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Dana White interviewed by kamipro

By Zach Arnold | March 26, 2008

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Here it is (in Japanese). I’ll keep the summary short, since most of what he told the interviewer is similar to other American interviews he has done.

In an update regarding the lawsuit filed by PRIDE FC Worldwide Holdings LLC against DSE Inc. and Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the next scheduled court hearing is set for April 28th at 9 AM in front of judge Mark Denton in Clark County (Las Vegas) court. On 3/24, the defendant filed a 16-page motion to dismiss the case.

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13 Responses to “Dana White interviewed by kamipro”

  1. Sukkibara says:

    well Dana is right, Crocop is on a 2 match winning streak – big KO at Hustle on NYE and now the scalp of Mizuno at Bushido. Once he gets the Dream HW title belt to add to his MW+tired Josh Barnett GP belt he’ll rip through the UFC HWs….. maybe….. or maybe not

  2. Brandt says:

    Nothing new from Dana. Same old bash fest from the insecure owner of the UFC. 🙂

  3. ZzFDKzZ says:

    #1 Cro Cop hasn’t fought in Hustle or Bushido recently according to Sherdog.

  4. IceMuncher says:

    ^^^ It went right over your head. Hustle is pro-wrestling. Dream had nothing but lightweight matches (almost), much like a the old Pride Bushido cards.

  5. nick says:

    Not very professional of Dana to be bashing other organizations the way he is to the public. The other organizations don’t seem to be to concerned to do it to UFC,they seem to be minding there own business.It seems as soon as UFC bought Pride it has gone straight to Danas head he just seems to be very cocky.If anything were to happen where Dana were to need help which I am sure he won’t-but he is stepping on allot of feet. ——–JUST MY OPINION

  6. Panama says:

    im sick of dana white and his hot air. The UFC is the organization that’s on its way down, not EXC or DREAM. The UFC is getting ready to suffer and exodus of fighters because of this asshole.

  7. vergil says:

    sukkibara you idiot, the hustle stunt was an exhibition show. before you start bashing cro cop, do some research on who he is. you really are a fucking moron.

  8. Mark K says:

    I doubt there will be a huge exodus of fighters…many will have the sense to maintain good ties with the UFC until we see how the other organizations pan out. No one in their right mind will put all their eggs in a non-UFC basket with the history of organizations folding after one or two shows. If Sylvia does leave for the money more power to him but who does he think he will be fighting? Kimbo? Bo Cantrell?

  9. Sukkibara says:

    vergil – you’re such a virile scary e-gangster

    who is crocop? i took your advice and did some research on him. the results –

    – low level boxer
    – mid-high level K1 fighter; who couldnt actually win anything
    – over hyped and highly protected Pride fighter
    – failed UFC fighter
    – failed pro soccer player
    – failed action movie star
    – failed politician
    – successful pro wrestler

    fill me in if i missed anything

  10. Brett Atchley says:


    True to form is demonstrating once again that his penis envy far supercedes his confidence. Perhaps looking forward to retirement he can reflect on his success as an arobics instructor to undersexed house-wives.

  11. Nico says:

    There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Which side Dana White stands on is debatable. UFC is the only tried and true MMA orginization in the U.S. so is his confidence/arrogancse really that unfounded. EXC seems to be more concerned with signing fighters who bring more contraversy than integrity to the sport.

  12. MH says:

    dana thinks he knows everything and he doesnt. the japanese have been doing mma for a lot longer than ufc or any other organization. dont get me wrong the ufc is my favorite organization because of the FIGHTERS not the management or the presidency. the higher up weight classes ( heavyweight,light heavyweight), arent the best but if you look at who some of the top light weight fighters (gomi, aoki, ishida, sakurai, and yamamoto) they are all japanese. we cant just be ignorant and think that the U.S. fighters are the best. i mean i’m a big bj penn fan but he hasnt fought some of the top fighters of japan (and yes i realize he fought gomi and beat him) but he hasnt fought a shinya aoki, a kid yamamoto, a genki sudo, or baret yoshida. i’m just saying dont count out all these great fighters because its the figthers that make the organizations. I mean since randy left whose really going to give nog a hard time? Napao? he doesnt seem to have great wrestling and his stand up seems to sacrifice his positioning (ex. randy picking him up and slamming him), sylvia fell for minotauro’s trap and took the fight to the ground where he owned, frank mir might but are his skills on the ground on the super high level of nogs?. some who i DO see as possible contenders are; fabricio verdum who went through gonzaga like he was nothing and whose stand up and grappling are superb, brandon vera who is probably my favorite in this division is someone who could really give nog a hard time his stand up, wrestling , and his grappling are all great and he is truly a mixed martial artist, and lets not forget brock lesnar up until frank got that lock on him he was beatin him down and he will more than likely show that he is one of the top contenders at heavyweight. anyways yeah just my opinions on the state of mma right now. the ufc cant afford to try and monopolize the sport otherwise it will sink!!

  13. Cole says:

    Dana White has been awfully arrogant as a result of aquiring Pride and also the UFC’s new “beefed up” Heavyweight division. But soon, after he alienated the world’s top two heavyweights (Couture/Fedor). Now that division is like it was before, and the UFC is clearly redirecting attention to the Light Heavys. White sais he tried to give love to Arlovsky but I heard from an inside source that the UFC offered Adrei an insulting offer that would not have even paid for his training. Monopolizing MMA is no good for the sport, and I am clad to see other orginizations gaining a foothold because competion will bring a overall greater product. PS Quinton Rampage Jackson is the Man


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