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Nevada AG officially files legal complaint on Roy Englebrecht for perjury, forgery, ID theft

By Zach Arnold | May 17, 2016

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission’s next meeting is on Wednesday, May 25th, and the hammer is coming down on promoter Roy Englebrecht. The Attorney General’s office has filed their official administrative legal complaint against Englebrecht. Amongst the charges outlined in the administrative complaint:

The AG’s office had the option of pursuing criminal charges but opted for the administrative route instead.

During a March 23rd meeting regarding an extension of a temporary Nevada suspension, Englebrecht admitted under oath that he was guilty of the charges being presented against him. The 3/23 meeting was not a disciplinary meeting but he decided to fall on the sword without legal representation present.

The administrative complaint was filed against Englebrecht on May 3rd, giving him 20 days to respond before the meeting on May 25th. Nevada wants action taken against Englebrecht’s promoter license along with investigative costs & attorney’s fees.

The major question after May 25th is whether or not the California State Athletic Commission, which is Roy’s home turf, will enforce Nevada’s license suspension. There’s a lot of money at stake and California is legally not obligated to follow the suspension of a boxing promoter in another state. If California chooses to ignore Nevada’s suspension, it will spark political tension between the two states.

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2 Responses to “Nevada AG officially files legal complaint on Roy Englebrecht for perjury, forgery, ID theft”


    Manhoef needs to file a complaint for championship title theft. WTF!?!$ bellator under Cokers guidance gets worse and worse… bellator is “im thinking about jumping ship to wsof” bad…

  2. […] the Attorney General’s office in Nevada overcharged California fight promoter Roy Englebrecht with perjury, forgery, and ID theft, they publicly stated at a Nevada State Athletic Commission that they wanted to send a message to […]


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