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Nevada’s athletic commission demanded USADA & UFC provide its contract. So where is it?

By Zach Arnold | October 25, 2016

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No matter how badly Jon Jones screws up, he seemingly manages to find a way to catch a break. Will he catch his biggest break yet?

The Nevada State Athletic Commission, a public agency, recently changed their rules & regulations to allow for third party drug testing and acceptance of such results on the provision that third party drug testing contracts are provided to the Athletic Commission to ensure legal protection. This has been known since June of 2016.

According to the estimable Erik Magraken, there is no contract on record with the Nevada State Athletic Commission for USADA’s drug testing deal with the UFC. How did he find out? He filed a records request with the Athletic Commission and they told him no such contract exists on record.

How could this be? Unless Nevada’s athletic commission invoked a “trade secrets” exception, they are obligated to disclose the USADA contract in public during a disciplinary hearing. Like a disciplinary involving Jon Jones if it gets to that stage. And that’s some leverage for Team Jon Jones in the upcoming arbitration hearing next week with USADA over his failed drug as a result of alleged consumption of contaminated supplements. USADA also has good leverage if/when it claims that Jon Jones failed to list his supplement(s) at the time of testing.

USADA applies strict liability for ingestion of contaminated substances. Nevada allows for a contaminated supplement defense to lower a potential suspension.

USADA has the power to fine and suspend Jon Jones. So does the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Nevada badly wants as much money as possible after being kicked off the state’s general budget and moved into self-financing. They also want Jon Jones to fight in Nevada as soon as possible so they can make more money. Someone will blink first here.

If Nevada’s new rules & regulations on third party drug testing acceptance costs them fine money and creates legal headaches for suspensions, there will be some excellent billable hours for attorneys. Nevada’s commission is the gift that keeps on giving for attorneys.

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2 Responses to “Nevada’s athletic commission demanded USADA & UFC provide its contract. So where is it?”

  1. Diaz's packed bowl says:

    Pretty sure if NSAC searches Jon Jones “Drug Attic” they’ll find a USADA contract.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Will Nevada back the UFC now that the Fertitta Brothers sold it?


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