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Meltzer: Strikeforce won’t draw

By Zach Arnold | November 24, 2006

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On Friday’s Figure Four Daily radio show, pro-wrestling writer Dave Meltzer told host Bryan Alvarez that the upcoming Strikeforce show on December 8th at the HP Pavilion (San Jose Arena) will not draw a strong crowd. Listen to the show yourself to validate the accuracy of the quotes I have written here.

“Strikeforce is not going to draw well. Cung Le vs. Jason Von Flue is not a main event. … He’s a guy who got cut from UFC dark matches and now they want him to main event an 18,000 seat building?”

In regards to Strikeforce’s Fox Sports Net Bay Area show (hosted by Brian Webber and Frank Shamrock), Meltzer thought that it was cheesy.

“It was UFC All Access but put together by a local independent group and not by UFC. It was like an indy pro-wrestling television show.”

Commentary: 1) I thought the preview show was actually pretty decent in terms of production. Bodog’s brand was all over the TV in terms of advertising. 2) If the building (HP Pavilion) is promoting with Scott Coker on the Strikeforce show, it might be a deal where HP Pavilion doesn’t charge for the building rental and also does a hard push for advertising in exchange for a percentage of the live gate. This is something we see mid-sized and big-sized buildings in America use as a promotional tactic to keep arenas active during long periods of time when there are few or no shows booked during a period of time.

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11 Responses to “Meltzer: Strikeforce won’t draw”

  1. Shaolin says:

    Um ok? So whats the big deal? Is there no pride news at the moment you can link to there demise?

    And by the way I agree with meltzer.

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    If it makes you feel any better, I could talk about the fact that there’s no buzz for K-1’s Tokyo Dome show next week — a show that I think out of 100 average readers for Fight Opinion, 99 of them would not even know a show is taking place. Plus there’s BoDog in Vancouver next week, too, that may sell 5,000 PPV buys maximum.

  3. Shaolin says:

    Yes I would like to hear about the k-1 show, did not even know about it either, what is the card?

  4. The Gaijin says:

    Whats on the K-1 card??? I like to think that I’m pretty in the know but I dont think I’ve really heard anything about it lately.

  5. Lynchman says:

    You really think Bodog may do 5K? I think that would be generous.

  6. JEFF from Fresno says:

    Related to the same Figure 4 Daily show with Dave from yesterday:

    “Yesterday on Figure Four daily when I was asked about UFC buying WEC, and saying I’d heard the rumors but didn’t think it made sense. Whether it makes sense or not, the deal is either done or close enough to being done that people close to the situation consider completion as a formality. UFC is in an acquisitions mode. WEC (World Extreme Cage Fighting) runs shows regularly in Lemoore, CA on the Indian Reservation and have TV on Marc Cuban’s HD station. Keep in mind that even though it’s on national TV, I never hear from almost anyone who actually watches their shows.” –

    What do you think Zach?

  7. Zach Arnold says:

    As a pro-wrestling guy who has seen the history of the past with Vince McMahon buying out promoters (like Stu Hart’s Calgary territory in the 80s) and with WWE’s attempt at a farm system with OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), I’m not surprised at all by UFC’s alleged attempted acquisition of WEC.

  8. JThue says:

    People who claim to follow MMA/K-1 should at least be capable of checking the K-1 website, one would think.

  9. Zach Arnold says:

    People who claim to follow MMA/K-1 should at least be capable of checking the K-1 website, one would think.

    There has been next to no press coverage at all for the Tokyo Dome show coming up. K-1 has done a pretty poor job in the mass media promoting it. It’s been completely under the radar. PRIDE did a better job with Bushido than K-1 has done with this event for mass media promotion.

  10. Chuck says:

    “People who claim to follow MMA/K-1 should at least be capable of checking the K-1 website, one would think.”

    Are you a PRIDE fan? If you are, when was the last time you checked out their website? I can assure you that most of us rarely go on the offical websites for news, and instead get it from here or other fansites like this. I am not chastising you, I am just saying.

  11. I’d agree with the idea that Strikeforce is gonna do poorly. Wasn’t their last show a flop attendance-wise?


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