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Major financial & legal changes coming to the Nevada State Athletic Commission

By Zach Arnold | April 19, 2016

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission just got a rude financial awakening. The public agency is being shifted from the state’s general funds to self-funding. As a result of this budgetary transition, Nevada’s commission will now have to pay legal fees to the Attorney General’s office just like California’s commission has to.

At Tuesday’s meeting in Las Vegas, the commission revealed that they have been given a six-figure legal bill for past work from the Attorney General’s office to pay. Additionally, there is grave concern that many of the fighters who get busted for doping are not paying legal fines assessed in disciplinary hearings. Deadbeats. As a result of this problem, it is expected that Nevada will now start asking promoters and fighters for bond money to cover legal fees in prosecuting disciplinary hearings. Also, the commission made it clear on Tuesday that they may end up being more selective in who they prosecute going forward and how they handle legal affairs.

This news cuts both ways. It means Nevada won’t be as inclined to take on speculative disciplinary hearings. Conversely, it leaves Nevada’s commission more vulnerable to lawfare from promoters and fighters who will use the prospect of draining the athletic commission’s budget as a weapon. It happens often in California, especially with sensitive claims such as gender and racial discrimination at play.

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3 Responses to “Major financial & legal changes coming to the Nevada State Athletic Commission”

  1. david m says:

    If Conor McGregor really retired, the UFC is screwed.

  2. rst says:

    “It happens often in California, especially with sensitive claims such as gender and racial discrimination at play.”

    Hire a woman, hire a lawsuit.
    Couldn’t happen to nicer people.
    Hopefully california will sue itself right out of existance sooner then later. But like a person drowning, the rest of the country better watch out for california trying to take everybody else down with them.

  3. […] Last month, we detailed major changes coming to Nevada’s commission in regards to both their financial & legal obligations. Nevada’s state budget is transitioning the commission from general funding to self-funding, meaning there is no longer a blank check for funding expenditures. The Athletic Commission got hit with a fat legal bill for years of work the Attorney General’s office did for them in the past. […]


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