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Monday MMA madness

By Zach Arnold | March 19, 2007

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News and notes

We hear PRIDE boss Nobuyuki Sakakibara is traveling to Las Vegas (and perhaps Brazil as well) in the coming days.

I’m glad to see Japan is ahead of the curve on racial issues. The real black man in the picture is Andy Ologun.

There is a brand new web site called MMA Madness that has several sections to it (including a fantasy game section, a forum, a news site, and a calendar of events). From what I’ve seen so far, it does have a slick design to it.

There is a pretty interesting MMA event coming up on March 31st at the James L. Knight Center (produced by Panther Fight League) in Miami, Florida. There will also be guest appearances by Rich Franklin, Sean Sherk, and Tim Sylvia. The main event of the show is Johnathan Ivey vs. Marcus “Conan” Silviera. Tickets for the show are available through TicketMaster.

Onto today’s media links.

From the DCA (California SAC):

California Commission news

The Commission will be hosting an Anti-Doping Procedures Informational Meeting on Thursday March 29, 2007 at 1:00 P.M. at the Junipero Serra State Building Carmel Room located at 320 West Fourth Street in Los Angeles.

This meeting will take place after the Seconds and Trainers Informational Meeting that will be held at 9:00 A.M. in the same location and on the same date.

The Commission is taking a strong stance on doping violations. At the meeting, the Commission will explain the entire anti-doping process to include who will be tested and when and how the tests will be administered. It will also discuss disciplinary actions and the appeals process.

  1. The BG News: Wrestler Kyle Maynard overcomes disability (he wants to fight in UFC)
  2. The Baltimore Sun: Weekly MMA digest
  3. KRIS-TV (Corpus Christi, Texas): IFC Caged Combat coming to CC (Travis Wiuff fighting at the show)
  4. The Fightworks Podcast: Show #59 – 10k Ground Clash, IFL in LA
  5. MMA California: Gladiator Challenger: ST PADDYWACK 3/17 event results
  6. The Shreveport Times: Four months later, Sean Sherk still hasn’t let UFC title sink in
  7. The Signal (Santa Clarita, CA): BJ Penn add punchs to training seminar at Big John McCarthy’s academy
  8. Sherdog: Jonathan Goulet captures quick opening-round win in Victoriaville
  9. The Houston Chronicle: Keith Jardine fights way into title mix
  10. The Hollywood Reporter: Nice catch: The Gersh Agency gets into baseball (they also signed Randy Couture)

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21 Responses to “Monday MMA madness”

  1. Xenos says:

    Conan Silveira is out of prison?

  2. PizzaChef says:

    Conan is back?? And…was he really in prison? If so and how?

  3. BSP says:

    Who knew minstrel acts were big in Japan? In all seriousness, that’s absolutely awful. Japan, so advanced in technology, needs to focus more on social development.

  4. Zach — you’re pretty familiar with the Japanese culture.

    What’s the deal here? Is this a part of the culture? Isn’t this sort of thing discouraged?

    That’s just nuts.

  5. Mr. Roadblock says:

    Conan got busted selling ecstacy if I recall correctly. Big quantities.

  6. Xenos says:

    Sherdog radio just said that Pride was purchased by the Fertittas for 65 million.

  7. iain says:

    what xenos said. is this another sakiraba fake announcement thing.

  8. Xenos says:

    “what xenos said. is this another sakiraba fake announcement thing.”

    Maybe he’s announcing that he will step down. I had read that that is one of the terms of the purchase agreement.

  9. Kev says:

    It’s nothing new, witness Dragon Ball Z:

    To be fair, the Japanese imported such imagery from America, but as a society they don’t have enough exposure to black culture to know what’s so wrong about it. A bigger racial problem in Japan is to how to get the Japanese to stop treating its Asian immigrants like subhumans (witness Akiyama).

  10. Yeah the Asian ‘Ladder’ is the real race problem in Japan and is just as hush and taboo as black/white racism in North America. You have to understand that a big issue with racism in the States is because the USA was responsible for the subjugation and enslavement of a people, so obviously things are a little more awkward. However, why do Japanese care a person is black? Black people aren’t discriminated and their culture in Japan isn’t defined by slavery. So a lot of stuff that we think are pretty over the top don’t matter there.

    As a side note, I am extremely glad to hear about PRIDE being bought. What an exciting time to be a fan. Honestly, everyone talks about a monopoly being bad and pointing to the WWE. But i think we should be pointing to MLB, the NFL, and NBA as examples of why a single major league organization is good. There’ll always be room for lower level MMA organizations, but so long as the scene is splintered it will not be strong enough to gain a real mainstream foothold.

  11. Rollo the Cat says:

    Ok, does anyone here NOT believe the Sherdog report? They have been wrong in the past. This has been going on for so long that I won’t believe it until Fedor steps in the Octagon.

  12. Jordan Breen says:

    “Ok, does anyone here NOT believe the Sherdog report? ”

    Report? I didn’t see a report anywhere. I heard Greg Savage say there was a rumor he heard from some decent sources. It’s nothing to get too excited about yet.

  13. Rollo the Cat says:

    Thanks Jordan. I didn’t hear the show. People are talking as if it has already been announced. I’ll assume nothing happened.

  14. Bah, screw balanced skepticism, i’m jumping the gun on this one!

  15. Kev says:

    Josh Gross says:
    – it’s a strong rumor that people needs to know about.
    – Dana White was not a part of the negotiations, strictly a Fertitta affair.
    – Fishman has no interest in PRIDE whatsoever anymore. (and undergoing sinus surgery)
    – Fishman said $65 mil is around the ballpark of what he was offering.
    – Ruediger and Gambaryan are the TUF5 finalists. Actually, this last item was a complete lie.

  16. Matt Boone says:

    Fishman still has interest. I hear a big ass nasty lawsuit is coming from him soon.

  17. Sheldon says:

    That picture with Andy Ologun reminded me of when Sakuraba fought Randleman and came out to the Super Mario Brothers Theme dressed up like Mario. I guess the connotation was that Randleman was a like Donkey Kong or something. I remember laughing then realizing how racist it all was and then feeling bad.

  18. iain says:

    sheldon, that might be a stretch. I think it’s more of a case of saku and mario equally ruling.

    but yeah they had bob sapp in comercials in a cage with bananas being thrown at him…

  19. Monkeymatt says:

    No, sheldon’s right. They portrayed Randleman as Donkey Kong, complete with clips of a silverback going apeshit in the forest.

    Many Japanese people are racist without even realising.

    By the way, please refrain from saying “Japanese are racist. Japanese need to learn more social values.”

    Because that is a racist comment. You are basing your opinion of all Japanese on some Japanese, which is unfair to those who see this kind of thing as wrong.



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