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Roy Englebrecht continues promoting in California despite Nevada perjury, forgery charges

By Zach Arnold | March 31, 2016

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He sang like a songbird at last week’s Nevada State Athletic Commission meeting in Las Vegas, admitting wrongdoing in relation to allegations of perjury, forgery, and (possible) charges related to improper use of a social security number and intentional misrepresentation on Zab Judah’s licensing paperwork.

However, the admission of wrongdoing amidst pending charges by Nevada’s Attorney General office isn’t stopping Roy Englebrecht from promoting an event in Orange County next week. Englebrecht sent out promotional material on Thursday for his event next week at the Orange County Fair & Event Center. It will be a hybrid MMA/boxing card.

It is the first evidence that the Department of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the California State Athletic Commission, has not temporarily suspended Englebrecht given the pending charges in Nevada and his admission of wrongdoing under oath.

Once the Nevada State Athletic Commission delivers permanent punishment to Englebrecht, the big question is whether California honors the suspension or not. They are legally obligated to honor fighter suspensions but have legal discretion regarding the honoring of promoter suspensions.

Consumer Affairs in Sacramento has a lengthy legal history of revoking licenses from individuals who are guilty of acts of moral turpitude (honesty & trustworthiness). Perjury and forgery falls into this category. DCA targets individuals all the time through their various boards over DUIs, police encounters, theft, and other crimes of depravity. If you are guilty of an act of moral turpitude, you can’t get or keep a liquor license, a license to promote events, a license to be a notary public, a medical license, a nursing license, or a law license.

Behind the scenes, there are rumors that California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer Andy Foster will be spending the month of April in Georgia. It is believed that his number one athletic inspector, Mark Relyea, will be running commission duties from Southern California.

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