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Saturday headlines: WWE versus Congress

By Zach Arnold | July 28, 2007

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Both Koki Kameda and Daiki Kameda won their fights today in Tokyo at Ariake Colosseum. The results of both fights were unanimous decision wins.

ShootBoxing had their event today at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Top matches featured Adam Higson (King of the Gladiators champion) defeating Ken’ichi Ogata, Mark Hominick (TKO) defeating Koichi Kikuchi by a 2-0 judges’ decision, and Takeshi Ishikawa defeating Crazy Dog Smith (MMAC Canada Lightweight champion) by a 3-0 judges’ decision.

Erin Bucknell has a review of the Gladiator Challenge event from San Francisco.

Results from the ShoXC event on Friday night in Santa Ynez, California.

Now we’ll find out what kind of procedures WWE was using for their drug testing policy.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Fightlinker: Ali Sonoma talks dogfighting (and makes a stupid analogy – which is quote of the year material!)
  2. Sam Caplan: Fighters for The Ultimate Fighter 6
  3. China Combat: Wrestling King (Jiao Wang)
  4. Bloody Elbow: Dan Lauzon challenges Gabe Ruediger
  5. The Shreveport Times (LA): Main events set for August 11th Shreveport Municipal Auditorium event
  6. The Alexandria Town Talk (LA): Building a name at the local level
  7. The Alexandria Town Talk (LA): MMA fighters deal with pre-fight pressures
  8. The Mississauga News (Canada): BJ Penn holding a fighter seminar
  9. NBC Sports: Kyle Maynard wants to fight in MMA
  10. The Eugene Register-Guard (OR): New regulations bring safer version of MMA back to Eugene
  11. MMA on Tap: WEC adds four fights to August 5th event
  12. Radio (Eddie Goldman): Kurt Otto talks about the IFL’s future plans
  13. CBS Sportsline: Fast success for ‘Barn Cat’ almost as unusual as nickname
  14. The Toronto Sun: MMA nicknames – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  15. Boxing Scene: The sport of boxing not looking so evil

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11 Responses to “Saturday headlines: WWE versus Congress”

  1. Jordan Breen says:

    Koki Kameda has looked pretty meh against the tricycle drivers he’s faced lately. If he gets a big TV fight with one of the Japanese champs at 112, he better hope it’s Naito and not Sakata.

  2. Jordan Breen says:

    Also, outstanding job by Higson (a late replacement for Stout) and Hominick. Ogata won the S-Cup over Andy Souwer (however debatable) last summer, and Kikuchi, although struggling lately, does have a win over SHINOBU Amara.

    And, it’s Takeshi Ishikawa, not Goji Ishikawa.

  3. 1000 Cent says:

    Kyle Maynard wants to fight in MMA?!?! At least he had an advantage on a wrestling mat. Against a striker that can run around and , um, well, kick him when he’s down, is a side show, and incident waiting to happen, IMO.

    Unless all the promoter does is allow grappling in the match, this just has “all bad” written all over it. Even the Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Black Knight, jokes could save seeing something like this, IMO.

  4. Jordan Breen says:

    Also, Antonio Carvalho took a wide JD over Taiga Yamauchi on the Shootboxing card, as well.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Did anybody watch ShoXC? Was it any good? Did it come off like the WEC (Good) or like the IFL (Bad)?

    The WEC card in a week should be solid. I think Filho will completely walk through Doerkson, but it will still be nice to see him on free TV. I am really looking foward to Condit/Larson. I think that has the potential to be a war. And Curran is solid at Featherweight.

    As for the WWE, there is a chance they might be screwed.

  6. Jordan Breen says:

    I thought ShoXC came off a little well. Having so many guys who were absolute unknowns to even your more hardcore fans hurt, but what I found most shocking is that Quadros and Ranallo worked brilliantly together. Seriously the best, most legit MMA commentary they’ve ever done.

    Also, nay to the MMA nicknames article. I hate articles that are best-worst lists for MMA, and they include a cursory glossing over of the UFC, IFL and EXC or something. Terrible.

    And to tie the two paragraphs together… some guy on on the ShoXC was named “Dark Lotus”. None too surprisingly, he was from The Soul Assassin’s Nor Cal Fighting Alliance.

  7. Boog says:

    Minor nitpick: Hominick isn’t the TKO Lightweight champion. He is the former TKO featherweight champion.

  8. MMA Fan says:

    Vince McMahon will beat this. Jerry McDevitt is about to become this generations Johnny Cochran. Its a slippery slope regulating entertainment.

  9. Dedwyre says:

    “World’s Most Dangerous Man” is his idea of a bad nickname, and yet no mention of “The Dean of Mean” or “The Goat?” Granted, Ken Shamrock doesn’t even like his nickname…

  10. MMA Fan says:

    i think shoxc came off very well. it came off MUCH better then the other showtime mma events because Quadros and Mauro are the bomb!!! there was no gary shaw or billy goldberg to mess the event up.

    it was better then wec. imo.

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    I received Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer today in the mail. As always, the guy is a fantastic read. He goes on for a few pages about the drug issues in both Pro Wrestling and MMA. He gives a few suggestions on how it can be cleaned up.

    In his next section, he briefly discussed the feud Josh Gross and Dana White have. He doesn’t attack either of them, but brings up a very valid point. That Josh Gross never made any suggestions to try and fix the problem. And then Meltzer explained that if he is going to say the sport needs improvements, that he (Meltzer) should at least be giving examples of how to fix the problem (which he did).

    It is a great read, and 10 times better then anything you would find online about the issue. I feel like his press agent here, but that isn’t my attempt. I just think he does a better job (and especially with this last issue) then any of this MMA Media we have online. (This site excluded).


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