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Saturday media summary

By Zach Arnold | December 2, 2006

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  1. Gryphon: Semmy Schilt defeats Peter Aerts by decision to win the K-1 World GP 2006 tournament at the Tokyo Dome
  2. MMA Rants: Does Dana White mean it this time?
  3. Tonight, at ICE 24 in Cincinnati at the Mills Mall, Rich Franklin will guest referee an MMA card “featuring Hamilton County Sheriff Rod “Excessive Force” Housley.”
  4. Fox Sports: The Weekly Tapout – Who’s your favorite fighter?
  5. SLAM! Sports: Dana White has comments for rival MMA promoters and upstarts
  6. The Celebrity Cafe: sportsbook offers to sponsor MMA fight between Borat and Kid Rock
  7. Business Wire (PR): More information on new MMA movie “Never Submit”
  8. Miami Herald: Could CM Punk compete in PRIDE?
  9. Sherdog: Frank Trigg defeats Jason “Mayhem” Miller in Hawaii for the ICON promotion

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2 Responses to “Saturday media summary”

  1. The Gaijin says:

    Trigg’s win’s gotta be considered a pretty big upset at this point, wouldnt you agree?

    I don’t think more than 10% of people were giving him any sort of chance – good for him!

  2. PizzaChef says:

    The Gaijin: We never saw eye to eye before but this is a first….Yes Frank was a huge upset….I was expected Miller to kick his ass or at least RNC him.

    As for K-1….I forgot it was on again today, lol. Eh, studying for tests do that to you. And Schilt wins again? Dammit. LeBanner can’t get a break in K-1.


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