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Saturday news slate

By Zach Arnold | December 29, 2006

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Click on full-post view to see the media story links and the K-1 12/31 Osaka Dome card line-up in match order.

K-1 12/31 Osaka Dome card line-up:

  1. Opening Fight: Kim Dong-Wook vs. Yukiya Naito
  2. HERO’s Rules: Ken Kaneko vs. Andy Ologun
  3. HERO’s Rules: Katsuhiko Nagata vs. Shuichiro Katsumura
  4. HERO’s Rules (1R 10 min, 2R 5 min): Tokimitsu Ishizawa (Kendo Ka Shin) vs. Kin Tai Ei
  5. HERO’s Rules: Hideo Tokoro vs. Royler Gracie
  6. HERO’s Rules: Akebono vs. Giant Silva
  7. K-1 Rules: Badr Hari vs. Nicolas Pettas
  8. K-1 Rules: Musashi vs. Randy Kim
  9. K-1 Rules: Semmy Schilt vs. Peter Graham
  10. HERO’s Rules: Genki Sudo vs. Jackson (Damacio) Page
  11. HERO’s Rules: Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vs. Istvan Majoros
  12. HERO’s Rules: Choi Hong-Man vs. Bobby Ologun
  13. K-1 Rules: Masato vs. Satoru Suzuki
  14. HERO’s Rules (1R 10 min, 2R 5 min): Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Today’s media story links:

  1. Bookings: Lodune Sincaid says he’s been booked for the WEC 1/20 Las Vegas event (MySpace Bulletin).
  2. North County Times: Dana White’s bluster just might have a basis
  3. The Sweet Science: Is ’06 the year UFC choked out boxing?
  4. Canadian Press (via CBC Sports): Alberta fighter Jason MacDonald sacrifices – and succeeds – in the UFC
  5. Ivan Trembow: History being re-written on the eve of UFC’s biggest PPV ever
  6. Fox Sports: Can Ortiz take Liddell down?

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8 Responses to “Saturday news slate”

  1. The MMA Critic says:

    My hope for the WEC is that the talent level is between the UFC and IFL. I don’t expect it to be star studded like the UFC, and i hope the level of talent is higher then the IFL.

    I also hope they showcase the Featherweight Division. It is a great way to “try it out” for a television audience without putting it in the UFC.

  2. allen says:

    Evan Tanner has a real cool thing he’s trying to put together, and I think it’s worth passing along. Details here:

  3. Ivan Trembow says:

    There is a good article on the business aspects of the UFC on at this URL:

    That article also includes this bizarre quote: “If we saw what some of the guys in the NFL do without their helmets on, I bet there are a fair number of fingers being stuck in places they don’t belong.”

    It’s hard to argue with that, I suppose…


    The part when Mike Sloan talks about how the UFC pretend for weeks that the UFC 66 is sold out but shut down sports bar’s parties in the Vegas area because the event isn’t sold out…

  5. AJAX says:

    Did MMA Critic say the UFC is star studded? Good joke, I almost fell on the floor laughing. Just like the Card tonight. It’s a virtual “who’s that?” of MMA.

  6. Only if you’re completely ignorant

  7. JThue says:

    Featherweights AND Super-heavy’s would be good for WEC. There’s only room for one or two promotions to succeed with a SHW division, so they’d better act fast.

  8. Zeus says:

    While I think it’s unfair to say that the card is all no namers…UFC 66 is FAR from star studded. For the most part it was the better of TUF fighters and a sprinkling of “who’s that”? Liddell vs. Ortiz was ELECTRIC though…I gotta think huge buys for that – but the result wasn’t a surprise at all, though I think Liddell didn’t really look at his best as he let Tito hang around too long and proved again that his gas tank isn’t too hot.

    UFC 67 however looks like it might blow the roof off the joint. However for those who LOVED criticizing the “Real Deal”…Cro Cop vs. Sanchez and Rampage vs. Eastman….Hopefully we’ll hear the fair and balanced opinion on that one (I’m not holding my breath – and I’m waiting for the same argument that was shot down in favour of PFC: “showcasing the fighters”).


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