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Royce Gracie for Japanese new MMA fan

By T2y-Sano | May 29, 2006

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By Tetsuya Sano

今更僕が言うまでもなくホイス・グレイシーはマット・ヒューズに敗れた。 完敗、文字通りの完敗。 伝説は現実に全くといっていいほど敵わなかった。

Royce Gracie lost to Matt Hughes, and that was a totally complete defeat. The legend was no match for reality.


Like Hulk Hogan spitting blood by Brock Lesnar.


The distinguished service of Royce as the pioneer of kakutougi (MMA) and jiu-jitsu does not fade (similar to Hogan in wrestling).


In the 90s the legend of Royce in real time in UFC is similar to what Japanese kakutougi (MMA) fans experienced with Nobuhiko Takada.


『つまらない』, この一言に尽きる。

“boring,” that’s all.


An impression of Royce Gracie is that Royce was knocked down by Sakuraba who became a legend for the 90-minute fight.


When Royce vs. Sakuraba happened, the Gracies were the heels.


This started after Royler Gracie wouldn’t give up on the arm-lock Sakuraba applied and the referee stopped the match. Also, Royce wanted his own special rules instead of PRIDE tournament rules (such as the unlimited rounds versus Sakuraba).


Sakuraba got the German Suplex by Vovchanchyn twice.

正直、当時の“新しい日本人ファン”にとってのヘンゾ以外のグレイシー一族の心象は最悪だった。 いや、ひょっとすると今でもかなり悪いものかもしれない。

Newer Japanese MMA fans thought the worst of the Gracie family. Except for Renzo, the image of the Gracie family was heels.

またイマの現実はいつしか伝説となり未来の現実に同じように塗り替えられる。 そうしてプロ格闘技の世界は続いていく、僕はそれを望んでやまない。

Royce is certainly a legendary martial artist, and his legend does not fade. However, the reality of the present situation establishes a new standard. I welcome it.


I refer to the commentary book of submission wrestling of Royler (Gracie) and also “a master” like Ernesto Hoost.


Is it important that 1st means you are the best?

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