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Blood oath: Josh Gross’ Deadspin article alleges UFC cover-up of a Vitor Belfort drug test

By Zach Arnold | September 21, 2015

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UFC’s bĂȘte noire is back in action and on one of his biggest platforms yet.

A sketchy drug test didn’t stop Vitor Belfort from fighting at UFC 152

That’s an article highlighting the pre-USADA era of UFC drug testing. If you’ve read my countless articles on MMA’s testosterone plague, little of what Josh wrote in his new Deadspin article will shock or surprise you. The only surprise is, if his information is true, how long the information took to become public.

A quick summary of the lengthy Deadspin article:

Onto my observations or questions:

  1. If the fight in question had happened to be in Nevada and not Ontario, this would be an exponentially more explosive scandal story.
  2. The incestuousness of MMA business relations is so Southern-fried in its nature.
  3. Americans have long believed that major, too-big-to-fail sporting institutions like the NFL and UFC were head-and-shoulders above others for intelligence & competence when, in fact, they have been exposed as typical corporations.
  4. Will UFC sue Gawker Media in Nevada Federal court and take their chances that an anti-SLAPP motion won’t survive a libel suit? Or will UFC ignore the Deadspin article? Nevada’s anti-SLAPP motion recently got watered down and it’s not as strong as anti-SLAPP motions in California, Oregon, or Texas.
  5. Why would Jeff Novitzky agree to take a job as a drug test overlord for a sports company that issued their own Therapeutic Use Exemptions and now is partnering up with an entity in USADA that may have different standards for TUEs than state athletic commissions like Nevada?

Ben Fowlkes responds: Let us remark on how utterly insane MMA’s testosterone era was

Erik Magraken talks about the Deadspin story in context of assault, informed consent, fraud, and CTE should someone decide to sue UFC in the future.

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One Response to “Blood oath: Josh Gross’ Deadspin article alleges UFC cover-up of a Vitor Belfort drug test”

  1. rst says:

    Thats crazy.
    So the UFC is just as greedy, selfish and corrupt as everyone else around here.

    “Will UFC sue Gawker Media in Nevada Federal court…”


    I’m not saying Gross’ article isn’t true, I’m sure that it is, but that whole gawker media conglomerate are as corrupt and full of sh!t as the UFC or anybody else.
    Scum of the earth.


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