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K-1 GP in Osaka

By Zach Arnold | September 30, 2006

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Results here. I would expect the main headlines from the show being that Musashi lost and that Le Banner couldn’t KO Choi Hong-Man. That, and Badr Hari losing fast to Ruslan Karaev.

Update: Predictably, Japanese media outlets (such as Sankei Sports) are theming their articles coming out of the show about the fact that there will be no Japanese fighters participating in the GP tournament on 12/2 at the Tokyo Dome. No Japanese fighter has won the K-1 GP tournament since the company started in 1993 (Bronko Cikatic, Peter Aerts, Andy Hug, Ernesto Hoost, Mark Hunt, Remy Bonjasky, and Semmy Schilt).

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5 Responses to “K-1 GP in Osaka”

  1. Steve Cash says:

    I watched the Korean feed of the show last night… It was quite interesting.

    – Karaev struck Hari with a soccer kick as Hari was down in the corner, but he wasn’t reprimanded, and Hari was counted out. Hari was explicitly upset, and argued with just about anyone that got in his way. He left the ring shouting, “I NEVER FIGHT AGAIN! I FIGHT NO MORE!”

    – I had Hong-Man Choi ahead in the sudden victory round, but what can you do? It looked like he landed more shots, and used the jab well.

  2. Chuck says:

    I am astounded at how great Leko has been. He has been truly been tearing up the competition since coming back. Don’t be surprised when you read here on when Leko will win this year’s GP. You can quote me on this, even if I am wrong.

  3. Monkeymatt says:

    Not only did Karaev kick him when he was down, in one angle of the reply, it really looks like it’s an elbow that drops Hari, too. Very messed up.

    I don’t know why the Japanese broadcasters always stiff Ray Sefo out of airtime; he’s a very charismatic fighter but they almost never show his fights…

    Not a bad K-1 event overall.

  4. Gerry says:

    Great fights, but the K-1 organization clearly has their favorites. I too had Choi ahead after 3 and again after the extra round. Great fight regardless. And the Kareav/Hari fight was a joke. Hari was clearly down when the blow that ended the fight was landed. He was robbed and deserves to have that decision reviewed and changed.

  5. JOSH says:

    IMO good riddanceto Hari…thats what u get for being an arrogant SOB, no one sympathizes with u and neither did the refs. Doesnt matter either about the call because Karaev is the better fighter IMO.

    Other thoughts….
    Very impressed with Remy Bonjasky, hopefully all the personal drama is behind him and we can see the Remy of old back in top form.

    IMO the Feitosa/Slowinski fight was my FOTN…and im not a huge fan of either one.

    Semmy is going to be tough to beat.

    Hoost taking out Fujimoto was something out of a action movie. He falls while taking out Fujimoto’s leg…it was the oddest sight. Though I hate to say it but Hoost looked very sluggish…sigh…old age catching up with him.

    Amazed and GLAD that they didnt give the win to MUSASHI…but on the flip side I agree with everyone that Choi was ahead in the decider round. BUT c’mon I would rather see JLB then Choi in the finals.


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