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K-1 12/2 Tokyo Dome event

By Zach Arnold | November 25, 2006

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Next week, K-1 has their World GP 2006 finals at the Tokyo Dome. Out of all of the major pro-wrestling, MMA, and kickboxing events that the Tokyo Dome has held, this may in fact be one of the most quiet build-ups to a Tokyo Dome show I’ve seen. In fact, off the top of my head without looking, I could not name a single fight coming up for the K-1 Tokyo Dome event. Even with big TV support, I cannot imagine that the crowd is going to be big to watch this event live. Here is the card line-up (in no specific match order):

  1. GP: Semmy Schilt vs. Jerome Le Baner
  2. GP: Ernesto Hoost vs. Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab
  3. GP: Glaube Feitosa vs. Ruslan Karaev
  4. GP: Remy Bonjasky vs. Stefan Leko
  5. Reserve match: Peter Aerts vs. Musashi
  6. Ray Sefo vs. Melvin Manhoef (this is the likely replacement for Sefo’s original opponent, Choi Hong-Man)
  7. Badr Hardi vs. TBA
  8. Hiraku Hori vs. Kyoung Suk Kim
  9. Mitsugu Noda vs. Junichi Sawayashiki
  10. Takumi Sato vs. Tsutomu Takahagi

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8 Responses to “K-1 12/2 Tokyo Dome event”

  1. PizzaChef says:

    I forgot about it until a week ago when someone mentioned this event on a nother forum. Oh well. I hope LeBanner wins it. And maybe when he wins it he can concentrate on MMA now.

  2. Joe says:

    I have it on reliable information that Badr Hardi’s opponent will be Australian, Paul Slowinski. Should be a great fight.

  3. JOSH says:

    Im very suprise at the low media buzz for what looks like on paper to be a very GOOD K-1 GP…its weird…

  4. Chuck says:

    I may be horribly wrong here, but my gut feeling goes to Stefan Leko finally winning the GP. I may be wrong, and I bet I am, but my gut feeling is telling me this.

  5. Tomer says:

    It probably has to do with the only native fighter involved in the whole tournament being Musashi, who is in the Reserve fight against Aerts. This is the second time in K-1’s HW tournament history that none of the final 8 were native (the first being 2001).

  6. JOSH says:

    Tomer has got a good point, and with Semmy being a very “ho hum” champion, the lack of intrest might be there. BUT Le Banner is still in it (and the Japanese luv him), Hoost is trying to make a comeback so there SHOULD be some intrest.
    As for Leko winning it all, as much as I would also like to see that..r.ealistically IMO its coming down to either Remy or Semmy. If JLB beats Semmy then Remy will beat JLB and if Semmy beats JLB he will beat Remmy again.

  7. Tomer says:

    Personally, I believe that because the majority of the Final 8 are either fighters that the fans love but are getting up there in age, physically and/or ring-wise (Hoost, JLB & Leko) or solid fighters without the fan interest (ring presence, excitement and/or personality wise), the overall attitude has been ‘Blah’. There really aren’t any noteworthy long-term future icons that are being developed (possibly Bonjasky if he continues winning GPs), so I’m not sure how strong K-1 will maintain its status in future years besides historical nostalgia bringing in fans. HERO*S seems like it may beging positioning itself as the primary focus of K-1 in the future at this rate, or they will have to rely heavily on the K-1 MAX fighters, which given the historical disdain of ‘the little guys’ by the conditioning in Puroresu and society as a whole (although a good number of lighter fighters did become draws/names throughout history), may be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

    Probably the best draw in Japan at this point is a lighter class fighter (Koki Kameda at Junior Flyweight), but it is very unlikely Koki will jump to K-1 or MMA from Boxing at this point given that the purses he makes and the fact that he’ll essentially be banned from fighting in Boxing (in Japan at least, which would cripple his drawing power) and lose his WBC Junior Flyweight Championship if he competes in MMA (and maybe K-1, though I’m not sure what the Japanese sanctioning organization said about them). As it is, being compared (or at least, before the Landaeta bout) to the great Japanese Flyweight & Bantamweight champion, Masahiko ‘Fighting’ Harada, would probably be better inspiration and ego boosting than being thrown into the ring with a world class kickboxer/striker or grappler in a K-1 or MMA fight.

  8. monkeymatt says:

    GP: Semmy Schilt vs. Jerome Le Baner
    Tall, boring guy who gave up PRIDE after being man-raped by Fedor VS. short angry French Man. I predict Long Dutch Man to win via long, boring punches and kicks.
    GP: Ernesto Hoost vs. Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab
    Elderly dutch man with constantly surprised/puzzled look on his face vs. Strapping Young Chap. Predict Strapping Young Chap to win via decision.
    GP: Glaube Feitosa vs. Ruslan Karaev
    Tall Brazilian Car Salesman vs. Handome Russian Android. Android via headbutts and biting, if his last performance is any indication.
    GP: Remy Bonjasky vs. Stefan Leko
    Under-acheiving Banker vs. Under-acheiving Guy Who Got Heel-hooked by Minowa. Leko via reverse spinning kneebar.
    Reserve match: Peter Aerts vs. Musashi
    Old Dutch Guy vs. Biggest Underacheiver Ever. Something like the third time they’ve fought? Aerts via Old-man-strength and Musashi only throwing one punch the whole fight. Predict Maurice Smith having an embolism in Musashi’s corner from screaming “THROW A GODDAM PUNCH” so many times.
    Ray Sefo vs. Melvin Manhoef (this is the likely replacement for Sefo’s original opponent, Choi Hong-Man)
    Only good fight of the card… thank goodness Large Slow Korean is demanding more money.
    Badr Hardi vs. TBA
    TBA has a mean left jab.
    Hiraku Hori vs. Kyoung Suk Kim
    Mitsugu Noda vs. Junichi Sawayashiki
    Takumi Sato vs. Tsutomu Takahagi
    For sure.

    Gee I’m so happy K-1 has the TV deal and not pride.


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