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K-1 7/30 Sapporo report

By Zach Arnold | July 30, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

Today was K-1’s first show on Fuji TV since the departure of chief producer Kunio Kiyohara, who was demoted in the FujiSankei conglomerate due to the yakuza scandal. K-1 drew a reported crowd of 8,390 paid at Makomanai Ice Arena in Sapporo, with Glaube Feitosa defeating Musashi by a unanimous decision in the main event. Choi Hong-Man had little trouble with Akebono in the semi-main event. Comedian Bobby Ologun lost his undercard fight to Yusuke Fujimoto. Ologun indicated after his fight that he would not do K-1 rules matches anymore and would stick to MMA fights if he stays active.

Update: Sports Navigator reports that the show drew a 17.3% TV rating on Fuji TV, with the Bobby Ologun vs. Yusuke Fujimoto match having a peak rating of 23.4%.

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3 Responses to “K-1 7/30 Sapporo report”

  1. YEO Jong-Hoon says:

    I watched this event on live free cable tv.
    Yes~ All of Pride/K-1/Hero’s(Recently, UFC too) are all free in Korea. Haha. Of course, and it is not pay per view. “Free”.
    Because PPV is very strange system in here, Korea.

    Anyway, this was decent event. It was way better than expected. Except of Bobby “I don’t know what K-1 is. So I wanna take him down” Ologun, Every match were not bad. Hongman vs. Akebono is not good.
    but It’s not bad. because we seen Hongman’s improvement.
    (Punch speed, Kick). In Main event, Musashi was little different than previous. Although he lost, He showed he was good fighter. That was good.

  2. Doug says:

    I also watched this on Korean TV, and I have to say that I was also slightly impressed with the improvement Choi showed. But I guess anyone could look impressive against Akebono. The Ologun fight was the only bad one, but at least I can’t say it was disappointing since I was expecting that. I was happy to see Bonjasky seemingly back to his old form, snapping his kicks nicely and working some good punch-kick combos. Mo also looked pretty good, considering his layoff and limited kicking ability. Musashi/Feitosa was the fight of the night for me, with both fighters looking confident and strong. I used to be one of those Musashi haters, but he’s bringing me around with his recent fights. All in all, a good little event and one I think Andy Hug himself would’ve enjoyed (especially Feitosa’s axe kicks).

  3. Doug says:

    Forgot one thing–if they have another Revenge event, I’d like to see Mo/Kaoklai, Hoost/ Le Banner or Sapp (I just can’t live with Hoost never beating him), and possibly Aerts/Schilt again, although that one could happen in the GP.


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