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Worldwide media notes

By Zach Arnold | August 31, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

I find interesting news items, and you comment on them. Updated at 12:45 PM EST.

Koki Kameda’s camp announced today in Japan that the re-match between Kameda and Juan Jose Landaeta (Venezuela) will happen on October 18th in Tokyo at Ariake Colosseum.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press has a brutal article on Mike Tyson (ripping him for being a sideshow freak in Las Vegas). Veteran fight writer Tim Dahlberg claims that Tyson will be involved in 3-round exhibition boxing matches, including the PRIDE 10/21 Las Vegas event.

Opinion: If this is true, then the only realistic opponent for Tyson in PRIDE would be Yosuke Nishijima (unless Hidehiko Yoshida really isn’t blowing smoke in the Japanese press when he says he wants to fight Tyson).

Here’s a press release with more details about calvin Ayre’s big MMA event this November.

And here’s something absurd if you’re a pro-wrestling fan.

The Bismarck Tribune reports that there will be a vote on September 14th to determine if MMA will become a legalized sport (overseen by an athletic commission) in the state of North Dakota. It appears that the rules up for legislation are similar to the Unified rules in Nevada.

Robbie Lawler vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller in Hawaii this weekend. Enough said.

The IFL has issued a press release regarding their merger with little-known Paligent Inc. Is this setting up the IFL to be publicly-traded on the New York Stock Exchange?

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2 Responses to “Worldwide media notes”

  1. Lynchman says:

    Oh my goodness, the Ayre venture sounds like a joke. Russia vs. U.S.? That might have drawn 20 years ago. Sorry guys, the cold war is over.
    Female “managers”? If we were talking pro wrestling, that would work, but MMA?
    The whole thing sounds like a bad pro wrestling angle.

  2. Chuck says:

    When the fuck has Bryna Alveraz ever a wrestler? Fuck….

    And I am curious as to how Ayre’s MMA promotion is going to turn out. Looks like he wants to show the more Pro Wrestling like atmosphere of MMA.


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