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Archive for August, 2006

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First the Zuffa myth, now the Fuji TV myth

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

By Zach Arnold There is a story by Fred Varcoe (writer’s apparent background here and here) that basically is a pro-PRIDE article about their upcoming shows in Saitama and Las Vegas. It reads exactly like what a PRIDE fan would write.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 4, Episode 3

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

By Erin Bucknell Edwin should definitely never go pink with the hair, not a good color on him. Serra talks about how happy team MoJo is to have won two in a row as the camera pans the octagon mat, which looks, unsurprisingly, like the floor of a slaughter house. Yum. We get the Montage […]

Kawamata loses in court

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

By Zach Arnold For reference to the whole yakuza scandal and 3-way 2003 MMA wars in Japan, use this link. Seiya Kawamata, who had filed a lawsuit in Tokyo District Court against Nippon TV for improper annulment of payment from the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye TV contract in 2003, has apparently lost his court case. The court […]

Sakuraba will fight in October

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

By Zach Arnold The HERO’s promotion announced that Kazushi Sakuraba has been cleared to fight on the promotion’s 10/9 Yokohama Arena show. This was the show that was rumored to feature the debut of Brock Lesnar, but no mention of Lesnar fighting so far. Akebono & Kazuyuki Miyata were announced as participants for the 10/9 […]

Worldwide media notes

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

By Zach Arnold I find interesting news items, and you comment on them. Updated at 12:45 PM EST.

White defends UFC’s pay structure

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

By Stephan Marceau I guess Dana is tired of hearing the charades about UFCs low wages, check what he has to say here. “I’ve made more millionaires in this business than anybody else has,” White added. It’s nice to hear his side of the story, finally. I have also been critical of the UFC wages, […]

Media quote of the day

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

From boxing promoter Bob Arum: The reason Arum feels the UFC has not hurt boxing is simply, the audience makeup is different. He feels that the UFC audience is made up of mostly white males, while boxing caters to Hispanics, African-Americans and “a few whites.” “We have a totally different audience. The demographic of UFC […]

Updated K-1 9/30 Osaka GP card

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Here is the newest card line-up: Ray Sefo vs. Stefan “Blitz” Leko Ruslan Karaev vs. Badr Hari Glaube Feitosa vs. Paul Slowinski Jerome Le Banner vs. Choi Hong-Man Peter Aerts vs. Remy Bonjasky Semmy Schilt vs. Bjorn Bregy Ernesto Hoost vs. Yusuke Fujimoto Musashi vs. Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab

UFC’s low payroll attracts media focus

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

By Zach Arnold Neil Davidson, the main MMA writer for CP (Canadian Press), calls out UFC today in a news wire article (companion article link here) for the low pay that undercard fighters in the promotion receive. Davidson’s article has hard numbers of what each fighter got paid, including the shocking $21,000 USD amount for […]

Updated PRIDE 9/10 Saitama card line-up

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Here it is: Mauricio Shogun vs. The Snake (France/Team BOON!) Ricardo Arona vs. Alistair Overeem Yosuke Nishijima vs. Evangelista Cyborg Kazuhiro Nakamura vs. Yoshihiro “KISS” Nakao Alternate Match: Sergey Kharitonov vs. Emelianenko Alexander Open-Weight GP: Vanderlei Silva vs. Mirko Cro Cop Open-Weight GP: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Josh Barnett

Bushido 8/26 Nagoya event on FSN TV

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

By Zach Arnold The good, the bad, and the rest — reviewed.

UFC 62 Liddell vs. Sobral

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

By Erin Bucknell This review may be interesting as we are expecting a whole pack of people to come over, distractions will abound.

UFC 62 recap

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Online reviews: Observer | Sherdog | F4W Online | Knockout Zone | MMA HQ | Canadian Press

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