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IFL 6/4 TV report

By Zach Arnold | June 4, 2006

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By Zach Arnold

The event is taped from June 3rd at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The ring announcer is Tim Hughes, and the TV announcers are: Kenny Rice, Stephen Quadros, and Jens Pulver.

1. Steve Bruno (Tigersharks) vs. Bart Palaszewski (Silverbacks)

Round one is a quick feeling out process. Palaszewski caught Bruno with one short left punch, and Bruno went down forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Winner: Bart “Bartimus” Palaszewski (middle of R1 by KO)

Kenny Rice does a sponsor spot talking about the Gladiator mouthpiece and Fairtex glove.

Brad Blackburn vs. Rory Markham is announced next.

Shannon Knapp does an apron-side interview with Bart Palaszewski and Pat Miletich. His record is now listed as 21-7-0. Miletich put over the Blackburn/Markham fight as an explosive one.

2. “Bad” Brad Blackburn (Pankration/Tiger Sharks) vs. Rory Markham (Silverbacks)

Round one – both men start out punching and Blackburn goes for a clinch, then goes for a takedown and gets it. Blackburn starts laying some shots on Markham and Markham applies the guard. Blackburn stood up and started kicking, then went back on top. Blackburn lays some heavy punches and has controlled the fight to this point. The referee stands both fighters up with 1:20 left to go in the round. Markham has a cut. Blackburn continues punching, and Markham counters back with a punch. Both men laid in some vicious punches to close out the round.

Round two starts out fast with Markham connecting with several punches on Blackburn. Blackburn got knocked down quickly, causing the referee to stop the fight.

Winner: Rory Markham (R2 in 23 seconds by KO/TKO)

Silverbacks lead 2-0 over the Tiger Sharks on the TV scoreboard.

3. Middleweights: Dennis Hallman (Cowboy Karate/Tigersharks) vs. Ryan McGivern (Silverbacks)

The great Herb Dean is the referee. Hallman caught McGivern immediately with a punch and McGivern is now on top, but caught in a front neck lock. Both men went back standing and McGivern started laying in some punches, trying for a takedown but no luck. McGivern has Hallman against the ropes and went for a clinch, with an unintentional low blow happening and only a very quick stoppage before action resumed. Stephen Quadros points out that Hallman is keeping his hands down during punching exchanges. McGivern backed Hallman against the corner and started with some punching combinations. End of round one.

Round two. Hallman goes for a wild shot with no contact. McGivern continues boxing with Hallman, and a video screen with Pat Miletich coaching is shown. McGivern caught Hallman with a shot and Hallman went down, only to try to go for a leg submission and Miletich screaming, “Watch your legs!” Quadros points out that Hallman appears to be getting tired. Pulver states that McGivern is just not stopping and make up for talent (or lack of skill) with a fast pace. McGivern is on top of Hallman on the mat. A video screen of Maurice Smith is shown, with Smith smiling. The fighters are stood up with 15 seconds to go in R2. Hallman starts laying some shots, including knees on McGivern to end the round.

Round three. A big shot by McGivern and Hallman goes down, with McGivern on top. Herb Dean stands the fighters up. McGivern caught Hallman with more punches and Hallman was once again on his back. Herb Dean repositions the fighters to the center of the ring. One minute left, and McGivern catches Hallman on stand-up again. Hallman tries a last-minute flurry of punches, catching McGivern with a shot and McGivern manages to take Hallman down. End of round three.

A quick video aired with a picture of Ryan Bennett, acknowledging his death.

Winner: Ryan McGivern (by unanimous decision – 30-27 twice, 29-28)

The Silverbacks win 3-0 over the Tigersharks to win the inaugural IFL cup. McGivern is interviewed after the fight.

The “proper technique” video package airs with Pat Miletich showing how to defend against takedowns, specifically a single-leg takedown (with Rory Markham).

Quick highlights of the Reese Andy vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz and Devin Cole vs. Travis Wiuff fights are shown.

Strangely, the “final” scoreboard is listed as Silverbacks 3-2 over the Tigersharks (with Andy and Cole winning).

Kenny Rice does an interview on stage with Pat Miletich, saying that it’s really about the athletes and not the coaches. Rice says the scoreboard shows Silverbacks 3, Tigersharks 0. Incontinuity editor! Rice asks Miletich about the team concept and says it’s similar to a wrestling meeting in High School or college.

Brad Blackburn vs. Rory Markham is named “fight of the night.”

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