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Karl Gotch dead at age 82

By Zach Arnold | July 28, 2007

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God of Pro-Wrestling, Mr. Karl Gotch, dies — Yahoo Japan HP

Report here. The Sports Navigator report on Yahoo quotes the Observer as its source on the story.

It is so important to stress what an important figure Gotch was in the history of Japanese professional wrestling, which led to the transition to Mixed Martial Arts in that country. He trained wrestlers in Japan in the 1960s, worked New Japan’s first ever card at Tokyo’s Ota-ku Gym in March of 1972, and would eventually become linked with the UWF system of wrestling.

Jake Shannon at Scientific Wrestling has more details. Here’s an avatar made today of Karl Gotch.

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5 Responses to “Karl Gotch dead at age 82”

  1. Preach says:

    A huge, huge loss, for both the pro-wrestling as well as the mixed martial arts world. Growing up as a wrestling fan in Germany in the early 80s, his influence could be felt at many times. Through stories (which my Grandfather loved to tell), by seeing people he trained with over in Wigan, or students of his like Tatsumi Fujinami. And of course seeing people, who themselves grew up with Gotch as a huge influence, such as Masa Chono or Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

    Ruhe in Frieden, Karl.

  2. Jordan Breen says:

    German Suplex the heavens, dogg.

  3. Tomer Chen says:

    German Suplex the heavens, dogg.

    And then bow to all four corners.

  4. liger05 says:

    r.i.p. I hope all the Japanese promotions give him a great tribute!!

  5. Stevie J says:

    Lou Thesz and Georg Hackenschmidt are undoubtedly putting on the greatest scientific exhibition of wrestling ever seen right now, wrestling Karl Gotch in a three-way as the angels watch and take bets. God’s only beef with the man would be his Japanese nickname, otherwise it’s all good.


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