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Fujinami the Dragon with wrath

By T2y-Sano | February 3, 2006

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By Tetsuya Sano

inspired by Multiple Romantic (Japanese)


Corporate officer of New Japan, Fujinami’s following remarks at Black Cat’s wake grow dark (Tokyo Sports, February 1st)


“Pardon me today. It is hard to talk. I cried for a long time. I do not hesitate in public.” Tears went along at once on the cheek and sadness endured.

The reshuffle to the performance part had been decided by Black Cat during contract renegotiations. (This means that Cat was preparing to come back and appear at shows.) However, Fujinami knows it was a decision at the end to worry about. Cat was preparing to come back as a performer without saying one complaint. A preliminary inspection was done in the garage in Chofu. “If I am late for the start, it will be trouble” by the ring truck the day before his death. (Sudden heartbreak.)

The desire of serious wrestlers is shouldered, and Neko-san dies… it is cruel. It was calm. A considerably tight condition was given to him (Black Cat) in the contract negotiations. However, it did not express dissatisfaction. The word said to his wife at the end is, “I don’t have a grudge against everyone” and “the company is not bad.” I want to talk to the fool of the company today.




Simon’s large responsibility as New Japan President is to make sure that Black Cat’s death is not wasted.



Therefore, there is not a revival of the strong style (that has failed). This is the pro-wrestling story of the present New Japan Pro-Wrestling company (insiders like Choshu & Inoki) that is failing. New Japan will not use the Tokyo Dome any longer. It is Tanahashi, Nakamura, and the growth of Yamamoto that grasps the key to success. (In addition, Nakanishi, Nagata, and Tenzan are necessary).



I am only one fan who can say nothing about the problems outside of the ring that are causing chaos. However, this is just my emphasis.

(Not noted is the fact that Mr. Kuroneko wanted to have a tag match with his son in wrestling.)

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