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The Ultimate Fighter Season 4, Episode 3

By Erin | August 31, 2006

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By Erin Bucknell

Edwin should definitely never go pink with the hair, not a good color on him.

Serra talks about how happy team MoJo is to have won two in a row as the camera pans the octagon mat, which looks, unsurprisingly, like the floor of a slaughter house. Yum.

We get the Montage of Shonie Weirdness, including One Man Chess, pool katas, Master of Bling and his incredible lack of pants.

Team No Love seems to be a bit discouraged by their losses. Jackson, Burnett and Spratt all think that may be the one picked.

The guys get to watch UFC 60, specifically Hughes dismantling Gracie. Serra is disappointed in the outcome as he has trained with the Gracies for a long time.

Serra is not a fan of Mark Laimon, claiming that as Laimon is not an MMA fighter, he shouldn’t be a trainer.

Clementi is annoyed by Shonie’s randomness and decides to play a joke by pretending to screw up Shonie’s artwork. Shonie is understandably a touch annoyed by this. Shonie admits it was a pretty good joke when they bring out his original drawing.

Jackson is shown training his ass off in preparation of being picked. Randy is pretty impressed. We get a recap of Jackson’s fight against Diaz, which seemed to go pretty well for Jackson until Diaz snagged an arm bar.

Team MoJo picks Spratt to fight Lytle. Jackson is a bit disappointed as he wanted to fight Lytle.

We get recaps of Lytle’s previous UFC fights including his war against Robbie Lawler and wins against Gosher and Jhun. His last fight in the UFC was against Riggs where he got a nasty cut.

Crank Commercial. Severing of hands, bad 70’s disco music and of course, Hotty Statham. I’m sooo there.

I never would have guessed that Spratt was older than Shonie. Recaps of Spratt’s fights against Light, Newton, Lawler (who was undefeated at that time), and Koscheck.

Fight day, Lytle is looking for a knockout and Spratt thinks team MoJo is underestimating him.

Round 1. Lytle pushes Spratt back into the fence fairly quickly where they stay for a bit while Serra calls for foot stomps. The fight hits the ground, Spratt moves to full mount with a guillotine choke and Spratt taps. Spratt is very disappointed with himself after the fight.

Next episode, a really gross bumpy looking disease makes the rounds through the house and Dana gets in his first profanity laced speech of the season.

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3 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Season 4, Episode 3”

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve been known to play “one man poker” when I’m bored. Infact I’ve also been known to play “olympic rules pocket pool” when I’m REALLY bored…

  2. joblo says:

    Serra did not say that about Laimon. He said that Laimon runs his mouth off way too much, and that if you aren’t a fighter you shouldn’t talk trash about fighters

  3. On a serious note, I avoided the “spoilers” out there. That being said, one of my picks for the finals is now gone.


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