeated Satoru Suzuki in R2 in 2 minutes, 22 seconds with a right low-kick.
  13. Yoshihiro Akiyama defeated Kazushi Sakuraba in R1 in 5 minutes, 37 seconds by TKO (punch).

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20 Responses to “K-1 12/31 Osaka Dome Dynamite event”

  1. Jordan Breen says:

    Genki Sudo reportedly announced his retirement after his fight with Damacio Page. Good riddance.

  2. Josh says:

    Geez, what’s with the Sudo hate?

  3. Jordan Breen says:

    Sudo has long been more concerned with being a star than a fighter. For years, he’s fought nothing but featherweights and kickboxers. Sudo is immensely talented, and let it all go to waste, which personally, I can’t rally behind. To make matters worse, his hernia has turned him into even less of a fighter, if that was possible. I’d rather not see him in the ring at all, than to have to watch him fight Jadamba Narantungalag and the like in HERO’S into infinity.

  4. Stu says:

    Not a single upset, but I guess that was to be expect from the most one sided card in a long time.

  5. Rob says:

    Sudo did announce his retirement… I’ll miss him.

    My wife, who’s Japanese is much better than mine, said Sakuraba was complaining about Akiyama feeling “slippery”. Thought maybe he had something rubbed on him. I might be wrong, but weren’t similar charges leveled against him in a Judo tournament? Also, it seemed as if the announcers were saying it was Sakuraba’s last match? Not sure.

    Silva’s KO over Akebono was via kimura, Sudo’s KO was a guillotine… Choi, Yamamoto, and Akiyama’s KO’s were all ref stoppages.

  6. Stu says:

    Sudo won by triangle.

  7. Preach says:

    Sudo retiring? That’s a shame, i would’ve loved to see him once more in the UFC. Saku should be the one retiring…

  8. PizzaChef says:

    Goddamn those K-1 refs are a bunch of fucking idiots. The Saku vs. AKiyama fight was like the Smirnovas fight. Akiyama gets Saku with a spinning back fist. And well…GNP for the longest time, the ref wasn’t doing shit. Then when Saku like wakes up and moves for position (it looks like he was about to grab Akiyama’s arm) the ref stops the fight and Saku starts to yell, he was pissed. Bloody hell…Dynamite was horrible.

  9. The MMA Critic says:

    Another bad Sakuraba beating? I fear for his safety.

    How can Akiyama feel slippery if he is wearing a gi?

  10. Stu says:

    No he took of the gi after the entrance. Sakuraba looked at his hands after the first shoot attempt so something was wrong, Sakuraba is not someone who comes with accusations out of nowhere.

  11. iain says:

    Yeah so saku got beat bad? that breaks my heart. Do I even want to watch this fight?

  12. Zeus says:

    Sudo retiring and Sak no doubt will continue fighting…whats wrong with that picture.

    I have to agree with JB though – Sudo has been an almost total waste of a talented fighter…he could have faced the cream of the crop and been one of the better fighters of all time but was more concerned with fighting the “superfights”. Cannot say I blame the guy as his checks were probably that much bigger because of it, but nevertheless…

  13. Jarred says:

    The best part was the dead silence after the Akiyama-Sakuraba fight ended

  14. a says:

    nearly 4000 comments on Umeki’s blog, the referee working the Akiyama/Sakuraba fight. Most of them seem to end with “…and then go hang yourself.”

  15. […] Here are the complete results courtesy of Fight Opinion […]

  16. kobashi says:

    who was Saku’s 2nd under the Tiger Mask?

  17. monkeymatt says:

    Some baseball butthole.

    Man, that event was horrid, horrid, horrid. I was clawing my eyes out watching semmy schilt lumbering around the ring and humping an exhausted looking Peter Graham.

    I was pulling my teeth out watching Musashi yell “KIAI!” and doing nothing…

    And how could not even one judge give that fight to Royler?

    And poor, poor Sakuraba. It’s his own fault for lying down and taking the beatings instead of “intelligently defending himself” as the UFC rules say. I wondered what that time-out thing was about…

  18. Brian Cooper says:

    It didn’t even look to me like the referee stopped the Sakuraba fight; one of the higher ups rang the bell. I even voted K-1 attempting to physically kill Sakuraba (Smirnovas video found on as the most disgusting promotional tactic in 2006.

  19. pop says:

    Saku appealed illegality to last.When the balance having done, it appealed to ref, but check was not done.The voice has reached in the microphone of TV bureau, the viewer being able to verify to it is…
    As for Akiyama being to be the chronic offender, being doubted, there is no manner.

  20. monkeymatt says:

    He was wearing his gi when he came in, right? Akiyama? So the checker couldn’t check any oil on his legs before the fight if he thought he would wear his gi… very sneaky indeed seeing as the single leg angle pick is a classic Sakuraba move.

    Poor bugger.


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