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UFC 62 Liddell vs. Sobral

By Erin | August 26, 2006

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By Erin Bucknell

This review may be interesting as we are expecting a whole pack of people to come over, distractions will abound.

Hermes Franca vs. Jamie Varner

The Worm is not a nickname I would choose to go with, but I wasn’t a fan of Babalu’s nickname before I found out where it came from.

Jen is alarmed by Hermes Astro-Turf hair. And if you are going to green in more than one place, coordinate them darnit!

Round 1: Stand up to start off, Varner seems to be utilizing the “run away” strategy, until he goes for a take down and ends up in guillotine. He gets out of it by dumping Hermes on his head and ends up in Franca’s guard. Back to stand up, and pretty much the same until the end of the round.

Round 2: Fight goes down to the ground fast and back to stand up just as fast. Pretty much spending most of the fight with Varner in Hermes guard. Varner manages to move to side guard before Hermes flips them and almost gets the back before Varner tosses him on his head.

Round 3: Varner almost gets a takedown a few times but Franca wiggles away before whacking Varner with a knee. Varner gets a point away for running away. Hermes charges in before Varner finally gets his senses back and gets another takedown. Franca gets an arm bar and Varner taps out.

Interview with Matt, he says that he’s much more excited about fighting BJ, BJ is shown in the crowd and looks less than impressed.

Christian Wellisch vs. Chieck Kongo

Wellisch goes for a takedown but Kongo manages to evade long enough to get up against the fence. Wellisch gets a sweep and the fight hits the ground with Wellisch in full mount. He goes for an armbar and Kongo manages to roll out. Back to standing against the fence. Kongo starts throwing knees and punches. Wellisch gets another takedown, but it’s back to standing and there’s a break while a mouth piece gets cleaned. Kongo gets the knockout really quickly after they go back to action with a nice knee.

Woah, Mir is in the crowd and appears to have lost at least face weight. He may just be hiding the rest under clothes.

Josh Neer Vs Nick Diaz

When did Diaz start going by Diablo? We still vote that it should be Shoe-Jitsu due to his tendency to chuck shoes.

Round 1: Pretty much just stand up with a few clinches thrown in for good measure. Timeout when Neer looses mouthpiece. And back to a lot of standup. Diaz seems to be getting a bit better of the exchange. Neer manages a bit of a comeback as the round ends.

Round 2: Both guys are just going for “beat the crap outa the other guy” offense. They end up against the fence and Diaz gets a takedown and ends up in Neer’s guard. Back to standing. Diaz gets another takedown as the round ends.

Round 3: Stand up until Diaz gets another takedown and gets side mount. Diaz goes for a kimura. And Neer taps.

BJ Interview, seems rather confident that he’s gonna win.

Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar

Hi Randy! You seem to have finally given up on the comb-over, good for you.

Bonnar has the understated music to go along with his understated personality. And some REALLY ugly tapout shorts. Forrest has the Gansta ruining of Ozzy’s Crazy Train.

Umm, why is Tyson at a UFC event right after signing with Pride? Perhaps he’s not quiet getting the distinction.

Round 1: As last time, it’s a whole lotta stand up, although this time Forrest seems to be getting the better shots in. Stephan does get a nice spinning back kick, although it doesn’t seem to do too much damage.

Round 2: Pretty much the same as round 1, but Bonnar is a bit more aggressive this time. Stand up for the whole round.

Tito is shown in the crowd with a very questionable shirt but he’s with Jenna Jameson, so that salvages his manhood.

Round 3: More stand up including Stephan going for the Shonie back punch, Forest goes for a clinch against the fence but we’re quickly back to standing. Both guys seem a whole lot less tired this time around. Clinch against the fence as the fight ends.

Forrest and Bonnar can’t quit talking to each other so that the ref can put them on either side of him. Forrest wins by unanimous decision. I always love the great Forrest post fight commentary.

Chuck Liddell vs. Renato Sobral

Babalu with his aggressive face on the way in. There’s a disappointing amount of bad entrance music tonight. We’re also really focusing on the drunken boobage as well.

Some stand up to start with Babalu even getting a couple good hits in before Chuck gets just starts wailing. Babalu managed to stay in it for a few moments, but really didn’t manage to recover before Big John calls the fight. Poor Babalu, I’ll comfort you in your hour of need.

Rob MacDonald vs. Eric Schafer

Eric appears to be wearing his bathrobe to the ring.

Rob goes for a slam and Schafer monkey-climbs up him. We end up on the ground with Schafer in MacDonald’s guard. He moves to full mount, and MacDonald rolls to his stomach. Schaffer gets an arm triangle and Macdonald is completely out. Ref Herb calls the fight.

Wilson Gouveia vs. Wes Combs

Gouveia apparently forgot that he really should have put the cup in BEFORE coming down to the ring, which was so not attractive.

Lots of standup with both guys throwing low kicks and punches. Gouveia gets a takedown against the fence and lands in side control. Gouveia gets Combs back and locks in a rear naked choke and Combs taps.

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4 Responses to “UFC 62 Liddell vs. Sobral”

  1. Jason says:

    Diaz still sucks…

  2. Josh says:

    HELL NO! Diaz is the MAN! Now that he knows how the system works he’s going to tear up UFC and do just enough to get a win…he has the talent to do it. And he aint afraid to talk shit OR continue a fight in the to luv the guy!

  3. Amy Robinson says:

    I wasn’t really too impressed by UFC 62 myself.

  4. Josh says:

    At least it was better than UFC 61….which isnt saying much but IMHO it was much better than I thought it would be.


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