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Extreme Wars: Bay Area Brawl Results 6/3

By Erin | June 4, 2006

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By Erin Bucknell ( &

Much thanks to the Extreme Wars guys for inviting me down to watch the show.


  1. Andy Wang def Jamal Perkins by unanimous decision
  2. Thomas “The Constrictor” Schulte def Doug “The Demon” Evans, by submission in the first round (quick but fairly exciting)
  3. Matt “The Wolverine” Grice def Dan Marks by unanimous decision (really decent match)
  4. Antonio McKee def Ronald “Machine Gun” Jhun by split decision
  5. Irish Pat Healy def Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit by rear naked choke in the 3rd round (fight of the night)
  6. Big Shane Carwin def Justice “The Monster” Smith by ref stoppage due to strikes very early in the first round (complete slaughtering).
  7. Lethal Lana Stefanac def Martha Salazar by guillotine choke in the first round(both women’s MMA debuts, the crowd was very loud for both).
  8. Vladimir Matyushenko def Anthony Ruizvia arm bar in the first round. Thanks to Bob for clearing up my confusion as to who Matyushenko’s opponent was.

Overall, a good show. Not the best I have ever been to, but certainly not the worst either. Smallish crowd, probably a couple thousand, which is nothing to scoff at — except this was in a building that could hold 10,000. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson cornered Ronald Jhun and made a little “thanks for coming out” speech to the fans later on. Also, it was very cool to see my first live women’s MMA fight.

You can check out my more opinionated, snarky review over at MMA Snark and I’ll be discussing the show on the upcoming FightOpinion Radio show.

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