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Thursday trash talk: PRIDE never dies

By Zach Arnold | June 14, 2007

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Oh dear… rapper Rich Boy will appear at the StrikeForce show for the Frank Shamrock/Phil Baroni fight… to perform. More on who Rich Boy is:

In his song “Let’s Get This Paper” he mentions how he used to sell crack and that his brother got 10 years, his uncle got 20 years, and his cousin got life in jail.

I hope we don’t have a DJ Hapa situation here.

Over at NHB News (Japanese), they spotted a teaser for the upcoming edition of Friday, which is promising to report about a ‘secret meeting’ that Kazuyoshi Ishii had before heading to prison.

I found the report of DSE sending Quinton Jackson a legal letter to be amusing. I thought Sakakibara and his management were going to quit the business after the last show… Fightlinker has more thoughts.

Kevin Randleman loses by submission once again.

UFC 72: Preview and Predictions over at The Fanhouse (AOL Sports Blog). MMA HQ has their own event preview.

Johnnie Morton, meet Floyd Landis. More at The LA Times.

Marvin Hagler — “I don’t see any skill in UFC.”

Bas Rutten endorses Kimbo Slice.

Onto today’s headlines.

  1. Royal Burnell: Scatterbrains aka this is a shoot! (the latest on the Michigan MMA legislation)
  2. The Fight Network: Denis Kang close to signing a deal with BodogFight
  3. UFC HP: Hector Ramirez – Born to Be Here
  4. UFC Junkie: Andrei Arlovski willing to wait for title shot
  5. UFC Mania: Interview with Clay Guida
  6. The Orange County Register: Hector Ramirez hoping for breakthrough
  7. Yahoo Sports (Kevin Iole): Ring tone (article on Tyson Griffin)
  8. Sports Illustrated: Amanda Beard – UFC mark
  9. The Dayton Daily News (OH): MMA – Flair and violence, no wonder we like it
  10. The Marshall Independent (MN): City to continue debate on proposed ultimate fighting ban
  11. The Winona Daily News (MN): All bloodsports should be banned
  12. ABC Newspapers (MN): Blaine pushes ahead with ordinance to knock out ‘fight clubs’
  13. IFL PR: IFL, Alfred Haber distribution announce first int’l TV sales to Middle East and Canada
  14. Yahoo Sports: Double vision – Jamal Patterson
  15. The Las Vegas Sun: In the spotlight – Fighters’ humanity (article on Matt Serra and Matt Hughes)
  16. The Ventura County Reporter: The bittersweet science – capitalizing on the booming popularity of MMA
  17. SportsNet (Canada): Love MMA or eat horse
  18. UFC Mania: UFC 75 – Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill
  19. The Canadian Press: Jason MacDonald brushes off pre-fight taunts

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20 Responses to “Thursday trash talk: PRIDE never dies”

  1. Tomer Chen says:

    Although I love ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler as a fighter and think he’s generally a pretty good studio co-host on Friday Night Fights when he appears, I think it’s funny he’s saying that there’s no skill. One can say the same about a good number of Boxers throughout history (the prime example being Stanley Ketchel, the legendary 1900s and 1910s World Middleweight Champion who had no real technique in his fighting style, mauling down opponents in an awkward brawling style that resembled more of a street fight than a technical match-up), so perhaps it’s not best to throw stones in glass houses?

  2. Ultimo Santa says:

    If MMA is just an illegitimate street fight, the competitors have no skill and it’s ‘just a fad’, how come every time I see a boxer on TV or the Internet all they want to do it discuss UFC?

  3. Tomer Chen says:

    If MMA is just an illegitimate street fight, the competitors have no skill and it’s ‘just a fad’, how come every time I see a boxer on TV or the Internet all they want to do it discuss UFC?

    Perhaps, someday, they hope to be involved in said ‘street fight’? 😀

  4. DarthMolen says:

    Here is a great breakdown statistically speaking of what will be involved with the IFL Playoff run.

  5. Sam Scaff says:

    Am I missing something??

    Why is this page entitled, ‘Pride never dies’??

  6. Jonathan says:

    Good question on the “Pride Never Dies” questions…is this some sort of fucked up Soprano’s ending?

    And the big piece of news here that everyone is missing is that Kevin “The Monster With The Most” Randleman tapped AGAIN to iron claw from Tiger Jeet Singh. I think we all can agree that Kevin needs to work much more on his submission defense.

  7. MMA Fan says:

    Why is Denis Kang going to Bodog? They must be offering him a lot of $$$$$$.

    Joe Rogan was talking him up at the last UFC. If UFC didnt pick his contract up, what the heck did they even buy with PRIDE?

    Denis could be the top 185lber in UFC. But he wont get that platform with Bodog.

  8. Zach Arnold says:

    The “PRIDE never dies” title is a parody of the “PRIDE never die” motto that Sakakibara and Takada pushed after they lost their Fuji TV deal. It’s practically a running joke in Japan.

  9. Luke says:

    Rich Boy is actually a very good rapper…if you’re into rap. I am.

  10. Ultimo Santa says:

    I think you’re right, Tomer Chen…most of the young guys want to jump off the Titanic before it sinks, and some of the older guys are angling for a big payday now that their boxing cash has dried up.

  11. Ultimo Santa says:

    Rappers are hilarious…they brag more than boxers do, and they’re ‘in character’ more often than pro wrestlers.

    And you know who is the TOUGHEST S.O.B. in music? Akon! Because he kicked a 14-year-old kids ass.

  12. Jonathan says:

    I still say that Pride will live on in the hearts and minds of those that loved it.

  13. I bet Kang’s signing with Bodog because he’s making good money fighting in Korea and that would end if he signed with UFC

  14. Dan R. says:

    Ick. Rap. I want to see some matches and not get subjected to bad music. This makes me almost not want to go see the event. Hopefully he’ll get booed out of the place.

  15. Euthyphro says:

    Nobody’s said anything in a few hours, so here’s an idea I batted around over at the forum’s MMA threads — in what weight class should Saku be fighting? I’m pretty sure he walks around at 187, and not even a lean 187. Why not cut to 170 when his K-1 contract is up? (Assuming he doesn’t retire — but he past the CSAC medicals so evidently he’s not as banged up as some of us had imagined.) I’d love to see Saku/Karo, Saku/Diego, or even Saku/Sakurai and Saku/Hughes in the UFC. His Chute Boxe training could teach him to incorporate elbows, and I think he’d be a joy to watch in the cage.

    Sadly, the UFC isn’t the place for him to fight since his drawing power in Japan absolutely dwarfs what he would bring to the table for the UFC, but I know I’d love to see him on the (current) big stage. Now, if the rumors of wanting to hold UFC events in Japan are true, forget it — this would be the perfect way to kick things off (unless Saku/Tamura becomes a reality).

  16. white ninja says:

    the Rampage fight fixing scandal has created an uproar on Japanese boards, with with the Japanese now calling PRIDE FC, PRIDE FAKE Company

    Kanda’s response is predicatable and a similar response to Sakakibara’s when the yakuza story was first aired by Shukan Gendai.

    Send a lawyer’s letter – yep, thats really going to prove you didnt fix fights

    Kanda is just as much as disgrace as Sakakibara

    I wonder if the Fertittas still think that there’s a chacne theyll get a TV contract in japan?

  17. Zach Arnold says:

    The answer to your question on the TV front is yes:

    I asked him about whether UFC or PRIDE were close to a deal for Japanese television and he was confident that both would have a deal in place sooner rather than later. He made mention of a PRIDE-style event in Japan rather than an actual event under the term PRIDE.

  18. white ninja says:

    a “PRIDE-style” event?

    I wonder what that means. Fixed fights? yakuza in the VIP seats? corrupt matchmaking?

  19. chairibofjustice says:

    Did anyone read that article in SI Amanda Beard wrote about the UFC? Holy crap, I think that could go down as the single worst piece I have ever read about MMA in my life.

    Amanda needs to hurry about and show her tits in Playboy because I never want to hear her opinion on ANYTHING ever again.

    My god, read the little blurb about her top 5 fights in the UFC. I honestly don’t think she actually even seen some of them.


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