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Monday afternoon news update (10/22)

By Zach Arnold | October 22, 2007

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Jeff Comstock will be working on a longer article tonight for the site about the new backers of M-1. What a strange situation that is. To prepare you for Jeff’s longer article, here are the news developments from today:

Monte Cox, agent of a lot of MMA stars, will be the company’s CEO. MMA Analyst has you covered in regards to Sibling Entertainment Group, the new backers of M-1. UFC Mania claims that M-1 will go under PRIDE rules for their bouts. Notes from today’s press conference at The Fight Network, MMA Junkie, and the Observer. More details here, including discussion of working with former PRIDE staffers. Huh…

On Mike Sawyer’s newest radio show, he and Oliver Copp talk about the upcoming Xtreme Couture vs. Kobra Kai 11/3 submission grappling event in Las Vegas.

MMA Junkie has a new interview with Ken Shamrock. MMA Madness has an interview with Jens Pulver. In a new interview Sean Sherk did with Five Ounces of Pain, he claims that he got stiffed on money by Xyience.

Here are the details about the upcoming press conference in Las Vegas on Thursday with Randy Couture.

Luke Thomas points out some problems with the new CompuStrike system in MMA.

Results from the Cage Wars: Celtic Rage event that was promoted over the weekend.

Sam Stout vs. Terry Etim is apparently booked for UFC 80 this January in Newcastle, England.

Gregg Doyel at CBS Sports is angry about the judging that took place at UFC 77. To White’s defense (and to my knowledge), he didn’t pick the judges here for the UFC 77 event.

Brock Lesnar sums up his attitude on life:

“I went from Wrestlemania right to the NFL and the Vikings training camp and was like ‘what the hell am I doing here?’” he recalled. “I should have taken a break, but one thing, if anybody really knows me, they know I dive in headfirst and whatever happens happens. I’ll deal with the consequences later. You only live one time, and what I hate are those people that can’t make a decision. I just go for it. Of course, as I get older and a little more experienced, some of these headfirst things I think about a little bit, but I’m still kinda the same way.”

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11 Responses to “Monday afternoon news update (10/22)”

  1. ilostmydog says:

    Gregg Doyel is right on spot with that one. The fact that he can bring up three examples in the past decade of scorecards being miscounted proves to me that this is truly an epidemic in the sport of mixed martial arts.

    But seriously now, not only was the article about a relative non-issue that was quickly corrected, the guy can’t even seem to grasp the fact that the AC is the one selecting and regulating the judges for the event. Was it really that slow of a news day?

  2. I’ll be updating my posting as well. There are some real interesting SEC Filing notes as well as the fact that the company has jack all for cash. I’m interested to hear if another backer is involved as well.

  3. Preach says:

    Leland, in regards to your article on the Siblings:

    Sibling Pictures hasn’t produced a single film up until now. They’re only listing films that Mitchell and Victoria Maxwell were credited on as a producer (which, like i stated before, were based on their plays). The only “real” production they did was a film called “Spin the Bottle” (under the name “Maxwell Entertainment Inc.”). And the list of actors they worked with looks good, but most of them did only small cameos, and/or worked for minimum SAG wages, as these films were having very small budgets. Most of them were in the adaption of “Jeffrey” (which had a budget of 1.75 mio $).

    And perhaps you should change “Bob Clark” to “Robert K. Clark”. Not that anyone mistakens this man with the late Bob Clark, director of such cult classics as “Porkys” and “Black Christmas”.

  4. Well, Bob Clark is what is listed on the M-1 Global website. I’ll keep it.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Producers are either there just to give the movie credibility, or they do the scheduling of the movie. Obviously I don’t work in Hollywood, but often times it is mentioned that Producers are the biggest idiots of the production.

    The thing with this company is that they have never really done live TV. That is so hard to pull off and look respectable.

  6. m.d. says:

    I didn’t see the Grice/Black fight, but according to the pbp Black had several quality sub attempts. Gregg Doyel, who jumped on the MMA train in March, better have a rudimentary understanding of how to score “effective grappling” before he starts running his yap.

  7. working hard… too many… random, crazy, details…so many unanswered questions.

  8. The Gaijin says:

    “UFC turned down an offer to match Emelianenko up against Tim Sylvia when both were champions in there respective organizations.”

    Well someone is lying about Fedor wanting to fight Big Tim…cuz this is exactly the opposite of the story that ‘inside UFC sources’ were saying about Fedor selectively turning down certain fights.

  9. The report was that the UFC turned down Fedor based on the same fact in this instance, Sylvia was under the UFC banner and wouldn’t be allowed to go outside the organization and Fedor wouldn’t be allowed to come fight unless he was under contract. He was under contract with PRIDE. That’s what I got out of the whole situation. Fedor offered, Sylvia turned down when in reality, Dana probably said no.

  10. The Gaijin says:

    I was referring to the press conference info conflicting an earlier report by Meltzer from the WO, where he stated that UFC inside sources said part of the the litany of reasons for the difficulty in coming to a deal was Fedor (or his management’s) insistence on not wanting to take a fight with certain fighters, which included Sylvia.

    Maybe I’m not reading your post correctly…

  11. Ahh, I thought you meant from a past source. I haven’t heard that one, but I would think the UFC may be trying to break down Fedor’s status to make themselves not look like idiots. Just my two cents.


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